Jolly Picnic Monday!!!

Good Monday morning, dear friends!   Did you have a wonderful weekend and now I bet you can hardly wait to get back to work, back to the weekly routine!  Our weekend was quieter than usual, for daughter Chris was in Tennessee at a band competition.  Her band took 3rd place overall, and the drum corps, of which she is part, won 1st place, so she was pretty chuffed!  Goose and I, as usual, had a quieter-than-usual weekend, for Chris is the noisy one of our bunch!  Goose and I sometimes forget to even speak to each other for hours on end!  I did manage to watch Judgement at Nuremberg — all 3 hours and 10 minutes in one sitting and didn’t fall asleep a single time!  I’ve had that on my TBW list for years and finally can cross it off.  Well worth watching, if you haven’t seen it, and I thought both Spencer Tracy and Burt Lancaster were brilliant!

Well, since it seems that warm weather is going to stick around for a while, Joyful thought it would be nice if we had a picnic today, so she has prepared some fine picnic-type foods for your snacking pleasure!  So … grab a snack and let’s go see what fun stuff we have to start this week off, shall we?

A brown wicker picnic basket on a white background with gingham cloth

Let’s get started with a few animal memes, ‘k?

And next up … a few phunny puns!

Yes, yes … of course it’s time for da ‘toons now!!!

Jolly has been collecting some fun facts over at Phil’s Phun for several weeks now and we keep forgetting to share them with you, so here are just a few …

And at long last, the moment you’ve all been waiting for … the cute/funny critter video!  I fell in love with this dog at first sight … and the dude ain’t half bad looking, either 😉

Well, my friends, we’re sad to see our time together come to an end, but there’s always next Monday!  We hope you’ve enjoyed your visit and found something to help you start the week with a smile or a chuckle.  And don’t forget to share those smiles … sometimes that’s all it takes to brighten someone’s day.  Keep safe and have a wonderful week ahead.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

We Wish You A Jolly ‘N Joyful Monday!

Wh-Wha-What???  It’s Monday again … already???  What happened to the weekend?  Ah well … the bright side is that if it’s Monday, then you guys are here to share in the smiles, laughter, and bacon that always accompany Jolly Monday!  See … it’s true that every cloud has a silver lining … even Monday!  I smell something good, so let’s go see what Joyful has cooked up for us, shall we?

An’ because Ab said we gonna need more bacon dis week, I made extra!

Alright, then … let’s take a look at some phunny puns while we munch …

It took me a minute to get this one … guess I’ve gotten slow in my dotage!

A few cute pictures always bring a smile, don’t they?

Okay, Okay … I hear you … you want ‘TOONS!!!  Well, you’re in luck, ’cause we’ve got lots of ‘toons today!

I found a few Phun Phacts over at Phil’s place I thought you might like …

And naturally, we cannot let you leave without a funny or cute animal video, now can we?  This one’s shorter than usual, but I loved it and hope you will too!

I especially loved the way he handed the peel back to the human after he was finished!

Well, friends, it’s that time again … time for us to get this week rolling with jobs, chores, errands, and whatever else needs to be done.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed your time here and that you’re starting this week with a big smile to dispel whatever darkness you run into out there!  Keep safe and have a good week, and remember to share the smiles!  I came across something this morning that I think is just perfect for how we here at Filosofa’s Word feel about you, our friends!

Another Monday, Another Blank Slate!

Good morning, friends!!!  Another Monday, another week, another blank slate for us to write on!  Will we write of beauty or darkness, will we make people smile or growl?  Let’s try to start our own week out with a smile, then maybe we’ll have a spare to share with somebody else!  Joyful has pulled together some snacks for us to munch on and Jolly has been over at Phil’s Phun gathering fun things like ‘toons, memes, and funny pictures, so let’s head over to the buffet table and then go see what Jolly has for us!

I just put together a few light snacks this morning … I hope it’s enough!

Phil always has some cool puns!  I like puns, don’t you?  Sometimes I hafta think ‘bout ‘em for a while, though!

An’ I weally like the cool toilets Phil has at his place, too!

Okay, okay Jolly … I think what they want most right now is the cartoons, so …

We thought you might enjoy a couple of tidbits of fun facts …

And last, but never least, we found a cute animal video to make you smile and maybe even laugh!

Well, friends, it’s time to start writing on that blank slate, so we hope you’re leaving with a big smile on your face and that you’ve enjoyed Jolly Monday this week!  Keep safe, keep smiling, and have a wonderful week ahead!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

Jolly ‘n Joyful Monday Again!

Good Monday morning, dear friends!  Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  I had a peaceful one, which is all I ask these days.  Chris and her band marched downtown in the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday, so she was pretty tired after marching a couple of miles while carrying and playing a big bass drum!  Goose and I did mostly nothing.  But Jolly and Joyful had quite an adventure this weekend!  I’ll let them tell you about it …

We went ‘cwoss da pond to spend da weekend wif Uncle Woger and Aunt Sheila and help Uncle Woger do some yard work!  He calls it work, but I thought it was gweat fun!  We got to stomp ’round in da slush left by da snow, and dere was spiders an’ everything!  An’ we gots lots of good stuff to eat and yummy hot chocolate!

An’ while Jolly was stomping ‘round in the muck and slush outside, I helped Aunt Sheila in da house and we cooked and laughed and had da best time ever!  We love Uncle Woger and Aunt Sheila!  An’ guess what I learned?  On da other side of da pond, cookies is called ‘biscuits’!

Well, I hope you two are ready to work on Jolly Monday now … Joyful, don’t forget you promised the gang lots of bacon this week!  Let’s go see what’s on the buffet table this morning and then find some fun things to start this week out with a smile and a chuckle!

Let’s start the day with some interesting and funny signs …

And a few fun facts I’ve been collecting from over at Phil’s Phun …

Okay … okay … I hear you clamouring for the ‘toons!

And how ‘bout a few memes, too?

Well, folks, I think that leaves only one more thing … and that’s the cute critter video that Jolly scouted out for us this week!  I think you’ll really enjoy this adorable tiger cub …

We hope you’ve enjoyed your visit this morning and that those smiles I see on your faces will last you throughout the week!  Be sure to pick up a couple of spares from the basket by the door on your way out so you have some to share this week.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!!!

Jolly Monday — Some Fun For Everyone!

Monday again, eh?

Well, at least there’s a bright spot in that we get to spend time with you, our friends, and share a few laughs to start out yet another week.  How was your weekend?  Do anything special and fun?  Me?  Not really … I did have a rare outing to our local Barnes & Noble and Fresh Market on Saturday, but after 3 hours out, I was exhausted … which is why outings for me are rare these days.  Still, it was nice and I got a new book that I’ve nearly finished already!  Well, Joyful wouldn’t let me in the kitchen, said she was cooking up a surprise, so let’s go see what special treats she has for us and then we’ll find some chuckles …

I twied to be cweative with da food today … I hope you likes it!

We found some cute pictures to start the morning with an “Awwwwww …”

I have this one posted on the front of our refrigerator … just in case we forget (fat chance!!!) …

Are you ready for some cartoon fun?  I think Jolly has a good selection this week …

I do, Gwammie … I found LOTS dis week!

And I always enjoy learning something new, so here are a few fun facts that I found interesting …

Needless to say, we cannot let you leave without sharing a cute critter video, right?  I particularly love this one because in addition to being cute, these critter show us just how little our differences really matter …

Well, my friends, I’m sad to say it’s that time again … time to head out into the world and do our thing, so to speak.  I hope you all have a very wonderful week … remember that autumn officially begins this week and that Hallowe’en is only about 6 weeks away!  Ghosts and goblins and witches … OH NO!!!  😱  Keep safe, have a good week, and remember to share those beautiful smiles I see peeking out!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

Jolly ‘n Joyful Monday … With Bacon!!! 🥓

Good Monday morn, my friends, and welcome once again to Jolly Monday!  I hope you all had a good weekend!  Our friend and neighbor, Maha, had her baby yesterday afternoon … a girl named Naya … and we are so happy that both mother and baby are doing well, as there were complications throughout the pregnancy.  Chris and I went up to see them at the hospital yesterday evening and … the baby is so tiny!  I’d forgotten how little those things are in the beginning!  Chris held her, but I declined, for I was a bit shaky and I didn’t want to take any chances of dropping the baby!  Well, here it is Monday again, so let’s try to find a bit of humour to start the week off right.  Joyful tells me that a few of you complained to her about no bacon on the table the last two weeks, so this morning’s breakfast theme is … CUCUMBERS!  Ha ha … gotcha … just kidding, it’s bacon, of course!  I did insist that she add some fruit to the lineup so nobody could say it wasn’t a healthy breakfast!  So, grab a plate and then let’s see what we can find to laugh about.

This is bacon jam, in case you were wondering

Last night, my friend Jerry sent me this meme with the comment, “Feel like this sometimes? 🤣🤣🤣  Needless to say, my response was … “ALL the time!!!”

We’ve got some fun puns from over at Phil’s Phun …

I found these two things and I thought they wuz neat …

An’ I found these ‘toons to make you guys laugh!

Just a few fun facts …

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for … the cutest elephant trying to figure out how to wear a human’s sandal!

Well, friends, that’s a wrap for yet another Monday.  We hope you all have a great week ahead and that you found enough smiles here this morning to share with others as you go through your week.  Keep safe and keep smiling!  😊  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Joyful ‘n Jolly!

Jolly Funday Monday!

Good Monday morning once again!  Why does it always seem that Monday comes ‘round faster than, say Friday?  At any rate, I hope you all had a good weekend with a bit of fun included along the way.  We mostly stayed in this weekend … the girls went out shopping for some baby things for our friend Maha who is due to deliver a baby girl next month, but I stayed home where the air is a little more breathable.  Joyful first said she wasn’t cooking this morning due to the heat, but then when I smelled food and meandered into the kitchen, she told me to “GET OUT!” … so I’m not sure what’s on the table this morning, but let’s go see, shall we?

Today is PIZZA DAY!!!  There’s even a bacon pizza for our bacon lovers!

Gwammie’s Favourite has pineapple!!!

Now that you’ve all got a snack and a cuppa, let’s start the morning out with a few cute animal pictures!

I found lots o’ funny ‘toons today!  I hope they make you all laugh!

We found some fun facts while wandering around over at Phil’s Phun today …

And lastly, what would Jolly Monday be without some cute critters frolicking around, eh?

We hope you enjoyed the pizza and a few chuckles to start your week off right!  And we hope you have a wonderful … okay, at least a decent week ahead.  Remember to share your smiles … they’re one of those things that you can never have too many of!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

Jolly ‘n Joyful Monday!!!

Good Monday morn, my friends, and welcome to Jolly Monday!  Joyful has been in the kitchen for hours preparing some treats for you this morning, and Jolly just got back with a fresh batch of ‘toons to bring about a few laughs.  So, grab a snack and let’s see just how many grins ‘n giggles we can see this morning!

Hi fwiends!  So, I found some funny ‘toons … Gwammie made me put one back, ‘cuz she said it wasn’t propriate for a mixed audience, whatever dat means!  Anyway, I hope you likes da ‘toons!

And we’ve got some funny memes …

And a few fun facts I saw recently …

Well THAT certainly explains some things!!!

And by popular demand, there simply must be a cute critter video to round out Jolly Monday, right?  This one is slightly longer than most I post, but I think you’ll agree that it’s worth it.

Well, folks, we’re so glad you came to spend Jolly Monday with us and we’ve really enjoyed your company.  We hope you have a good week ahead, keep safe, and please do share those smiles, and maybe even a kind word with people you meet.  Times are tough and we could all use a smile and a bit of kindness.  Love ‘n hugs to you all from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!!!

Jolly First Monday In August!

Good Monday morning my friends!  Wh-wha … first Monday in August???  Where has this year gone?  Just a few days ago it was March!  Sigh … the girls are already talking about Hallowe’en decorations and Christmas shopping … STOP the world!  I wanna get off!  I’m not ready to plunge back into the holidays yet!

I hope you all had a great, relaxing weekend and now you’re ready to put those noses back to the grindstones and … sigh … who am I kidding … it’s Monday, and none of us are likely eager to get back to the salt mines, but hey … who knows but that something wonderful might come your way this week!  Tell you what … Jolly, Joyful and I will do our level best to try to help start your week off with a smile, a chuckle, or maybe even a laugh, and perhaps that will set the tone for the entire week!  For starters, let’s go see what surprises Joyful has whipped up for us today.  She didn’t confide in me, but when she went to the store on Saturday, she bought 2 or 3 bags of lemons, so be prepared …

When a big mouth isn’t a bad thing … maybe

Who knew that having a big mouth could get you into the Guinness Book of Records?  Samantha Ramsdell, 31, went viral multiple times on TikTok when she showed off the size of her mouth, leading her to seek the Guinness record for the world’s largest mouth gape (female).  So, a ‘Guinness adjudicator’ accompanied Ramsdell to her local dentist’s office in South Norwalk, Connecticut, where her gape was measured at 2.56 inches.

Ramsdell has 1.7 million followers, and has even done duet videos with Isaac Johnson, whose 4-inch gape earned him the male version of the record.  Says Ramsdell …

“If I had advice for anyone who had a large body part, or something really unique, and they wanted to go for the Guinness World Records title, I would say do it!”

Okay then … moving right along …

Fun facts

Every now and then it’s fun to pop over to Mental Floss’ Fact Generator and learn something new, so that’s what I did while Joyful was cooking and Jolly was over at Phil’s Phun finding cartoons.  I found a few interesting facts …

  • Trained pigeons can differentiate between the paintings of Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet. (Whoa!  Smart birds!)
  • Citizens of the Soviet Union began celebrating the defeat of Germany in World War II as soon as it was announced. Less than 24 hours later, the entire country was out of vodka. (Those Russians sure know how to celebrate!)
  • When Disneyland was opened in 1955, “Tomorrowland” was designed to look like a year in the distant future: 1986.
  • The ancestor of the modern chainsaw was invented to facilitate childbirth. (Um … I wish I could ‘un-see’ this one!)

Okay then … let’s see what kind of cartoons Jolly brought back from Phil’s …

Jolly forgot the Maxine toons.  Luckily I had a few in reserve …

And we can’t let you leave without a cute animal video, now can we?  Meet Dash, the tiny rescued baby tiger …

Well, folks, I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you find a few special moments this week.  Be sure to share those smiles … they seem extra bright this week — must have been all the lemon treats!!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

A Jolly & Joyful Monday!

Good Monday morning, friends!  Come in out of the cold heat!  So, how was your weekend?  In most parts of the U.S., it’s been putrid hot with little rain, and in most parts of the UK it’s been rainy and chilly.  If only we could blend the two, then we’d all have perfect weather!  Well, it’s the start of a new week, so let’s get this show on the road and start the week with some fun things, shall we?  But first, Joyful is back in the kitchen today, whipping up a few treats, so grab a snack and the beverage of your choice! (Sorry, guys … only one plate of bacon … you’ll have to share this week!  Larry … I’m watching you!  You too, David!)

bacon               food-devilled eggs


Every now and then, I like to take a look at the ‘Amazing Fact Generator’ on the Mental Floss website, so let’s start with a few fun facts:

  • The annual number of worldwide shark bites is 10 times less than the number of people bitten by other people in New York. Seriously???  I’ve lived in New York and never once been bitten by either a shark or another person!
  • Ironically, the only member of ZZ Top without a beard has the last name Beard.
  • The 1967 Outer Space Treaty forbids any nation from trying to own the Moon. I’m biting my tongue here …
  • Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone in 1876, suggested answering calls with “ahoy.” A wanna-be pirate, perhaps?
  • The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships are held in Finland. A recent winner said he prepared for the event by “mainly drinking.” Who knew?

See, now you’ve learned some new things!  Jolly Monday can be educational, as well as fun!

Define “emergency” please …

I’ve written before about people calling the emergency number (911 in the US, 999 in the UK) for things that … well, just weren’t real emergencies.  Here’s another one …

The West Yorkshire Police Contact Management Center said a call came in recently to the 999 emergency number to report their new appliance had been delivered to the wrong address!  Now what thinking person calls the police for this?  Why not call the store, or the delivery service?  And just what did they suppose the police could do?  I can picture it now … a bobby is putting the handcuffs on a man he just caught robbing a woman in a convenience store when the call comes through …

“Officer Holmes … do you read?  Drop everything and get to 11420 Sycamore Street … we have a missing freezer case!”

My favourite, though, was the one I wrote about back in April, of the  person, again in the UK, who called 999 to report her neighbor was snoring too loudly!

Now here’s a new one that I bet is a first! 

Wynn Hall, a farmer in Exeter, Nebraska, started the process of draining a pond on his property, which is used for pumping waters off his fields.  When he checked on it the following morning, he noticed a rather large object stuck in the mud.  He assumed it to be a some sort household appliance.

“I thought who would throw a refrigerator or a stove and put it in the pond, in fact, the deepest part of the pond in fact…why would that be down there? I took a picture and zoomed in on it and thought, ‘That looks like an ATM!'”

And indeed, it was.  The farmer said he doesn’t know how long the ATM was in his pond, since he didn’t drain it last year, but it didn’t appear to have been in the water for more than a few weeks. Hall contacted the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office, which sent a team to haul the ATM away. He said deputies told him an ATM had recently been stolen in the area.

Are you in the mood for some ‘toons?


Now, I’ve got two animal videos for you today, ‘cause one is super-short, but this ticklish chicken is guaranteed to make you laugh!

And here are some of the most adorable polar bear cubs you’ll ever see!

Well, folks, I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you this morning, but sadly … my laundry awaits, as do your daily duties, so I leave you with one last thought … share those smiles, spread them around for others to enjoy.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa ‘n Jolly ‘n Joyful!

jollyJollys girlfriend JoyfulMonday-basket-smiles