Jolly ‘N Joyful Green Monday!!!

Good Monday morning, friends!  You’re all up bright and early and looking mighty perky this morning … must be that you’ve made up for the hour you lost a week ago, eh?  Well, we’re glad you’re here.  Did you have a good weekend?  It was bitterly cold here, so I stayed in while the girls went shopping to try to find Goose a new pair of shoes, and buy new pillows for their beds.  Then we had Chinese take-out on Saturday night, so overall it wasn’t a bad weekend.  And now, time to grit the teeth and get ready to face another week!  I think it’s supposed to be a bit warmer here this week, so maybe I’ll get out for a bit one day.  Joyful has been in the kitchen all morning preparing some treats for Jolly Monday, so let’s go see what’s on the table, shall we?   Oh … it looks like we’re just a few days late for St. Patrick’s Day!

Jolly wants to start with some cool pictures he found over at Phil’s Phun …

And we’ve got a few fun animal memes and puns for you …

Okay, okay … I hear you chanting “Cartoons, Cartoons, Cartoons” … so here you go!

Along with a few memes …

And we simply must have a cute critter video, yes?

Well, my friends, it seems our time is always too short!  But, we’ll be together again next Monday, so it gives us something to look forward to.  Keep safe this week, and be sure to share those gorgeous smiles!  Love and many hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

Jolly ‘n Joyful Monday Again!

Good Monday morning, dear friends!  Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  I had a peaceful one, which is all I ask these days.  Chris and her band marched downtown in the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday, so she was pretty tired after marching a couple of miles while carrying and playing a big bass drum!  Goose and I did mostly nothing.  But Jolly and Joyful had quite an adventure this weekend!  I’ll let them tell you about it …

We went ‘cwoss da pond to spend da weekend wif Uncle Woger and Aunt Sheila and help Uncle Woger do some yard work!  He calls it work, but I thought it was gweat fun!  We got to stomp ’round in da slush left by da snow, and dere was spiders an’ everything!  An’ we gots lots of good stuff to eat and yummy hot chocolate!

An’ while Jolly was stomping ‘round in the muck and slush outside, I helped Aunt Sheila in da house and we cooked and laughed and had da best time ever!  We love Uncle Woger and Aunt Sheila!  An’ guess what I learned?  On da other side of da pond, cookies is called ‘biscuits’!

Well, I hope you two are ready to work on Jolly Monday now … Joyful, don’t forget you promised the gang lots of bacon this week!  Let’s go see what’s on the buffet table this morning and then find some fun things to start this week out with a smile and a chuckle!

Let’s start the day with some interesting and funny signs …

And a few fun facts I’ve been collecting from over at Phil’s Phun …

Okay … okay … I hear you clamouring for the ‘toons!

And how ‘bout a few memes, too?

Well, folks, I think that leaves only one more thing … and that’s the cute critter video that Jolly scouted out for us this week!  I think you’ll really enjoy this adorable tiger cub …

We hope you’ve enjoyed your visit this morning and that those smiles I see on your faces will last you throughout the week!  Be sure to pick up a couple of spares from the basket by the door on your way out so you have some to share this week.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!!!

Jolly ‘N Joyful’s Monday Treat

Good mornin’ fwiends!  Gwammie said she’s tired, so she’s leavin’ me ‘n Joyful in charge of Jolly Monday dis week!  Since I need Joyful to help me, we just gots some donuts ‘n stuff for your tweats so we can pull together some fun stuff to start your week wid a smile, ‘k?

Sowwy, no bacon today guys, but next week, I pwomise!

We want to start wif some cute critter pictures, ‘cause … who doesn’t like a cute critter???

An’ we gots some puns we found over at Phil’s Phun

But we know what you’re weally waitin’ for are da ‘toons, wight?

And as Gwammie always says, it ain’t Jolly Monday widdout a cute animal video!  We think you’ll weally like dis one wid a dog an’ a baby pig!

Well, fwiends, Gwammie will pop in later to chat wid you in da comments, but we hope you enjoyed our Jolly Monday an’ that you are leavin’ wid a smile on your faces!  Looks like you are!  We hope you has a gweat week and … wemember to share da smiles all week, ‘k?  Love ‘n hugs fwom Jolly ‘n Joyful … an’ Gwammie too!

Jolly and Joyful Monday!

Yet again begins another week, thus another Monday.  The next Monday holiday doesn’t come until May!!!  Some people get Good Friday off in early April, but most do not, so the 5-day grind continues on … and on … and on.  Wow, I’m just a bucket of cheer this morning, aren’t I?  Perhaps I better let Jolly ‘n Joyful take over Jolly Monday this week!  I see that Joyful has whipped up some treats, so let’s go see what she has for us, then we’ll try to find some fun stuff to laugh about before tackling this new week head on!

Wow, Joyful!!!  You’ve really outdone yourself today!

Let’s get this show on the road with just a few animal memes …

And some funny signs …

Now for da ‘toons I picked out dis week!

And to round out the morning, a cute animal video!  This one is guaranteed to bring a smile … it even brought a smile to my grumpy ol’ face!!! 

Well, friends, we wish you could stay longer, but I know you all have things to do, places to go, people to see.  Keep safe this week and we wish you a happy week!  Don’t forget to share those smiles … there are plenty to go around!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

We Wish You A Jolly Monday!

Good morning friends!!!  C’mon in where it’s warm!  Well, relatively warm, anyway.  We don’t keep it super-warm, for we don’t like those extra-large electric/gas bills, and we are trying to do our part for the environment by being conscientious.  How was your weekend?  Ours was quiet, except for all the coughing, sneezing, and nose-blowing, as all three of us have colds.  Joyful and I cooked up just a few treats this morning, while Jolly organized the ‘toons and such, so head on over to the table for a snack and then we’ll see what Jolly has for us to start the week with a smile!

We’ll get to the ‘toons in a minute, but I came across something that made me smile, and I hope it will make you smile, too.  A nine-year-old boy, David Balogun from Pennsylvania, just earned his high school diploma, something most of us don’t do until we are twice his age!  David has also already earned some college credits and he plans to become an astrophysicist!

If you’re interested, you can read more about David and his achievements at The Guardian!

Let’s start the morning with some animal memes, ‘k?

A few funny signs might give you a chuckle or two …

And now … on to the ‘TOONS!!!

And now for that cute/funny animal video!  I just love this one about a determined dog named Gus!

Well, friends, that’s a wrap for this Monday morning!  We hope you enjoyed the snacks and the humour, hope you are leaving with a big smile on your faces!  Be sure to share those smiles in the days ahead, for there are a lot of people who don’t have one of their own.  Keep warm and safe this week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

Jolly ‘N Joyful Take Over

Hello fwiends!  Jolly Monday dis week is brought to you by me ‘n Joyful, ’cause Gwammie is in a wabbit hole and Uncle David is workin’ on gettin’ her out, but we couldn’t let you start da week without some laughs, so we did the best we could without her!  Joyful was busy helpin’ me wid da ‘toons ‘n stuff, so we just picked up some donuts for da mornin’ snack … I hope dat’s okay.  So, go get a donut an’ a coffee and come see what fun stuff we found for you!

While Jolly was off finding ‘toons, I went in search of some music puns, and here’s what I found!

And now for some ‘toons to make you laugh!

An’ here’s a few memes, too!

And we found a cute cwitter video wif a bear cub pwayin’ wif some lion cubs … it’s short, but we hope it makes you smile!

Well, fwiends, we hope you enjoyed our limited, gwammie-less Jolly Monday, and we pwomise to get Gwammie out o’ da wabbit hole before next Monday!  Love ‘n hugs from Jolly ‘n Joyful (and Gwammie, aka Filosofa)!

Just Another Jolly ‘N Joyful Monday

Good Monday morning, friends … c’mon in from the cold!  Just leave your boots in the hallway there and Jolly will shake the snow off of them and set them over by the heat register to dry.  A “dusting to an inch” they said!  HAH!!!  There’s a good six inches out there!  I was surprised that none of the neighbor kids built a snowman yesterday.  ‘Twould have been a good day for a snowball fight!  Anyway … Joyful thought it was a good day for soup and bread, so let’s go see what’s on the buffet and then see what fun things we found to start the week out with a smile, a chuckle, or maybe even a laugh!

We have loads of fun for you today, so while you’re enjoying your soup and nice steaming beverage, let’s take a look at some cute animal pictures …

Signs, signs, signs … some leave you scratching your head, and others bring an immediate laugh …

And on to some cartoons that Jolly’s been collecting this week …

Time for a cute/funny animal video … let’s see what we can find today …

Y’know, I’ve been thinking.  I’ve long said that if I get the chance, I will return to earth as a wolf, for I’ve long thought of the wolf as my ‘spirit animal’, but I think I might prefer to return as a bear.  Why, you ask?  Bears get to hibernate in warm caves and sleep all winter, while wolves do not hibernate and are out prowling for food even in sub-zero temperatures.  Right about now, hibernating in a warm, dark cave sounds better than roaming the frozen tundra in search of food!  Anyway … the time has come for us to say goodbye, but only for a little while.  We hope you enjoyed your visit this morning, and please share those lovely smiles with others who seem to need one of their own.  Keep safe and warm, and have a wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

Jolly Monday Before Christmas!

C’mon in, friends, and get warm!  Those of you who nostalgically wish for snow on Christmas are welcome to come spend it here, for we are predicted to get a blizzard complete with sub-zero temperatures on Christmas!  I bet all my Texas and Florida friends would love to come here for Christmas, eh?  Since this is our last Jolly Monday before Christmas, Joyful whipped up some special Christmas treats … nothing healthy on the table today, guys, just sweet stuff.  A word of caution … you remember that Jolly isn’t allowed in the kitchen, having nearly set it on fire twice several years ago?  Well, Joyful found a way for him to feel useful, so she let him decorate some of the goodies … they may be … um … a bit odd looking.  Anyway, help yourself and then we shall go in search of a bit of Monday morning humour!

Let’s start with just a few animal memes

And some funny signs

WHOA!!! What a bargain, eh?

Okay, okay … on to the cartoons now!

And some memes we’ve been collecting over the past few days/weeks …

What better way so wrap up a Jolly Monday than with a Christmas animal video?

Or two …

Well, friends, that’s a wrap for today.  Jolly, Joyful and I just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas from our house to yours and hope that your season is filled with love and laughter.  As I tell myself at least ten times a day, life is too short to waste it being unhappy.  Love and hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

Jolly December Monday!!! Brrrrrrr

Good Monday morn, my friends!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Winter isn’t officially here for another two weeks, but it sure felt like winter here this past weekend with temps in the 20s at night and only into the low 30s during the day.  Ah well, I guess I’m never satisfied — I complained about the heat and humidity all summer and now I’m already sick of the cold.  I sure hope Joyful has something nice and hot on the buffet to warm us this morning … let’s go check it out!

Um … JOYFUL???  Yo!!!  Joyful!!!  Jolly???   Hmmmm … this is a mystery … sorry, folks, but there doesn’t seem to be any food on the table this morning and I cannot find either Jolly or Joyful so I have no idea what’s going on!  Well, I hope to solve this mystery soon, but meanwhile, let’s have a bit of fun … howz ’bout some toons???

Check out the date on this one and it makes perfect sense!


As I hop around the Internet throughout the week, I sometimes stumble on something and think it would be good for Jolly Monday, but it doesn’t really fit into my usual categories, so I just save it … and usually forget about it.  Eventually, my folder for Jolly Monday stuff is overstuffed and I need to clean it out.  So, here are a few of the things that over the past few months I have collected but never remembered to use!

Still no sign of Jolly and Joyful … I wonder where they could be?  I’m so sorry there’s no bacon, no coffee, no treats today, my friends!  We’ll make up for it next week … (I hope)

Here are just a few lawyer jokes that crossed my path … lawyers are ALWAYS good for a few laughs, yes?

Well, it looks like it’s about time for … wha-what’s all this?




Did you guys like our little s’prise???  We went an’ borrowed a kitchen and baked all night long to make you guys some Cwistmas tweats!!! 


Awww … thank you so much … both of you!!!  What a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday!!!  Thanks Joyful and Jolly!!!

Well … while you’re having your little treats, what say we watch a cute critter video?

We hope you guys enjoyed the ‘toons and treats this morning and that you have a great week ahead!  Be sure to share your smiles — everybody deserves a smile of their own!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!!!

Saturday Surprise — Just Watch!

Oh what a week it’s been!  Election results slowly trickling in, frigid temperatures in parts (including my own) of the U.S.  It’s time to kick back and relax, and I’m here to help you start the weekend off with something fun!  My friend Herb sent me this and I think you’ll have a smile on your face once you watch it!

Now go have a fun weekend … probably the last peaceful one for a while, since next weekend is Thanksgiving weekend, which kicks off the holiday chaos of baking, shopping, mailing, wrapping, writing cards, decorating, etc.  Bah Humbug.