Sunday Snark And Toons

It’s Sunday morning and it’s c-c-cold here!  It’s even colder in New York!  I have just two Sunday snarklets today, and a few ‘toons, and then I shall return you to the business of enjoying the rest of your Sunday while I growl a bit longer!

One piece in The Guardian caught my eye last night … first I laughed, then I growled.  Marge Greene, the highly unqualified second-term congresswoman from Georgia, has a salary of $174,000 per year.  This is more than three times the amount I ever made in a single year as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), where I often worked 15-hour days and weekends, too!  But … wait for it … ol’ Marge says that it isn’t enough!

Mind you, Marge was running a gym before she came to Congress.  Here’s what she told journalist Glenn Greenwald on his podcast earlier this week …

“Becoming a member of Congress has made my life miserable. I made a lot more money before I got here. I’ve lost money since I’ve gotten here. It’s not a life that I think is like something that I enjoy because I don’t enjoy it.”

So, I have to ask … what’s the issue?  She’s not content with her salary … the same salary that other, far more educated and experienced, members of Congress earn, and she doesn’t enjoy the job, so … the solution seems beyond simple to me:  Bye-bye, Margie!

In addition to the salary, there are perks such as life & health insurance, retirement benefits, allowances to cover official office expenses, including staff, mail, travel between a member’s district or state and Washington, DC, equipment, and other goods and services.  The hard-working people of this country dutifully pay taxes every payday to pay Ms. Greene’s and others’ salaries.  If she does not appreciate it, then she is more than welcome to step down from her seat … I don’t think anybody outside of her district in Georgia would shed a tear, except perhaps Kevin McCarthy.

In my time of being politically aware, some 50+ years now, I have never heard a member of Congress complain about their salary. Some even do it out of a sense of duty, a sense that they want to be a part of making this a better nation. Greene’s comment is like spitting in the faces of every taxpayer in the United States!

CNN reported yesterday that U.S. Supreme Court Justices have long used their personal email for sensitive Court business.  Their main reason seems to be that some of the justices had difficulty figuring out how to use their official secure servers for such things as … sending or reading email.  Now, I get that … I often have to ask my granddaughter for help with my “smart” phone, but then … I’m not a Supreme Court Justice handling highly sensitive information.

And the first thing that crossed my mind was … WAIT!!!  Isn’t this what people chanted “Lock her up!” in regards to Hillary Clinton having used her personal email server for government business on occasion?  So, can we expect Donald Trump and the maga crowd to start chanting “Lock them up!” as regards the Supreme Court Justices?  Just asking.  Could be that there’s some double standard here …

As of January 23, 2023

Sigh … More Snarky Snippets …

Some nights the mind bounce simply does not allow me to focus on my more in-depth projects … I have three of them in-process at the moment … and so nothing will do but a few snarky snippets.  Sorry, folks … I simply cannot help myself.  Sigh.


I want you to get out your box of tissues and don your sympathy hats, for this one’s a real tear-jerker.  Members of Congress have not had a pay raise … not even so much as a cost-of-living increase … since 2009 – ten years!!!  The horror!  I mean, the majority of them only earn a paltry $174,000 per year!  How on earth are they managing?  So, two republican representatives, Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise, have quietly proposed a pay increase … just about a 2.5% increase … ballpark $3 million per year in total … nothing to break the bank.

But wait!  The minimum wage rate of $7.25 also has not been raised since 2009.  The full-time minimum wage worker earns $15,080 per year.  Um … that is a mere 8.67% of what those members of Congress are earning.  All of which might not cause a raised eyebrow except … back in March there was a bill in Congress to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour in increments by 2024.  Guess what?  The bill ran into a bit of a snag, with every single republican, including Representatives Scalise and McCarthy, committed to voting against it, and even some democrats refusing to support it, saying it would place an “unfair burden” on small businesses.  Unfair burden?  Unfair burden???  What about the burden of all those people working second jobs just to survive???

The very people who are poised to grant themselves a $4,500 per annum pay increase, would deny the minimum wage worker an increase. The bill hasn’t garnered the 218 votes needed to pass the House, and even if it passes the House, Mitch McConnell has indicated that he will not bring the bill to a vote in the Senate.  And even if it passed both the House and the Senate, in all likelihood Trump would veto it.

Think about that one … the people who are making 11.5 times as much as minimum wage earners, most of whom are already millionaires, want a raise for themselves, but none for the man or woman who is struggling every day to feed their children, pay the rent, pay the doctor’s bills, and keep the electricity from being shut off.  My answer to the members of the U.S. Congress is do what the minimum wage earners are having to do … take a second or even third job!!!


In year’s past, a president might be applauded for a brilliant speech, or criticized for one that wasn’t so good, but it tells you all you need to know about Don Trump when he is praised for not veering off-script.  The speech he gave at the ceremony for the 75th anniversary of D-Day was praised by two of Trump’s media antagonists, Jim Acosta and Joe Scarborough, not for it’s content (Trump didn’t write it) or sincerity (there was none), but because he stayed on script and didn’t go off on a tangent as he is prone to do.

“This is perhaps the most on-message moment of Donald Trump’s presidency today. We were all wondering if he would veer from his remarks, go off of his script but he stayed on script, stayed on message …” – Jim Acosta, CNN

“I’m also glad the president chose to have the discipline to stick to script …” – Joe Scarborough, MSNBC

Sorry, guys, but given that he spent three full days making an ass of himself and of this nation while visiting our allies, he gets no kudos from me for managing a few minutes reading from a paper without veering off course.  Two and a half years in office, and this is his crowning achievement – being able to read a speech that somebody else wrote???  That’s sad.  That’s really, really sad.

Truer words have never been spoken than these by President Dwight David EisenhowerD-Day

Th-th-that’s all f-f-folks

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Your Monkeys, Your Circus

Let’s pretend for a minute that you own a business, and you have … oh, say about 535 salaried employees earning an average of $175,000 per annum (low ball average, but I am trying to keep it conservative).  Now, let’s say that you have just found out that all 535 of those salaried employees have spent the past two weeks working on a project that they knew would never work, knew there was no demand for, and knew would be scrapped at the end of the project.  What would you do about those employees?  This, ladies and gentlemen, is no hypothetical.  You DO own a business, it is called the United States Congress, and you DO have 535 salaried employees called Representatives and Senators.  And they DID just spend the past two weeks wasting time on a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act which was signed into law in 2010 after passing in both the House and the Senate. Your employees admittedly knew their bill to repeal ACA stood absolutely NO chance … ZERO, NADA, NUNC, ZILCH chance of being signed into law and they knew with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that President Obama WOULD veto it once it hit his desk.  It was all a game.  A joke.  A joke that cost, just in terms of the salaries of your congressmen and women a minimum of $3,600,000 .  Yes, that is THREE POINT SIX MILLION DOLLARS for two weeks of time wasted to play a game, to make a “point” that had no point.  Additionally, one must consider all the lower staff members who also worked on this useless piece of legislation, even being required to work over the Thanksgiving holiday to craft … a useless piece of legislation.  I cannot even begin to calculate the cost of these men and women’s salaries and associated overhead costs. They might just as well have been building paper airplanes or playing tic-tac-toe … on YOUR dime.


Unfortunately, your employees have contracts and so you cannot simply tell them to “pack their shit and go”.  So, what can you do?  You can vote them out of office when their terms expire.  The republicans in Congress have made no attempt at good governance over the past 3-7 years, their only focus having been on making it as difficult as possible for the Obama administration to pass any meaningful legislation, throwing up every imaginable roadblock at every turn and then pointing fingers saying “See … he hasn’t done anything!”.  There has been little, if any, attempt at bi-partisanship or compromise in order to see that the business of the nation provide well for “We The People” as commanded by none other than the Constitution of the United States, nor is there likely to be in the next 13 months.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, a liberal, moderate or conservative, male or female, black or white, rich or poor person, you should be incensed by the behavior of your elected officials.


The largely republican-controlled Congress say that this bill is proof that ACA will in fact be repealed in 2017 when a new president takes office.  Two points here:

  • That would assume that a republican candidate wins the presidential race next year, which looks like a slim possibility unless the GOP can rebound from the recent “carnivore carnival” and actually nominate a viable candidate, and
  • The repeal of ACA is NOT in the best interest of the millions of Americans who would lose their healthcare benefits.


No matter which party you support, no matter your ideology, you cannot possibly believe that the money wasted on this useless bill was anything other than game-playing with YOUR money on Capitol Hill.  And yet, though they found time to play these games, Congress has yet to find time or money to re-fund the Zadroga bill that would provide healthcare to 9/11 rescue workers!  It is time for Americans to make a point to Congress that, no matter your ideology, we will no longer support those highly paid men and women who have chosen to take our money to play childish games with our lives.