Saturday Surprise — A Few Cute Critters To Bring A Smile

Good Saturday morning, dear friends!  Well … well, well, well.  It’s been a rough week … a sad week for people on all sides of the big pond.  I was planning to skip Saturday Surprise this week and write about … well, never mind.  But I thought … maybe we all need to just take a deep breath, find a reason to smile, and zone out for a wee bit.  And so … I went in search of some cute, smile-inducing pictures of furry babes.  I bet you can’t get through this entire post without smiling at least a little bit.

I hope you have a wonderful, restive & peaceful …

Saturday Surprise — Jolly Takes Over

Hey Y’all!  It’s me, Jolly!

jollyGwammie got stuck in a wabbit hole dis week, and she tol’ me since I keep disappearin’, it’s my turn to write Saturday Surprise ‘cause she ain’t here to write it.  I tol’ her not to eat so much an’ she wouldn’t get stuck … but does she listen?

So anyways … I found dese funny aminals tonite an’ I bet you’ll laugh!  I even maked up some o’ da captions!  Captions is words at da bottom o’ da picture, in case ye dinna know.


Whooooo … Me???


Not tonight dear, I’ve got a headache


So there!  pbthhhhh


“Shall we dance”, said one komodo dragon to the other


I know it’s in here somewhere …


You DON’T SAY!!!


Step away from the nuts and nobody gets hurt … Step BACK!!!


I’m WAAAAAY taller den you!


Stop me if I’m boring you …


WHOA Dude!


I’m so ashamed …


Ha ha ha ha ha … they’ll never find it here!

jollyDat’s all I got today.  I hope you liked it, but if you dinna, will you tell Gwammie that you did so I don’ get in twouble?

** Note to readers:  All photos are finalists in the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, sponsored by the Born Free Foundation, a wildlife conservation organization.