In Honour Of A Good Man

On January 6th, 2021, DC Metropolitan police officer Michael Fanone was in service of his country, attempting to protect the U.S. Capitol and those who were within its walls as the Capitol was attacked by people attempting to destroy the government, destroy the nation, and hand our government over to a cruel wanna-be dictator.  Officer Fanone was dragged down the Capitol steps, beaten with pipes, stunned with a Taser and threatened with his own gun. He had a heart attack.

Officer Fanone joined the United States Capitol Police during the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. A few years later, he joined the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, remaining a member for approximately 20 years.

Officer Fanone survived his injuries, but due to physical and emotional injuries, he ultimately submitted his resignation and his last day on duty was December 31, 2021.  We the People of this nation owe a debt of gratitude to Officer Fanone that we can never fully repay.

Last Thursday, July 21st, Officer Fanone attended the televised hearing by the House select Committee investigating last year’s riot.

As he left the Capitol, a woman began following him, using her cell phone to record, followed Officer Fanone hurling questions …

“Are you a real police officer? Are you disappointed that you’re going to make men face years in jail because of your lies?”

Fanone, obviously feeling uncomfortable as a number of people were with the woman, turned around and began walking the other way, back toward the gates to the Capitol.  One man apparently stepped in front of the group of tormentors in an attempt to protect Officer Fanone, and ultimately the Capitol Police stepped in as he reached the gate.  You can see the brief video clip here

I have seen Officer Fanone on television, watched his testimony …

And I literally shed tears when I heard how he was harassed last Thursday.  He is one of the good ones, my friends, and he damn sure does NOT deserve to be treated in the manner this bitch (sorry, but I cannot think of her in any other way), and her friends treated him last week.

Is this what we, as a nation, have come to?  Michael Fanone, just for the record, was a Republican and voted for Donald Trump in 2016.  And yet, he was brutally and savagely attacked on January 6th, and then harassed a year-and-a-half later for … for testifying before a committee that is trying to get at the truth so that those guilty of attempting to overthrow this nation can be held accountable!  This man is as close as we get these days to a hero … and he has to put up with this crap from the people of this nation.  WHY???  He is being punished … for being a good man, an honest man, a caring man.

Damn, people, if this is what this nation is coming to, then maybe we don’t even deserve democracy!

Oh, and about those Republicans who claim they are so supportive of the police, who claim that the Republican Party is the party of ‘law and order’ … where is your support for an officer of the law who protected the lives of thousands of people within the Capitol on January 6th 2021?  Where is your praise for Michael Fanone, Eugene Goodman, Aquilino Gonell, Harry Dunn and the 140 others who literally saved our nation that day?  Where is the praise for Officer Brian Sicknick who was killed on that fateful day in service to his country?  Or … do you even remember the names Jeffrey Smith and Gunther Hashida who were so devastated that they took their own lives?  Huh?  I can’t hear you, Republicans???  Where’s all that ‘respect’ you claim to have for these officers?

That woman who followed Officer Fanone and heckled him … I’m sorry, folks, but anybody like that does not deserve to … to even be on this planet.