Questions for Americans.

Have you ever wondered how people in other countries view the chaos that dominates our landscape here in the U.S.? Our friend David, from across the pond, has some questions … questions for which I can only shake my head, for I don’t know the answers, either! Thank you, David, for your wisdom and views! We could learn a thing or two from you guys!


I woke at an unearthly hour again this morning. Damndawnchorus o’clock. My watch read 4.15 am. The news on mny computer tells me that Ron DeSantis the Governor of Florida has declated for President at last. How can this man who spends his time banning books, deciding how women should be allowed to treat their own bodies, and worse still, enforcing a rule that no white person should be allowed to face the realities of the history of their own country. He wants to rewrite history so that no white person can be offended or shocked by what has gone before. Please someone explain to me , how can this man who is not even suitable to be a Governor declare an interest in the Presidency of the United States and have the backing of so many people, not least Elon Musk who has put the power of Twitter behind…

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State of the Union

I am always amazed at the degree to which our friends on the other side of the pond understand our own political/social situation. David Prosser, as always, gives us his own view of Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address. Thank you, David!


Since the State of the Union speech earlier his week I hav been following political analyses ofwhat Mr Biden said and the reaction of both the press and the public to it.Shockingly it does not appear taht the press is fully behind Joe Biden yet and the Public still don’t seem to think he’s performing his job.Both are strange given that he has created over half a million jobs since January and has the economy under control and has even shaved a vast amount off the National Debt.

This man is performing better than the miracle of the loaves and fishes for the people of his country. Now maybe when you’re close to the action you can’t see the wood for the trees, and perhaps because Joe is the quiet man he is, not constantly blowing his own trumpet, no-one sees the good he does close up. But good there…

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New Year Wishes from Wales

I didn’t reblog this when I first read it this morning, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it deserves to be seen by as many people as possible, for David’s might just be the single best New Year’s message I’ve seen yet! Thank you, David … Cwtch


blwyddyn Newydd Dda to all my readers or to those who get here by accident. We have all undergone difficulties over the last few years of one form or another, so I hope this year starts with you in a mood of renewed hope and happiness. Do your best too make the World a better place, not just for yourself but for everyone no matter where they live. Maybe this is the year we can start to solve some of the problems of those less fortunate than us. Not just the droughts in Africa and the problems of babies born with cleft palates or degenerative eye disease that can be easily cured. But, maybe the bright sparks among you can find a way of ending the current wars of attrition still taking place around the globe. If we put our minds to it I'm sure solutions can be found. If…

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Choices and Damage

Only our friend David could make this much humour out of a pair of braces (suspenders)!!! Thank you, David … we all needed this chuckle today!


On Monday this week I Received a parcel from Amazon containing something labelled as Suspenders. For my English speaking friends  The Irish writer George Bernard Shaw once said: ‘England and America are two countries divided by a common language’ Never has a truer word been spoken. I am not as some may believe the type to wear a belt worn by women to keep their nylons in place. What I actually received was a pair of braces. I wear these most of the time now as the shape of my stomach does not allow for the easy positioning of a belt around where I once had a waist.

Most of my braces are by choice, patterned. I have a fine pair covered by pheasants. Pleas note, American friends, my title does not preclude me from using the H in that word.

And so on Tuesday I wore my new braces with…

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Rose Tinted Glasses Please.

Our dear friend David has written an uplifting piece today that is a perfect accompaniment for this morning’s ‘good people’ post. If everyone took the advice he offers here, the world would be a much nicer place. Thank you, David … and you just keep those hugs coming, okay? 🤗


During the 1960’s I was young and no doubt naïve and yet many of the people I came into contact with seemed to feel the same way. There was a feeling of great hope for our world and what it could become. My hopes diminished a bit as I saw new politicians voted into, place only to become the politicians they replaced. Is the system geared up to ensure meaningful change could not be possible?

I’ve often been accused of viewing the World through rose tinted glasses. I’m not going to make excuses for this since my view is nicer than most, I was very much against apartheid and gave support when I could. What a delight when Nelson Mandela came to the stage. What an exceptional man who could forgive those who imprisoned him and move on to create a great Nation while still talking of Love for his…

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So wrapped up are we here in the U.S. with our internal crises that we have forgotten to pay as much attention to what is happening in Ukraine. It isn’t that we’ve forgotten, or that we don’t care, but simply a product of the fact that the human mind can only process so much at one time. Our friend David in Wales has been paying attention, however, and he is here to remind us that Putin’s aggression has predictably increased, that more and more lives are being lost every day. While we in the U.S. bemoan the loss of our rights, our democratic foundations, the people in Ukraine are fleeing Russian bombs, watching their homes and their lives destroyed in front of their eyes. Thank you, David, for the timely reminder.


Todaay we enter a new darker period in the war in Ukraine.Prior to the G7 and Nato meeting on the conflict there was a rocket attack on a suburb of Kyiv which left at least one dead and more civilians mourning. Since then there has been a rocket attack on Kremenchuk in Central Ukraine, an area well away from the front line. The attack in full daylight hit a busy shopping arcade/ This cannot have been a mistake so showing that Uncle Vlad is now condoning attacks on civilians in Crowded areas.

I have to believe that The G7 meeting may have pissed Putin off, since he is no longer invited and this is his way of showing he’s not worried by their deliberations. A bit of a short sighted view since the accusations of War Crimes won’t be easy to shake off and if he is ever turfed out…

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How the Mighty have Fallen

I thought I was finished for the day, but then I saw this moving post from our friend David. David lives in Wales, in the UK, and yet he quite often understands our situation here better than many of the people who call themselves ‘citizens’ and ‘patriots’. Thank you, David … fingers crossed that your hopes for this nation will soon be realized.


It’s been a week unlike any other in my lifetime(that I can recall).The House Select Committee on Jan 6th have been revealing some of the details of that fateful day and detailing some of the proofs they have of how events unfolded. What an ignoble enterprise it was with the collusion of American Senators and Representatives to bring down the lawful Government. What has sickened me apart from the inclusion of Racist groups as a deliberate act in the venture, so that those responsible can never disassociate themselves from the intent, is the lack of condemnation from much of the mainstream press. Do they really think the man on whose behalf this was done is such a Stalwart American Hero that his actions rate forgiveness?

They Don’t!!! A friend shared on her blog a letter she’s sent to her State representatives and Senators asking whether they meant the oath they…

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Our friend David lives in Wales in the United Kingdom, some 4,000 miles across the big pond otherwise known as the Atlantic Ocean. And in the UK, they have their own problems right now, as I’m sure most of you have read. And yet … David sees so much more clearly the causes and reactions to our deadly school shooting yesterday that killed 19 small children, as well as two teachers. Quite frankly, our friends across the pond ALWAYS seem to have a better grasp on our situation than at least half the people in this country do! I appreciate David’s … and others in the UK and EU … views and clarity. Since David is currently having some WP issues with his comment box, please leave any comments for him here and I will see that he gets them. Thank you, David, for your compassion, your caring, and your insight.


I cannot send my thoughts and prayers to the people of Uvalde, this term of regret has been debased so much in recent times that it’s almost worthless and is like a slap in the face to those suffering the Devastating loss this community is feeling. Two adults and 19 children who won’t be going home to their families yet again despite the warnings of previous abominations like Sandy Hook. I’m left wondering how long it will be before the Conspiracy Theorists start to say this was just another play enacted by Government actors in an attempt to thwart the Second Amendment, that Gilt Covered piece of legislation enshrined in law that gives Carte blanche to some members of the population to own more guns than they have fingers to pull triggers and to use them as they will.

That this slaughter has happened in Texas is quite telling really…

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Not a Happy Man.

Sometimes our friends across the pond see things more clearly than we do, and our friend David proves that point with this excellent post! Thank you, David!!!


At this point I have to admit, not for the first time that I’m not a happy man with the state of the World. The war between Russia and the Sovereign state of Ukraine where the people of Russia are not being told the true picture of why there is conflict and just what is going on is allowing innocent civilians to be deliberately targeted either by the direct orders of Uncle Vlad or at least with a nod and a wink from his office. I very much doubt that anything happens that he doesn’t know about. Added to the fact that he makes vague threats about nuclear weapons being used if there is any outside interference in order to scare off any would-be supporters of the Ukrainian people and their homeland. It seems to be working to some degree even though it could well mean the destruction of much…

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Your Opinions

A few nights ago, our friend David suggested I do a post asking for readers’ opinions on the most current issues and I thought it was a great idea, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Meanwhile, David himself posted a ‘questions’ post that asks six very pertinent questions. I couldn’t have done better, so I am sharing his. David has had some problems with his blog lately and unfortunately, there is no room for comments on his, so I will be asking him to check out comments here and respond where he feels so inclined. Thank you, David, for these thought-provoking questions.


Before we start, if you are a confirmed Republican who sees no problems confronting your Country at the moment and feels that everything is as it should be with the reduction in voting rights within the states adopting them, and that the Investigation into Jan 6th is wrong, there’s no point in starting an argument with me as you won’t change my views. If you have any constructive suggestions as to how things could change to benefit the United States We want too hear them. Please include any opinions on the current status of gun control too if you have them.

1.Are the current State Changes to voting legislation fair to all? If not, what is wrong with them and how can they be changed to ensure fairness?

2.Why will Republicans not bring forward and vote for the new Bills on Voting Rights, waiting in the wings.

3. Do You…

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