Quit crying about things you cause

Blogging friend Brosephus “tells it like it is”, to use the trumpeters’ lingo, in a no-holds-barred assessment of how some of the people in the U.S. have caused their own grief with their selfishness. The line, “We have met the enemy, and he is us” comes to mind. Ignorance and arrogance carry a price tag, sometimes a hefty one. Thank you for this post, Brosephus … you are spot on!

The Mind of Brosephus

Today is the 163rd day since the first death from CoVID-19 was initially recognized. Since February 29th, at least 163,000 Americans have died from CoVID-19 related illness. There have been more than 5 million confirmed cases here in the US which is millions ahead of the second most infected country.

As glaring as these numbers are, they are not a true reflection of the true toll CoVID-19 has taken on the US. As we’re gearing up for back to school, we are getting news that just under 100,000 kids have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the past two weeks alone. Even with all we see and know, there are parents still demanding their children be allowed to become vectors by attending school in person this fall.

Now, today’s buzz is surrounding the cancelation of college football. Many smaller schools and conferences have already come to terms with reality, and now…

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History lessons on sham justice

Blogging friend Brosephus doesn’t post daily, and in fact today’s post is his first this year, but when he does post, his words are memorable and wise. In today’s post, he compares what is happening in the impeachment trial to certain events in the 1960s … history does repeat itself. Take a close look at the picture at the top of his post – it captures this moment in our history perfectly. Thank you, Brosephus, for this prophetic post.

The Mind of Brosephus

It’s my first post of 2020, and I have a ton of stuff on my mind. We’re only 23 days into the new year, and I’ve already hit life highs and lows that will be hard, if not impossible, to surpass. This post, however, isn’t about me or my personal life. This post is about what America is about to experience and to question how Americans will respond in return.

As we know, the impeachment trial of Donald Trump is underway in the Senate as I type. As some have prognosticators have pronounced, most Americans know “the fix” is in the works to acquit Trump for his crimes. Indeed, there may not be much that we Americans can do to stop the acquittal, but there is a lot we can do as a result.

I chose the cartoon at the top for an explicit reason. There are many of us…

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Yes Virginia, there is racism in America

I ask you to read this post on racism by fellow-blogger Brosephus, for this post pulls no punches and speaks about racism in the U.S. as clearly and honestly as any I have heard.

The Mind of Brosephus

It’s the year 2019, and we are still having this same debate.  No matter how many times we hash this out, we will undoubtedly do the same thing again sometime in the near future.  That’s just what we do as Americans.  We keep doing the same stupid things over and over without learning from our past to make our futures better.

Racism has no ideology.  It has no political leanings either.  It is as much a founding principle of America as the Constitution itself.  Racism was written into our founding documents and formed the basis of many of our laws and court decisions.  To pretend that it’s not a major issue is nothing more than trying to fool yourself into believing that the sun does not rise.

From Gov. Ralph Northam’s photo to the implicit bias that affects racial disparities in policing, racism colors how we act among ourselves…

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Do all lives really matter?

Once again I wish to share a post written by Brosephus. Today he asks the question, “how can we say all lives matter when discrimination is still rampant, particularly in law enforcement and the Justice Department? Please take a moment to read … he has done his homework and draws some spot-on conclusions. Thank you, Brosephus!

The Mind of Brosephus

When I initially began writing this post, my mind was focused on the justice system.  This week there were two death penalty cases in the news that set my brain cells ablaze in that special way that forces me to burn Google searches like they’re hot dogs on a grill.  These two cases were interesting in their own rights, but they also led me to reading up on disparities in how the death penalty is applied in America.

Just hours before he was supposed to be put to death, Marcellus Williams received a stay of execution from the governor of Missouri.  His stay was granted because there was new evidence involving DNA that could potentially exonerate Williams for the killing of Felicia Gayle in 2001.  The testing was unavailable then, but testing on material on the murder weapon excluded Williams as a possible contributor to the DNA.  It is not…

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Blogger-friend Brosephus has been off the radar for a while, taking a break from the angst of trump-ism, but the break did him good, for he is back in fine form! Enjoy this short post in which clarifies one of the memes-gone-viral this week! Thanks, Brosephus!

The Mind of Brosephus

Can someone please hide Trump’s phone or change his Twitter password?  I guess he does not understand what a solar eclipse is does he?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, temporarily blocking the light necessary for life itself.  It is only temporary and the sunlight returns to continue the circle of life.

Using the logic of his retweet shown above, Trump is claiming that he is temporarily blocking the life-sustaining light that Obama provided to the world and will move out of the way so that Obama can continue to shine.  In other words, Obama is the light and life giving while Trump is dark and void of life.  SMDH…

I could continue on and on with this, but I imagine that you get the picture.  If anything else, this meme is poking fun of Trump more than it makes him great. …

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The president America rightly deserves

Earlier today I came across this post by fellow-blogger Brosephus, and my hackles were immediately raised by the title alone. Shall we just say that Filosofa is a bit on edge these days? The first few bits of the post did nothing to calm me, and I was already preparing my commentary in response. I am glad, however, that I kept on reading. I am sharing this post, with permission from Brosephus, because it is both thoughtful and thought-provoking, and he makes some excellent points about what our nation is, how we came to this point, and what we need to do to make it a better nation. Please take a few minutes to read this fine post. Thank you, Brosephus!

The Mind of Brosephus

I had to take a vacation from writing this summer.  Work was a bit more hectic.  Life in general picked up a bit of speed.  But mostly, I grew sick and tired of President Trump’s ability to suck the oxygen out of the atmosphere and manage to be THE attention whores of all attention whores.  So, instead of posting daily “tributes” to Trump, I unplugged and refocused on my personal well being.  Silly me for thinking that would solve everything.

Love him, hate him, or indifferent towards him, Donald J. Trump IS the president that America rightly deserves now.  In the seven months that he has been in office, he has simultaneously energized and angered the masses.  He has worked hard to change the definition of what’s presidential in terms of actions and behavior.  His administration and governing position is the living, breathing definition of chaos.  And, in my honest…

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