Jolly and Joyful Monday!

Yet again begins another week, thus another Monday.  The next Monday holiday doesn’t come until May!!!  Some people get Good Friday off in early April, but most do not, so the 5-day grind continues on … and on … and on.  Wow, I’m just a bucket of cheer this morning, aren’t I?  Perhaps I better let Jolly ‘n Joyful take over Jolly Monday this week!  I see that Joyful has whipped up some treats, so let’s go see what she has for us, then we’ll try to find some fun stuff to laugh about before tackling this new week head on!

Wow, Joyful!!!  You’ve really outdone yourself today!

Let’s get this show on the road with just a few animal memes …

And some funny signs …

Now for da ‘toons I picked out dis week!

And to round out the morning, a cute animal video!  This one is guaranteed to bring a smile … it even brought a smile to my grumpy ol’ face!!! 

Well, friends, we wish you could stay longer, but I know you all have things to do, places to go, people to see.  Keep safe this week and we wish you a happy week!  Don’t forget to share those smiles … there are plenty to go around!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

Jolly ‘N Joyful Take Over

Hello fwiends!  Jolly Monday dis week is brought to you by me ‘n Joyful, ’cause Gwammie is in a wabbit hole and Uncle David is workin’ on gettin’ her out, but we couldn’t let you start da week without some laughs, so we did the best we could without her!  Joyful was busy helpin’ me wid da ‘toons ‘n stuff, so we just picked up some donuts for da mornin’ snack … I hope dat’s okay.  So, go get a donut an’ a coffee and come see what fun stuff we found for you!

While Jolly was off finding ‘toons, I went in search of some music puns, and here’s what I found!

And now for some ‘toons to make you laugh!

An’ here’s a few memes, too!

And we found a cute cwitter video wif a bear cub pwayin’ wif some lion cubs … it’s short, but we hope it makes you smile!

Well, fwiends, we hope you enjoyed our limited, gwammie-less Jolly Monday, and we pwomise to get Gwammie out o’ da wabbit hole before next Monday!  Love ‘n hugs from Jolly ‘n Joyful (and Gwammie, aka Filosofa)!

Just Another Jolly ‘N Joyful Monday

Good Monday morning, friends … c’mon in from the cold!  Just leave your boots in the hallway there and Jolly will shake the snow off of them and set them over by the heat register to dry.  A “dusting to an inch” they said!  HAH!!!  There’s a good six inches out there!  I was surprised that none of the neighbor kids built a snowman yesterday.  ‘Twould have been a good day for a snowball fight!  Anyway … Joyful thought it was a good day for soup and bread, so let’s go see what’s on the buffet and then see what fun things we found to start the week out with a smile, a chuckle, or maybe even a laugh!

We have loads of fun for you today, so while you’re enjoying your soup and nice steaming beverage, let’s take a look at some cute animal pictures …

Signs, signs, signs … some leave you scratching your head, and others bring an immediate laugh …

And on to some cartoons that Jolly’s been collecting this week …

Time for a cute/funny animal video … let’s see what we can find today …

Y’know, I’ve been thinking.  I’ve long said that if I get the chance, I will return to earth as a wolf, for I’ve long thought of the wolf as my ‘spirit animal’, but I think I might prefer to return as a bear.  Why, you ask?  Bears get to hibernate in warm caves and sleep all winter, while wolves do not hibernate and are out prowling for food even in sub-zero temperatures.  Right about now, hibernating in a warm, dark cave sounds better than roaming the frozen tundra in search of food!  Anyway … the time has come for us to say goodbye, but only for a little while.  We hope you enjoyed your visit this morning, and please share those lovely smiles with others who seem to need one of their own.  Keep safe and warm, and have a wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

Jolly, Joyful Monday!

Good Jolly Monday morn, my friends!  Come in out of the cold, warm your hands by the fire … oh wait, we don’t have a fireplace.  So, how was your weekend?  Ours was cold, but we did make a trip to the bookstore and Fresh Market yesterday, which was kind of nice, considering I almost never get out of the house these days.  I’m not sure what Joyful has on the buffet this morning, for she said she was planning to keep it simple today, but let’s go see, and then we’ll find some fun to start this week off on the right foot, okay?

I forgot last week, but I found these fun bacon-themed humour that I thought you guys might enjoy — especially the bacon lovers among you …

Jolly ‘n Joyful found some funny animal memes over at Phil’s place they want to share with you …

And now for some ‘toons!!!

And finally, our funny animal video of the week!  This one’s a little longer than most (8 minutes), but so full of fun that I couldn’t resist it!

Well, friends, we’ve enjoyed our time with you and we’re sad to see you go, but we’ll get together again next Monday!  Meanwhile, we hope you have a wonderful week ahead.  Keep safe and warm, and please remember to share the smiles wherever you go!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Joyful and Jolly!

Jolly Monday With Bacon!

Well, the holidays are behind us and we can get back to the routine now!  The dreary winter routine, that is, for spring is quite a ways off yet.  However, here at Jolly’s house, it doesn’t matter what the weather outside is, for it’s always warm and welcoming with good food an plenty of humour inside!  So, grab a cuppa nice hot coffee (or tea) and a snack from the buffet over there and we’ll share some of that humour with you!

Since we dinna have any bacon for a couple of weeks, I made LOTS ‘N LOTS of it this week!

Let’s kick off the morning with just a few puns …

And on to the ‘toons!!!

Jolly ‘n Joyful popped over to Phil’s Phun yesterday and found a few funny memes …

This one’s for you, Clive!!!

And as always, we have a funny critter video to share with you today … Jolly found this one …

Well my friends, the time has come for us to get on with whatever tasks we need to accomplish today.  Mine is to throw a bunch of fresh veggies, some ground beef and herbs into the crockpot so we can have a nice warm dinner of Pasta E Fagioli soup tonight, along with some French bread.  You guys are welcome to drop in if you’re in the neighborhood around 6:30!  Then, I’ve got laundry and all the usual stuff.  We hope you have a good week ahead … keep safe & warm, and be sure to share your smiles this week, ‘k?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

Jolly Ho-Ho-Ho Monday

Good Monday morning dear friends!  Come in out of the c-c-cold and warm yourselves by the {imaginary} fireplace!  I suppose you’re all pretty well exhausted from a busy weekend of shopping, baking, partying, etc?  Me?  I stayed home all weekend … what shopping I’ve done has been online, I don’t do parties, and Miss Goose has taken over the baking chores this season, leaving me free to read, snooze, write my blog, and snooze some more.  I’ll be happy, though, when the holidays are over … I just seem to be lacking the joy, the spirit, this year.  Anyway, Joyful has cooked up some treats for you, so grab a snack and let’s go in search of something to put a smile on your faces!

Let’s start with just a few music puns …

And on to the ‘TOONS!!!

And some memes Jolly found …

Well, it feels like it’s about time for a cute/funny critter video to round out the morning.  I love watching penguins … something about just watching them walk and interact always brings a chuckle …

Well, friends, the time has come to say adieu, though we’re sad to see you go.  We hope you found something to lighten your mood on this c-c-cold Monday morn, and that you will share those beautiful smiles with others who cross your path this week!  Keep safe and have a great week ahead!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

Jolly zzzzzzzzzz Monday!

{yawn}  Oh!  You’re here already!  Hello Monday … you snuck up on me!  OH!!!  And our friends are already here, too?  Pardon me … I just woke up and … I don’t know my own name, let alone whether Jolly ‘n Joyful have everything ready for Jolly Monday!  Let me just go check

Yep, it looks like Joyful has outdone herself today, so let’s head over to the snack table and then Jolly promises us a million laughs (Jolly has no idea how much a million really is, so humour him, ‘k?).

Where to start?  We have so much fun to share this morning … I know!  Let’s start with some funny signs!

And how about a few music puns?

Okay, it’s my turn now, Gwammie!  Hi fwiends!  I gots lots o’ funny cartoons for ya!

An’ I found some funny memes to share!!!

And last but never least, in order to fulfill our promise to start your week on the right foot — with a smile — there must be a cute and/or funny video, yes?

Well, friends, as much as it makes me sad, the time has come for us each to get on about the business of the day.  Thanks to you all for stopping by this morning … it makes us so happy to see you every Monday morn!  Please remember to share those gorgeous smiles with others whose smiles have, for one reason or another, turned upside down!  Keep safe and have a great week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

Jolly Monday … P.W. Edition!

Good {yawn} Monday morning, my friends!  Sometimes it’s hard {yawn} to get back into the groove after a {yawn} long weekend, isn’t it?  What’s that you say?  It wasn’t a long weekend?  Maybe not for you, but for me it was.  First, on Friday afternoon a water main at the top of our street burst and we were without water for about 12 years hours.  Then on Saturday, granddaughter Natasha and I had to go for the first jab of our coronavirus vaccine.  That turned out to be no big deal at all, but I had spent days and sleepless nights dreading it.  And then Sunday was the day I’ve dreaded for the last 20 years … my 70th birthday.  My gorgeous girls and a two very special friends across the pond, David & Yvonne, went all out to make it a special day and indeed it was!  However, no matter how much fun, how much delicious food and absolutely delightful gifts, ultimately enough celebrating is enough and it’s time to return to the daily grind.  Hence, after these past three days, I am exhausted and feel like I could sleep for at least a week!  Now that I’ve told you about mine … how was your weekend?

But now it is time for us to begin a brand new week, so let’s see if we can kick it off with a smile, shall we?  Grab a snack and a cuppa something from the table and we’ll go in search of a laugh or two.


I put Jolly in charge of finding the ‘toons this week, so let’s see what he’s come up with …

And we have just a few funny signs …

And a few memes to make you laugh, or at least chuckle …

And of course we cannot let you go out into that cold, cruel world without first warming your heart with a cute animal video!  This is one I stumbled across a week or so ago and I’ve been saving it to share with you today … it’s guaranteed to make you laugh!  You’re going to just love Moya!

Well, my friends, the time has come … I have a load of Goose’s clothes in the washer and a basket full of dirty towels waiting in the wings, so I really must get to it!  I hope you all have a wonderful (or at least tolerable) week ahead and remember … share those smiles, and if you run out, there’s a basketful by the door!!!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!