Saturday Surprise — Tats!

I’ve never gotten a tattoo in my life … mostly because I’m not a fan of pain.  Being a lifelong diabetic, I already stick needles into my body multiple times every day, so I’ve never had the desire to have someone put hundreds of little needles into my body at once.  However, at nearly 72 years of age, I’m re-thinking this!  When I came across a post on Bored Panda yesterday, saw some of these absolutely beautiful, whimsical tattoos, I’m thinking about getting one!  Just a small one for starters, but who knows?  The sky (or rather the square inches of available skin) is the limit!

Seriously, though, I really do think these designs are beautiful and certainly unique.  I wonder how much time some of the more detailed ones take?  Take a look at this sampling, and if you want more, head over to Bored Panda where there are many, many more!  And have a great weekend ahead, dear friends!

The shadow is part of the tattoo!!!

This is the one I want!

What do you think, David?