Saturday Surprise — Squirrels, Squirrels, and … More Squirrels!

I love watching squirrels!  They are so cute, but also personable … we have a few squirrels who pay us a daily visit.  I think it could have something to do with the unsalted peanuts and bird seed we put out each morning.  But they are so much fun to watch, and they are smart critters, too!  They somehow know that the kitties cannot get to them through the window, and they delight in tormenting the kitties!  They stand on the patio table in front of the window on their hind legs and do a little squirrely happy dance, swishing their furry tail from side to side, while the kitties, sitting on the chair in the kitchen window looking out paw the window, growl and whine!  The squirrels, meanwhile, just grin at the kitties!

When I came across this collection of squirrel pics over on Bored Panda, I knew I had to share them with you!  I can think of no better way to cut through the stress and angst of this past week than these cuties!

From the article in Bored Panda …

Did you know Squirrel Appreciation Day is a thing? It’s celebrated every January 21st as an opportunity to learn more about the little rodents, and even if we’re far from that date, it’s always a good time to celebrate these precious balls of fur! Squirrels are pretty awesome, and their cuteness is only matched by the fact they’re quite clever and can form cognitive maps in their heads of the places they store their food.

I’ll never forget the first time I visited London, where I was amazed by the number of cute squirrels in St. James’s Park and how well they tolerated being surrounded by so many people. As naive as I was as a child, I thought the city had a secret squirrel sanctuary! When I investigated some more, I found out squirrels can be incredibly friendly to humans. They have a reputation for curiosity and get interested in what’s going on around them.

For all these reasons and more, squirrels are easy to love. And if you’re a fan of adorable animals like us, you’ll surely appreciate this gallery of squirrel pictures! So scroll down, feast your eyes, and upvote your ultimate favorites!

Squirrel Licking A Glass Window

One Woman Started Putting Bowls Of Ice Out For The Squirrels In Her Yard. This Little Guy Was So Grateful, He Fell Asleep Cooling Off

I Followed Squirrels Daily With My Camera For 6 Years And Here Are 50 Of My Best Photos

A Squirrel Ran Into The Store I Work At And Stole A Chocolate Bar

I’ve Spent A Couple Of Years Photographing Squirrels And Their Different Emotions

Squirrel Fell In Love With My Stepdad

Saw A Squirrel Eating A Strawberry Off A Fork On My Way To Class

Rescued This Little Guy While Shooting Some Photos In A Wooded Area. My Dogs Adopted Him

So Ive Been Feeding The Squirrels Lately And This Is What I Saw At My Door When I Woke Up

Defiant Squirrel

This White Squirrel I Saw On My Walk

Hoomans Said If Your Ear Is Itchy, Someone Is Thinking Of You

This Little Guy Needed To Say Hi

Squirrel Love

My Mom Occasionally Leaves Nuts Under Our Bird Feeder. Today, He Came To The Window And Asked For More

Sadie The Squirrel Has Eaten 3 Jack O’Lanterns So Far

I Give The Local Squirrels Breakfast Every Morning. He Was A Latecomer. His Face Says It All

Squirrel On Dog

Indian Palm Squirrel In My Indian Palm

I See Her Suspicious Look And A Cucumber… But Look At Her Feet On The Bowl!

I hope that the squirrels made you smile this morning!  I also hope you have a safe, fun and happy weekend!

Saturday Surprise Tidbits

I couldn’t settle on a topic for this week’s Saturday Surprise, so I’m just tossing in a few odds ‘n ends I came across that made me smile, in hopes they will do the same for you!

My husband has a tendency to move slower on the weekends, and knowing we had alot of errands to get done, I went into the store looking for him, annoyed. I found him, reading ingredients to an elderly man and helping him calculate ratios for what he needed, because he couldn’t do it himself anymore. And listening to him tell stories of his acres of land nearby. I forgot about errands, our time crunch, our tasks…and thought man, if we could all just take a little time to help eachother with just the littlest things, how good we would all feel. And remembered that I snagged a good one.                                                                                                                                                          

Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.                                                                                                                                                          

“I was waiting for my prescription at Walgreen, and I noticed this man is picking up his medicines.. He is asking how much they are, and starting to get nervous about the price. The total was $170 and the pharmacist asked if he would rather only get one month of his medicines instead of 3. “THIS lady next to me, walks up to them and says: NO, he is getting all three months and pays for his bill. I was walking out of there with tears in my eyes, what an amazing woman…”

I promised David a funny bird video earlier this week, and this one is guaranteed to bring at least a smile, if not a full-throttle laugh!

Now, my friends, it’s Saturday so go have some fun, relax after a long hard week!

Saturday Surprise … Awwwww

Okay friends … it’s Saturday morning … time to put the work week behind us and shift into weekend mode.  I wracked my brain, what little is left of it, to try to decide the best way to start your weekend off with a smile and finally decided to fall back on my favourite topic – cute critters!  So, grab your coffee and settle in to have a few “Awwwwww” moments before you head out for weekend chores and other fun stuff!

Fido: Protector of The Watermelons

Please be my slave hooman! Pretty please!

I have accepted my fate. I am the Cat Cushion. Forevermore I will be bound to this spot, providing comfort to all neighbourhood cats.

I told you I am not a vegan!

Let me defrost my supper

Sir, how about just fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?

No one should feed a dog that many Skittles.

Can we keep him?

Do I look like I want to find Nemo?


I help so you finish faster cause MY BOWL IS EMPTY SUSAN!!!!!

They’ll never find me here

I too am descended from the moon goddess

If I just sit – perfectly still – and stare into space – she might put me down

I is keepin’ him warm, k?

WTF happened?

I’ll protect you from dose penguins, Ducky

If it float, it boat

♫The hills are alive


No words needed

I can has apple?

Now, my friends, it’s time to get out there and enjoy the heck out of your weekend!  Do something fun and enjoy the spring weather!