Jolly ‘n Joyful Monday … Sans Gwammie

When me ‘n Joyful reminded Gwammie last night dat we needed to get a start on Jolly Monday, she threw a water bottle at us and told us to … erm … [insert bad word] Jolly Monday.  We think Gwammie is in a funk or somethin’.  But, me ‘n Joyful talked it over an’ … well, we know you guys count on Jolly Monday to start your week off good, so we did da best we could.  Joyful made some cookies ‘n other tweats, while I found some ‘toons I think will make you laugh, so have a snack and see da ‘toons, okay?  We’re sowwy there’s no bacon dis week, guys …


I almos’ forgot, but Joyful minded me ’bout da cute animal video!  We hope you like dis one ’bout a doggie an’ a parrot dat become good fwiends!

Now go have a good week, and wemember to smile, ’cause it makes other peoples happy, yeah!  Love ‘n hugs from Jolly ‘n Joyful … an’ Gwammie too!

Bits of Nothingness from Filosofa’s Mind

“Mindwandering (sometimes referred to as task-unrelated thought) is the experience of thoughts not remaining on a single topic for a long period of time, particularly when people are engaged in an attention-demanding task.”

mind-1Today is rather a sad day, President Barack Obama’s last full day in office.  Even if he were being replaced by an equally dignified, intellectual person, I would still be feeling, as I think many are today, a bit of nostalgia.  But to see the next occupant of the White House, a man who cannot speak well, who is a loud, insufferable bully, replace a well-spoken, intelligent law professor … it’s just too much, too sad.  So, to cheer myself today, and hopefully take your minds off politics and world affairs for a few minutes at least, I have decided to just let my mind wander where it will for this post.  Might be funny, might leave you simply shaking your head.  My mind, rarely let off its leash, is a strange creature …

keysI was thinking about keys this morning.  Why?  Because my keyring was residing on my nightstand, which is NOT where it belongs, and I was lying back against the headboard of the bed, just too tired to get up, yet knowing I shouldn’t go back to sleep.  So, I noticed my keyring on the nightstand.  My keyring, prior to my retirement in 2008, held many keys, in fact it was so heavy that periodically it made holes in my pockets.  I had a key to the outer building, to my own office, to the vault, to my bosses office, the mailroom, as well as my personal keys: house, car, mailbox.  Now my keyring holds a single key, the key to the house.  Until a year or so ago, I at least had three keys, but my granddaughter took over the task of checking the mail every day, so I transferred that key to her keyring.  Then I sold my 25-year-old car for $40 (it was dead anyway), and there went another key.  Now … just the house key.  But that’s okay, because my keyring no longer makes holes in my pockets!


And speaking of keys … a few weeks ago, actually shortly before Christmas, I took my daughter’s Saturn out to do a bit of shopping.  It is a medium shade of grey, and has a clicker thing-a-ma-jig with buttons to unlock the car.  So, distracted as my mind usually is, I came out of a store … walked to the car and hit the button with a picture of an open lock.  Nothing happened.  I clicked it again.  Still nothing.  Looking into the car, I noticed a child’s car seat, and thought … “Hmmmm – I wonder what that’s doing in here? (we have no young children, thus do not own a car seat)” Clicked the button again, still nothing.  Then a voice behind me says, “You can stand there and press that button all day, but it won’t open that car, because it’s my car.”  Oops!  Wouldn’t you think the car seat would have given me a clue?  I apologized, and luckily for me she was understanding, and we even laughed over it.  I actually did the same thing a week or two ago, but the car I slid into was unlocked, and as soon as I sat down in the driver’s seat I realized it wasn’t mine.  I really do need to stop and think sometimes.

lemonsSometimes it takes very little to add a spot of happiness to a person’s day.  Last night, that very little thing was soap.  Liquid soap, specifically.  We use liquid soap in bathrooms and also in the kitchen.  Once every three months we replenish our stash, as it were, and buy a variety of scents.  I am partial to citrus-y smelling things, while the girls like floral, strawberry, and other scents.  Anyway, we go through a lot of liquid soap and last night the pine-scented one in the kitchen squirted its final drops and it was time to crack open a new bottle.  The lemon smell … somehow brought a smile to my face, and I washed my hands yet a second time, just to smell the lemon for a little longer.  It takes very little to make me happy … sometimes, at least.

And thinking of the lemon soap reminds me that I need to toss a load of laundry into the dryer, unload the dishwasher, and do a few other chores, so I shall finish this senseless rambling and give you a few cartoons to brighten your day just a bit.  Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a good day … try not to let things get you down …

I have a funny story to go with this first cartoon.  Many years ago, a new restaurant had opened, and I was looking online at their menu, to see if they had anything that would make us want to try it out.  I saw Crab Rangoon on the menu, which is a favourite of mine, so I excitedly said to my daughter that we simply had to check out this restaurant, because they serve Crab Rangoon.  She mis-heard me (there is a LOT of that in our family!) and thought I said Cracked Raccoon … which of course led to much laughter and to this day, we all call it that.