Conjunction Misfunction

As he usually is, Clay Jones is spot-on once again. Thanks, Clay, for setting the record straight. Now if only the Republicans would listen!


Silicone Valley Bank crashed Saturday with $212 billion in assets. It’s the second-largest bank failure in history. This prompted Cocaine Bear, I mean Donald Trump Jr, to tweet, “I don’t remember banks collapsing under Trump.”

Seaway Bank and Trust Company, Proficio Bank, First NBC Bank, Guaranty Bank, Fayette County Bank, The Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Argonia, Washington Federal Bank for Savings, The Enloe State Bank, Louisa Community Bank, Resolute Bank, City National Bank of New Jersey, Ericson State Bank, The First State Bank, First City Bank of Florida, Almena State Bank all collapsed during the Trump administration. In case you’re counting, that’s 15 banks that collapsed during the Trump administration. Just because Sniffles Jr doesn’t remember something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Ten years from now and he won’t remember dating Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted, “They give money to Silicon Valley Bank. They give money to…

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Looking Up

I always enjoy Clay Jones’ cartoons, but I enjoy his commentary even more. He is an astute observer of the politics of the day and his words are typically as wise as any OpEd writer … though often spicier! His latest is spot-on … Republicans are desperately trying to distract us, to direct our attention anywhere but where it belongs.


I called a goon a “goon” yesterday and it upset him.

I enjoy reading the comments my cartoons get at GoComics but I don’t always interact with the readers there. But sometimes I’ll see a comment that I feel needs addressing. Yesterday, one of the right-wingers suggested a topic that fit his narrative, like that’s what I’m here for. I don’t see these guys telling the Boks, Varvels, and Lesters to draw on gun control, equal rights, Black Lives Matter, or women’s rights. Maybe someone should suggest a cartoon about climate change to Ben Garrison.

But this reader suggested a draw a cartoon that would feed his narrative, something he obviously saw while watching Tucker. I replied that it’s funny he found that to be an important issue while totally ignoring the mass shooting on Monday night that occurred at Michigan State University which resulted in three deaths from the…

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Homeland Terror

I keep hoping to wake up from the nightmare that is defined by the current U.S. House of Representatives, but so far no luck. The House “leader” has placed the most UNqualified candidates in positions on committees that he could find, and they are indulging their fantasies with “investigations” that they know are bogus, that will have no effect other than to turn the House into a three-ring circus! And we pay these arseholes for this! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Clay Jones of Claytoonz fame has written an excellent piece about a couple of these unqualified clowns sitting on committees. For the record, I fully agree with all he says. Thank you, Clay!


Let’s make one thing clear. What happened on January 6, 2021, was a terrorist attack against our country.

It was an insurrection by white nationalists to overturn a free democratic election and install an unelected dictator. It was a coup attempt.

It was an attack designed to stop the certification of the election, a duty mandated on Congress by the United States Constitution.

The people who did this are terrorists. Ashli Babbitt, who was killed during the attack, was a terrorist.

This was an attack on the United States of America. It was not a protest. It wasn’t just a bunch of tourists. It was a terrorist attack that was instigated by conspiracy theories and the lie that Donald Trump won the 2020 election and it was stolen from him by Joe Biden, Democrats, and a Deep State. One of the biggest advocates for this lie and assault on our…

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Liz v. Lettuce

I am exhausted for the moment with talking about the upcoming midterm elections, the horrific Republican lies and conspiracies, and just the whole shebang of U.S. politics. Turns out, the UK isn’t faring much better and yesterday, Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned her position after only 45 days in office. So, let’s set aside our own troubles for a little bit and see what Clay Jones of Claytoonz has to say about Ms. Truss and the state of politics in the UK today!


I didn’t know what I was going to draw this morning and sat at my drawing table with my iPad open while I considered my options. I had already created and dated the canvas I was going to draw on in Procreate, but I just didn’t have the idea yet. I considered using an idea I wrote last week for CNN, which I really like, but thought maybe a few other issues should take precedence, like the war in Ukraine. Of course, my TV was on during this.

My TV was on mute and saw a live feed of a podium sitting outside 10 downing street with “Breaking News: Liz Truss to address nation,” or something like that. I thought to myself, “What does she have to say?” I turned my head from the TV to look at the empty canvas again because that always works to inspire an idea…

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Trump and Tories

Proving once again that in addition to being a great cartoonist he is an astute social and political observer, Clay Jones of Claytoonz gives us his take on the new Prime Minister in the UK, Liz Truss. Ms. Truss reminds me too much of our former guy in too many ways. However, I must commend the United Kingdom for not being afraid of women in positions of power as the men here in the U.S. are! Truss is the third female Prime Minister to have served in the UK, following in the footsteps of Margaret Thatcher and Teresa May. Once again, thank you Clay Jones for a humorous and yet chilling take on this!


If our system to choose a president was like the United Kingdom’s in selecting a prime minister, then in 2023, the Republicans would most likely install Trump as president if they retake the House this November.

In the United States, the Republican Party consists of sycophants and Donald Trump chooses who will be the nominees in most elections. In the UK, the Tories made Liz Truss grovel for their votes.

Voters don’t directly elect their prime minister in the United Kingdom (which is made up of four nations, England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland). The majority party selects the prime minister and at this time, the Tories are the majority. The Tories are the conservatives.

Another difference between is that the United Kingdom isn’t simply a two-party system like ours. While Tories and Labour (liberals) are the two largest parties, the party in control usually needs help from one of…

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Offending MAGA Fascists

When I first heard President Biden refer to the maga-cult as “semi-fascist”, my only argument was that there was no ‘semi’ about it — given the chance, they would go full-on fascist. They have Mussolini’s playbook in their safe. Clay Jones agrees, only he states it better than I ever could AND … he does cartoons! Thank you, Clay, for another spot-on opinion and great ‘toon!!!


President Joe Biden gave an accurate description of Trump supporters within the Republican Party, and many people aren’t happy with it.

Speaking at a fundraiser for Democrats, the president said, “It’s not just Trump. It’s the entire philosophy that underpins the — I’m going to say something: It’s like semi-fascism.” He expanded on this at another rally saying, “The MAGA Republicans are a threat to our very democracy. They refuse to accept the will of the people. They embrace — embrace — political violence.”

In a column for The Washington Post titled, “No, MAGA Republicans do not support ‘semi-fascism,” Henry Olsen makes excuses for and defends MAGA fascists. It takes him a while to get to the January 6 Trump coup attempt, but he writes that it “does not justify Biden’s use of the inflammatory label ‘semi-fascism.’” Uh, yes it does.

The attempt to overturn an election, overthrow the government…

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Oh The Hypocrisy!!!

Certain Republicans in Congress obviously believe that We the People are stupid.  The hue and cry over President Biden’s plan to forgive a portion of student loan debt for qualifying individuals is not only ludicrous, but insulting to the average Joe.  Take, for example, Congressman Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania who made this statement:

“Asking plumbers and carpenters to pay off the loans of Wall Street advisors and lawyers isn’t just unfair. It’s also bad policy.”

Apparently, either Mike Kelly hasn’t been paying attention, or he’s pretty sure his constituents aren’t bright enough to have been paying attention, for the student loan forgiveness is only available to people making less than $125,000 per year and both wall street advisors and lawyers earn well over that mark, so they wouldn’t be eligible.  Period.

Then there was ol’ Vern Buchanan, a member of the House of Representatives from Florida who said …

“As a blue-collar kid who worked his way through college, I know firsthand the sacrifices people make to receive an education. Biden’s reckless, unilateral student loan giveaway is unfair to the 87 percent of Americans without student loan debt and those who played by the rules.”

Two problems with this statement.  First, of that 87% who have no student loan debt, some 62% have none because they never attended college, so of course they have no student loan debt.  The other problem with Vern’s statement is that he himself had a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiven to the tune of $2.8 million!  And yet, he would begrudge the average college graduate, struggling to get a start in his/her career, a write off of between $10,000 – $20,000?  What a guy, eh?

Oh yeah … turns out the aforementioned Mike Kelly also received PPP loan forgiveness to the tune of nearly $1 million!  Take a look at the people who received PPP loan write-offs and are now complaining about giving a break to hard-working college graduates …

Their criticism is one of many hypocrisies promoted by Republicans in Congress today. They also claim it isn’t fair to people who have already paid off their student loans, but Clay Jones killed that argument earlier this week …

If you buy into the notion that it isn’t fair to those who didn’t have the luxury of assistance with their loans, then where do you draw the line?  Can we never progress in any area because it wouldn’t be fair to those who went before?  In that case, we shouldn’t have such luxuries as automobiles and air-conditioning, for it isn’t fair to those who lived their entire lives without them. Or perhaps it isn’t fair for the wealthy to have yachts and vacation homes, for it isn’t fair to those of us who cannot afford such things.  Where do you draw the line?

The bottom line is this is just one more excuse the Republicans are using to rile the masses, to convince voters to vote for them.  It assumes that We the People are too stupid to have read the truth about the plan to forgive a portion of some student debt.  It is a slap in the face to our intelligence, our understanding, our very beings.  See … this whole thing highlights the real difference between the Republican and Democratic policies … one helps people while the other is all about the wealth of a few.  I am an Independent voter who has voted for candidates of both parties in the past, but no more.  My conscience would not let me vote for any of the Republicans on the ballot today.  I worked three jobs to support my family and pay my tuition while going to grad school, but I nonetheless applaud President Biden’s plan and am glad people who need it will be getting some assistance.  Too bad others don’t feel the same.

The Week’s Best Cartoons 8/27

I thought I’d give you guys a break from my political commentary today, so this morning it was silos, this afternoon it’s … TOONS!  TokyoSand over at Political Charge has a knack for finding the best ones each week, and this week is no exception.  With the clock ticking down to the November 8th election, needless to say much of the air space will be taken up with election-related ‘toons & commentary for the next 11 weeks, but there is other news, too!  Be sure to click the link at the bottom, for there is much more on TS’ post!  Thank you, TS, for all your hard work in finding the best of the best this week!

I know I’ve been feeling the momentum from the Democrats, and the utter sputtering of the Republicans, about, well, everything. And these feelings are perfectly reflected in the cartoons I found by our favorite editorial cartoonists.

Be sure to check out the rest of the ‘toons!

Treasonous Squirrels

As always, Clay Jones of Claytoonz manages to find humour amidst the rubble. I especially like his summation of the recently-passed Inflation Reduction Act. Thanks, Clay, for all the good work you do!


While I don’t believe the raid on Mar-a-Lago was an intentional distraction, it can serve as one. Maybe that shitty thing will distract voters from all the other shitty things Republicans do.

Maybe the revelation that Donald Trump is a traitor to this nation and only cares about himself…OK, a reminder that Donald Trump is a traitor and doesn’t care about anyone except himself will distract voters from the fact that not one Republican voted for it.

The Inflation Reduction Act won’t just decrease today’s inflation, but it will provide benefits over the next decade and beyond. In addition to reducing inflation, it will decrease healthcare costs and fight climate change. It will reduce the growth of the deficit and includes a 15 percent minimum cash tax on corporations. Called the “Amazon Tax,” it is expected to raise $222 billion over 10 years and $35 billion in 2023. Republicans hate this.

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Big Fat Liar

Well, ol’ Alex Jones, America’s #1 conspiracy theorist, finally had his day in Court and … it did not go well for Jones! I was going to write about it, but Clay Jones (no relation to Alex!) of Claytoonz has done it far better than I could have, and he even has a cartoon! Thanks, Clay — great job as always!


If you’re a gaslighting conspiracy theorist with a national platform spreading bullshit that defames, libels, and tears apart democracy, you better have good lawyers. Alex Jones, fortunately for the rest of us who hate lies, conspiracy theories, and bullshit, does not have good lawyers.

Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist as it’s his business. He knows the bullshit he’s spreading is fake. Conspiracy theories are his business but lying is his nature. He’s also not intelligent enough to get away with it. Yesterday, Alex Jones was busted during cross-examination of not just being a liar, but of withholding evidence. And, the revelations came from his own legal team. Oopsies.

Jones (no relation to yours truly) is currently defending himself from defamation lawsuits brought by the families for lies he had spread about the 2012 school shooting. For years, he’s been telling lies that the shootings never happened. From his conspiracy…

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