Jolly Monday Rides Again!

Good Monday morning, dear friends!  I wasn’t feeling well last night, so I asked Jolly ‘n Joyful to take over and finish up Jolly Monday for me.  Now mind you, I had visited Phil’s Phun earlier in the day and harvested some good ‘toons and such, so all the kids had to do was pull it together, add in some cuteness factor, and find a cute animal video.  Well, long story short, I sat in my lounge chair and read for a few hours, had a bit of a snooze, and when I woke up, I went in search of Jolly ‘n Joyful to see if they had finished.  It sat right where I had left it in the early afternoon, and I found the kids playing ping pong in the basement!  Kids today!!!  But anyway, I’m not complaining … I needed to get up and do something anyway.  So … how was your weekend?  Did you do anything interesting?  We were thankful to see cooler temperatures, finally, with highs only in the upper 70s.  The air quality is still horrible, though.

Joyful tells me it’s pizza week this week and she assures me there are enough pizzas with bacon for our bacon lovers!  So, let’s go find something yummy to feed our bellies, then we’ll find something funny to feed our spirits!


And for a special friend …

Since ‘toons is just about all we have today … let’s start out with a few of those …

And some memes …

I really like this ‘chore chart’ I came across!  Why, I think I could live by this one!

And now, the best part of Jolly Monday … a cute animal video!!!  It’s a short one, but oh so cute!

Well, my friends, the time has come for you to go do your things and for me to try to do mine … now where is that chore chart … ???  I hope you’re leaving with a full belly and a smile on your faces, and please, my friends, share those smiles this week.  The world is a scary place these days … we all need a smile.  I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

Jolly {HOT} Monday!!!

Good Monday  morning, my friends!  I know you’re all thankful to see the weekend gone and return to the routine of the work week, yes?  Not that it much matters these days, for with temps hovering at around 100° and air quality at an all-time low, I cannot leave the house anyway, so … Monday, Friday, Saturday … all about the same!  This is one year that I will be happy to see summer end and a return to breathable air, though we must all be aware that this is our new norm.  Anyway, did you guys do anything fun and exciting this weekend?

Jolly ‘n Joyful scouted out a new International Market this weekend, and I think you’ll find some interesting things on the treat table today.  So, grab a bite and a cuppa, and let’s find something to turn our lips upward and start the week with a smile.

Jolly and I took turns seeking this week’s ‘toons ‘n memes, so we hope they’ll bring a chuckle …

And the memes …

And finally, the moment you’ve all waited for … this adorable beaver loves kayaking!

We hope you’ve all found something to bring a smile to your faces this Monday morning, and that you’ll share those smiles with family, friends, and strangers!  If you run out, pop back in, for there’s a basket by the back door!  We hope you have a beautiful week ahead … love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

Jolly Monday — Late & Short

Good Monday morning afternoon, my friends!  My humble apologies for the lateness of Jolly Monday and its brevity today.  Joyful, Jolly and I haven’t felt well since last Thursday, and I just haven’t been up to the task of using my brain … in fact, I think it’s stored away in mothballs at the moment.  But, when I awoke to a text from a friend who was very worried when there wasn’t a Jolly Monday post to be seen, I figured I should at least round up some ‘toons ‘n other fun stuff to help start your week with a smile.  Sorry, slim pickings on the treat table today, but we’ll make it up to you next week!

JOLLY!!!!!!  Did you take a bite out of that apple?????  You put that back RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And let’s head on over to the ‘toons, shall we?

And perhaps a few cute pictures to make you go “Awwwwww” …

And a few funny memes that Jolly came across …

And finally, just a short animal video today, but it’s a fun one!

Well, we’re sorry we weren’t here earlier to help you start the week out on the right foot with a smile, but we hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly late, slightly short version of Jolly Monday.  Remember to spread those smiles around, my friends … funny thing about smiles is they tend to regenerate two-fold every time you use one!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

Jolly Pizza Monday!

Good Monday morning, my friends!  Come in out of the heat … it’s brutal out there, isn’t it?  And, in the usual way of humans, it won’t be long before we’re cursing the cold!  So tell me … how was your weekend?  Did you do anything special or fun?  Daughter Chris’ band had two outdoor performances on Saturday and they were all miserable in their wool kilts and knee-length thick wool socks, so she was pretty much tuckered out by the time she got home around 7:00 that night.

Today is … pizza day here on Jolly Monday, so Joyful and I have put together a few concoctions that we think you’ll like.  So, grab a slice or two, then let’s see what we can find to start this week with a smile!

This past weekend was the 38th anniversary of the New Jersey balloon festival, and I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the unique balloons that took part in the festival.  The festival is the largest summertime hot air balloon and music festival in North America.

And now for the ‘toons you’ve been waiting for all week!

Throw in a few memes for a few chuckles …

While Joyful and I were baking pizzas, we sent Jolly in search of a cute animal video to round out Jolly Monday … I think he did a great job with this one …

Well, my friends, it’s time for us to be productive in some way.  We hope we helped you start the week with a smile and that you’ll share those smiles throughout the week!  I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

Smile! It’s Jolly Monday!!!

Good morning, my friends, and welcome to …

Now now … it’s not all that bad.  We’ve had Mondays before and survived them.  Tell you what … I bet that we can all find something to start this week off with a smile, and then I challenge you to share those smiles with at least as many people as you have fingers on both hands!  Remember that the thing about sharing a smile is it benefits both the giver and the receiver, so the more you share your smile, the bigger it gets!  I see that Joyful has laid out a spread for us, so let’s grab a bite to snack on and a cuppa something warm and see just how big we can make those smiles this morning!


Now, I like macaroni and cheese … homemade, not that crap that comes out of a box with the fake powdered excuse for cheese.  I make mine using aged white cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheeses, a bit of heavy cream, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, and plenty of pepper, and it’s a favourite around here.  I also like ice cream, though it doesn’t like me too much, and being diabetic it’s a rare treat for me.  However, I do not think the sound of the two combined holds much appeal.

Brooklyn-based Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is rolling out a limited edition of their product combining Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (that boxed crap) with their ice cream to create the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese-flavored ice cream, according to a Kraft Heinz Company statement.

“We know that there is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than ice cream. That is why we wanted to combine two of the most iconic comfort foods to create an ice cream with the unforgettable flavor of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese we all grew up with.”

Blech.  I will stick with chocolate, thank you! 

I found this really cool picture while I was over at Phil’s Phun snagging some ‘toons and I just had to share it with you …

And now … the moment you’re all waiting for … da ‘toons!

And some fun memes …

Just a few cute pictures to make you go “Awwwwww” …

I usually include a couple of Maxine ‘toons in case our friend Hugh is able to drop in, and also because several readers seem to love Maxine (as do I, for she and I are of like minds!).

And last, but never least, let’s have a cute animal video!  These raccoons made me laugh and I think they’ll make you laugh, too!  Or at least grin.

Well, folks, it’s time for us to all do those things we do on the weekdays.  I’m lucky in that these days I’m my own boss and nobody complains if something didn’t get done, but I well remember the days when I had to march to the beat of somebody else’s drum.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you’ll share those smiles.  If you run out of smiles, there’s a basket by the door … just pop in and grab a few!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

Jolly Monday — Smiles Galore!

Good Monday morn, my friends!🌻  No, I’m not bright and cheerful, I’m just trying to put on a good act … is it working?  So, how was your weekend … do anything special?  Miss Goose and I were reminiscing a day or two ago about the last time we went to the book shop and out to eat at a restaurant … over 15 months ago.  That was the weekend that the governor of our state announced that all non-essential businesses must close, and I remembered how I turned to my daughter and said, “Well, it better not last past next weekend!”  We laugh about that now, some 64 weekends later!  Ah well, we’re alive and surviving, and in truth, Miss Goose and I have gotten quite comfortable with staying home in our jammies all day every day!

I promised after last week that there would be a better spread this morning, so Joyful and I have been busy li’l beavers in the kitchen this morning rustling up some grub!  Grab a plate and a cuppa and then we’ll see if we can’t start this week out with some humour, eh?


Fred Flintstone is alive and well in Hillsborough, California!  Well, sort of anyway.  Property owner and retired publishing mogul Florence Fang has quite an interesting home and outdoor décor in this ‘posh’ subdivision of San Francisco, including sculptures of Fred, Barney and the gang from the Flintstones cartoon series.  Take a look …

The house itself is shaped like … well, I’m not sure what that shape is, exactly … and the décor is whimsical, to say the least!  Well … the people of Hillsborough apparently didn’t like whimsical, but preferred stodgy, brick and mortar homes that looked just like their own, so they complained to the city and the city filed a lawsuit against Ms. Fang.  She counter-sued and the whole thing turned into a comical brouhaha, but at long last (this has been going on since 2019) the lawsuits are settled and the important thing is that Fred and the gang get to stay!  I’m sure the neighbors are green with envy!

And now, we have some cute pictures to share with you today!

So, are you ready for this week’s cartoons, courtesy of Phil over at Phil’s Phun?

And I couldn’t resist some of these memes …

I hope you have … what … oh yes!  Thanks for reminding me, Jolly!  It just wouldn’t be Jolly Monday without a cute animal video now, would it?  Jolly picked this one, for he loves baby critters!

And, as they say in the movies, that’s a wrap, folks … for today, anyway.  We hope you have a safe and happy week.  Remember to share those smiles when you see someone who looks like they need one, okay?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

Jolly Monday Strikes Again!

Good Monday morning, friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend … yesterday was the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere and I get the feeling it’s gonna be a long, hot one in more ways than one.  Today’s Jolly Monday might be a bit shorter than usual, for I am under the weather, Joyful has gone to try to lure Uncle Roger out of his basement with chocolate ice cream, and Jolly … well, Jolly found the ‘toons and such, but as you probably remember, he’s not allowed in the kitchen, so today’s treats are courtesy of a few local fast food places.  So, grab a bite and a drink and let’s see what ‘toons ‘n such Jolly has in store for us.

JOLLY!!!!  Where are the drinks???

Oops … sowwy!  Here dey are …


An’ dis one is for Miss Ellen …

Okay, well, let’s move on to some cartoons, shall we?

And, he found some funny memes, too …

Ol’ Maxine seems to have become a regular on Jolly Monday …

And let’s wrap things up with a cute critter video …

I hope you all have a beautiful week ahead … and remember to share those smiles and maybe even a hug or two with those who look like they need one, ‘k?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and the temporarily errant Joyful!

Jolly Monday … P.W. Edition!

Good {yawn} Monday morning, my friends!  Sometimes it’s hard {yawn} to get back into the groove after a {yawn} long weekend, isn’t it?  What’s that you say?  It wasn’t a long weekend?  Maybe not for you, but for me it was.  First, on Friday afternoon a water main at the top of our street burst and we were without water for about 12 years hours.  Then on Saturday, granddaughter Natasha and I had to go for the first jab of our coronavirus vaccine.  That turned out to be no big deal at all, but I had spent days and sleepless nights dreading it.  And then Sunday was the day I’ve dreaded for the last 20 years … my 70th birthday.  My gorgeous girls and a two very special friends across the pond, David & Yvonne, went all out to make it a special day and indeed it was!  However, no matter how much fun, how much delicious food and absolutely delightful gifts, ultimately enough celebrating is enough and it’s time to return to the daily grind.  Hence, after these past three days, I am exhausted and feel like I could sleep for at least a week!  Now that I’ve told you about mine … how was your weekend?

But now it is time for us to begin a brand new week, so let’s see if we can kick it off with a smile, shall we?  Grab a snack and a cuppa something from the table and we’ll go in search of a laugh or two.


I put Jolly in charge of finding the ‘toons this week, so let’s see what he’s come up with …

And we have just a few funny signs …

And a few memes to make you laugh, or at least chuckle …

And of course we cannot let you go out into that cold, cruel world without first warming your heart with a cute animal video!  This is one I stumbled across a week or so ago and I’ve been saving it to share with you today … it’s guaranteed to make you laugh!  You’re going to just love Moya!

Well, my friends, the time has come … I have a load of Goose’s clothes in the washer and a basket full of dirty towels waiting in the wings, so I really must get to it!  I hope you all have a wonderful (or at least tolerable) week ahead and remember … share those smiles, and if you run out, there’s a basketful by the door!!!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

Jolly Monday … Just A Little Bit Late

Well, it’s Monday once again, but a different sort of Monday for most here in the U.S., for it is a holiday, meaning the third day of a three-day weekend!  Daughter Chris’ band played in a parade this morning – their first live public performance since the start of the pandemic.  She found out just how out of shape she’d gotten these past 15 months or so, as I suspect most of us have.  So, are you guys enjoying your holiday Monday?  I’m afraid we don’t have any funny news stories to start the day out, but we have lots ‘n lots of cartoons and as always, Joyful has been in the kitchen whipping up some special treats, while Jolly did a bit of grilling out back for us!  So, grab a snack and let’s start this week out with some smiles, shall we?

What say we start with two cute pictures Joyful found this morning?

And now for some ‘toons to bring a smile or a chuckle …

And a few funny memes that Jolly’s been collecting all weekend …

And what would Jolly Monday be without a cute animal video?  I think you’ll enjoy this one about Milo and Cracker …

Well, that’s a wrap for this Jolly Monday, my friends!  I hope you all have a wonderful week, and don’t forget to share those beautiful smiles you’re wearing today!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

Jolly (COLD) Monday … I’m Tired Of Winter!

Yep, my friends, ol’ Monday has rolled back around again … already.  It’s blustery here, but we only have an inch or so of snow, whereas in other parts of the eastern half of the U.S., they have much more!  My friend Herb in the wilds of Pennsylvania tells me they are getting between 8-9 inches tonight, added to the 3 inches they already had.  It’s been a few years since we’ve had that kind of snow, but I remember it well.  I remember one year decades ago when we got some 20 inches the week of Christmas, and I didn’t yet have all my Christmas shopping done!  Luckily, the liquor store was within walking distance, so I was able to at least finish my shopping and stock up on supplies!  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to face a new week head on!  My weekend?  C-c-cold. Since it is Monday, we should probably try to find some chuckles this morning and get this week started out on the right foot, yes?  Joyful wouldn’t let me come see what she was working on in the kitchen, but I see she’s loaded up the snack table, so let’s go see what treats she has for us, shall we?




Lawyer Jokes

I didn’t find any funny stories last night for our Jolly Monday, so I decided to start with a few jokes … lawyer/courtroom humour straight from Reader’s Digest …


“How many times have you committed suicide?” “Were you alone or by yourself?” “Was it you or your brother who was killed?” “Without saying anything, tell the jury what you did next.” “Was that the same nose you broke as a child?” “Now, doctor, isn’t it true that when a person dies in his sleep, he doesn’t know about it until the next morning?” From The Dumb Book (Reader’s Digest Books)


If you’re interested in becoming a lawyer, you’ll need a degree. But as these court transcripts reveal, the question is, in what?

Attorney: “How was your first marriage terminated?”

Witness: “By death.”

Attorney: “And by whose death was it terminated?”

Witness: “Guess.”


Attorney: “Doctor, how many of your autopsies have you performed on dead people?”

Witness: “All of them. The live ones put up too much of a fight.”


I was in juvenile court, prosecuting a teen suspected of burglary, when the judge asked everyone to stand and state his or her name and role for the court reporter.

“Leah Rauch, deputy prosecutor,” I said.

“Linda Jones, probation officer.”

“Sam Clark, public defender.”

“John,” said the teen who was on trial. “I’m the one who stole the truck.”


Arrested on a robbery charge, our law firm’s client denied the allegations. So when the victim pointed him out in a lineup as one of four men who had attacked him, our client reacted vociferously.

“He’s lying!” he yelled. “There were only three of us.”


I am a deputy sheriff assigned to courthouse security. As part of my job, I explain court procedures to visitors. One day I was showing a group of ninth-graders around. Court was in recess and only the clerk and a young man in custody wearing handcuffs were in the courtroom. “This is where the judge sits,” I began, pointing to the bench. “The lawyers sit at these tables. The court clerk sits over there. The court recorder, or stenographer, sits over here. Near the judge is the witness stand and over there is where the jury sits. As you can see,” I finished, “there are a lot of people involved in making this system work.”

At that point, the prisoner raised his cuffed hands and said, “Yeah, but I’m the one who makes it all happen.”

Luckily, our friend Phil over at Phil’s Phun had a good selection of ‘toons and memes to start our week out right!



I haven’t heard from our friend Hugh for a bit, so I’m thinking let’s send him something special …

We need an ‘Awwwww moment’, so take a look at these adorable pics …


And of course we cannot end Jolly Monday without a cute animal video, now can we?  This one, at 8:38, is a wee bit longer than I usually post, but the monkeys are just so darned cute … I couldn’t resist!

Okay, folks, let’s get this really big shew on the road, as Ed Sullivan used to say!  Have a great week ahead, keep safe, wear your mask when in a public venue, keep warm, and share those beautiful smiles, please?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!