Jolly Monday … Only Jolly Is AWOL!!!

Welcome friends … it’s Monday … again.  Sigh.  Jolly is not here … the fireworks on Thursday … and Friday … and Saturday nights frightened him so badly that he has gone.  But not to worry, I have had a call from a friend who lives out in the country saying that Jolly is with her and she will send him home as soon as the #@$%? idiots here in da hood learn a little respect … or run out of firecrackers.  So, I will do my best to entertain and find something to start your week off with a smile, but I make no promises, for my own mood is sour at the moment.  Perhaps I can make my ownself laugh?

Last week, I had several comments about the level of sugar in the treats I put out, so I promised that this week would be a fruity one!  There is an exception, however, for young Benjamin who is counting on his sprinkled donut … don’t anybody else so much as look at Benjamin’s donut!  Now grab a cuppa and a piece of fruit, and let’s go in search of a bit of humour, shall we?

The Canadians have a flair for things.  On the last weekend of June, some 3,942 Canadians got together in the Canadian town of Trenton, Ontario, and made a maple leaf.  Confused?  Just watch …

Why?  It was to capture the Guinness record for largest human maple leaf.  Who knew such a record even existed?  Organizers said they were hoping to break the record with 5,000 people, but the 3,942 participants were enough to beat the previous record of 1,589 people, set in 2017 in Grouse Mountain, British Columbia.

Lest you think it was just a bit of fun without a purpose, the event was aimed at raising awareness of Solider On, a program that helps veterans and active duty military personnel participate in sports as part of therapy for permanent physical injuries and mental illness.  So, all in good fun and for a good cause!

Now, speaking of Guinness world records and such, some things are just too ridiculous.  Like this one … David Rush said he trained for three years and three months before attempting to break his own previous record.  Record for what?  For balancing a running lawnmower on his chin.  Um … yeah.  His previous record was 3 minutes and 1 second, and this time ‘round he managed 3 minutes and 52 seconds.  Take a look, if you must …

It occurs to me that some people just have too much time on their hands!  And please, friends, don’t any of you get the brilliant idea to try to beat Mr. Rush’ record, okay?

You guys remember Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, right?  Take a look at this pic …


Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Since my sense of humour is

{knock, knock, knock}


Just a second folks … let me see who’s at the … JOLLY!!!!


Oh Jolly, I am soooo glad to see you, for I’m falling flat on my face here … go grab something to eat, then come help me with some jokes or something …

Hey everyone!  Jolly’s back … meanwhile, I found some funny signs that I thought you might enjoy …



Must be some potholes!


So, Jolly has some jokes he dug up for you guys … Jolly?

Q: Knock! Knock!

A: Who’s there?

Q: Scold.

A: Scold who?

Q: Scold outside, let me in!


Q: Knock, knock.
A: Who’s there?
Q: Wooden shoe.
A: Wooden shoe, who?
Q: Wooden shoe like to know!


Q: Knock, knock!
A: Who’s there?
Q: Wire.
A: Wire who?

Q: Wire you always asking ‘who’s there’?

 Okay, Jolly … that’s really good, but I think you need to go lie down for a while, for you’ve been out all night. Say g’nite to our friends …

And now, before I say g’nite to our friends, how about this funny bear video?

And now, I must bid you adieu.  Please don’t forget to share a smile and a kind word as you go about your week.  Keep safe and have a wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and the sleeping Jolly!Maxine

Saturday Surprise — Tidbits of Humour

I admit to being somewhat depleted tonight as I sit down to do this Saturday Surprise post, so I thought I’d go with a hodgepodge of humorous tidbits … I think we could all use a laugh right about now, yes?

Jeff Foxworthy, famous for his “You Might Be a Redneck If …” one-liners, often brings a chuckle.  I liked the first two best.foxworthy-jokes.png

I haven’t shared any of those funny signs for a few months … this first one caught my eye and since it made me laugh, I thought it would bring a chuckle from you also.


I always like a little quip … a short joke with a quick punch …


Q: What did one cannibal say to the other while they were eating a clown?

A: “Does this taste funny to you?”


Q: Why did the chewing gum cross the road?

A: He was stuck to the chicken’s foot.


Little girl: “Why does your son say, ‘Cluck, cluck, cluck?'”

Mother: “Because he thinks he’s a chicken.”

Little girl: “Why don’t you tell him he’s not a chicken?”

Mother: “We need the eggs.”

Of course there must be some funny animal memes, right?


A few ‘toons …


I’m sorry to cut this short, folks, but I truly am running on fumes, and anyway … it’s the WEEKEND, and a long, 3-day weekend at that!!!  I know you’ve got all sorts of fun planned, yes?  So do I!!!  I’m going to wrestle a chair from my upstairs bedroom to the downstairs living room, and vacuum the 15-step staircase!  Bet you’re jealous, huh?  You’re more than welcome to come help!  Have a wonderful holiday weekend and keep safe, my friends!

Jolly … Sweltering … Monday …

Welcome to Jolly Monday, friends!  I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve already had enough of this ‘heat wave’, and there is no end in sight through at least July 15th, according to The Weather Channel.  The picture above is from January 4th.  The last two days have seen heat-indexed temps over 100° with humidity between 96% – 99%. meltingDespite the heat, humidity, and my inability to breathe in this weather, I got up early just to bake special treats for your visit this morning.  Now, I have one very young reader (4 years old, in fact) who has been a bit critical of my baking skills,  calling the results “burnt”, so I did my best this morning in hopes that young Benjamin can find something to his liking … and the rest of you too, and David — I hope the rhubarb crumble is to your  liking! Grab a bite and a cup of something and let’s share a special moment or two and a smile, okay?

Monday-famous-grouse  This one’s for you, Hugh, but shhhhh …

dumb crookIt didn’t take a rocket scientist or a team of police detectives to catch this thief!  It happened in Pine Bluff, Arkansas last Tuesday, when 21-year-old Shamon West tried to pay for his meal at Shannon’s Restaurant with a credit card.  A stolen credit card.  A credit card stolen from … his waitress, Flora Lunsford!  She promptly contacted the police and indicated that she did not wish to pay for his meal, so they arrested him and took him to a place where he will be fed 3 squares a day for the foreseeable future.   Ms. Lunsford’s purse had been snatched from her car at a local gas station two days prior while she was inside paying for her fuel.  Mr. West is young yet … I hope he either learns a lesson or perfects his technique, else he is going to spend a lot of time in orange.

Who knew there is a ‘wife-carrying’ contest in the UK?  But wait!  It isn’t only in the UK, but also in the U.S., Australia, Hong Kong and other parts of the world.  It originated in Finland, where even today the World Championships are held.  The UK event took place in April and the winner there was one Chris Hepworth and his partner Tanisha Prince.chris hepworthThe couple beat around 40 pairs over the 380 meter (quarter-mile) course on Sunday, in a race that was marred by the injury of one wife when her husband slipped in the copious mud and landed on her!  The sport is open to any adult couple, married or not, with the wife – of any gender – required to weigh at least 50 kg (110 pounds). On the British course, runners have to tackle hay bale obstacles and are showered with water by spectators.

Most of the competitors adopt the “the Estonian carry”, with the wife upside-down, their legs over their partner’s shoulders and gripping them around the waist from behind.  I don’t think I could do that without my breakfast ending up on the track somewhere! Some participants take the race less seriously than others. One wore a wedding dress, a blond wig and make-up as he carried his wife, piggy-back style, dressed as a jockey.

The International competition in Finland has some interesting rules:

  • The wife to be carried may be your own, or the neighbor’s, or you may have found her further afield; she must, however, be over 17 years of age.
  • The minimum weight of the wife to be carried is 49 kilograms. If she weighs less than 49 kg, she will be burdened with a rucksack containing additional weight to bring the total load to be carried up to 49 kg.
  • All participants must enjoy themselves.
  • The only equipment allowed is a belt worn by the carrier and a helmet worn by the carried.

Every year since 2009, the championship has been won by a Fin, except in 2016 when it was won by a Russian, Dimitriy Sagal.  Taisto Miettinen of Finland and his partner Kristiina Haapanen took the trophy from 2009-2013, and again in 2017.Taisto

I hope you guys will forgive me for being a bit lazy today, but the weather has thoroughly wiped me out and I cannot do much more.  But I do have some funny pictures to share with you!

duct tape car

I’ve always said that duct tape can fix anything!!!

cop cars


And I’m sorry but our time has come to an end for this Monday!  I shall miss you all, but please stay cool, keep safe, and have a great week.  Remember to share a smile and a hug with somebody whose mouth is turned upside down like this 😒 so that it will turn upright like this 😊.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!


Jolly Good Monday!!!

foot-tapThere you are!  I’ve been waiting … patiently …

Good Monday morning, my dear friends!  I hope you all had a fun, peaceful first weekend of fall and are now primed and ready for the work week ahead!  In a tribute to the advent of autumn, I have prepared some treats suitable for the season, so grab some pumpkin-spice coffee and something to munch on and let’s see if we can find something to laugh about on this fine autumn morning!

Bunny Shaq?

Who doesn’t love a cute bunny?  They don’t really need talent, just their own cuteness.  But meet Bini, who has a hefty dose of talent to go along with his innate cuteness.  Bini is an athlete and just this year won the Guinness World Record for … “Most basketball slam dunks in one minute by a rabbit.”  Who knew there even was such a category?

Bini’s human housemate, Shai Asor, says that Bini is also a talented painter that can also style hair!  Um, I can only imagine …

Flush With Cash …

We have all used the expression, when referring to something that is seemingly a waste of money, “might as well just flush it down the toilet”.  Apparently somebody in Geneva, Switzerland took it to heart and has flushed more than $120,000 worth of 500 € notes down toilets all around the city.  According to Bloomberg, the first stash of 500-euro bills (each worth about $597) was found stuffed into a toilet located near a safe deposit box vault at a branch of Swiss bank UBS. The bills were reportedly cut up with scissors. Next was a pizzeria, then still more restaurants, all in the same general vicinity.

Police have collected tens of thousands of euros — many apparently cut with scissors — from the pipes and are working to determine where the mystery bills came from. Meanwhile, the notes are causing expensive plumbing repairs for those businesses targeted.

A Furry Hitchhiker …

Colorado Springs Police Officer Frabbiele was on his way to the scene of an accident when he encountered a hitchhiker … one that landed squarely on the hood of his cruiser!  According to the department’s Facebook post …

“Officer Frabbiele discovered that raccoons do come out at night and was pawsitively surprised when one ended up on his windshield.”

hitchhiker.jpgThe little guy was heading, I believe, for the nearest pizza parlour, but Officer Frabbiele takes his job seriously and put the little guy out.

An ‘Awwwwww’ Moment …

Eight-year-old Serenity wrote the following letter to Petco, the pet supply company:

“Dear Petco pets,

I’m Serenity. I’m 8 years old. I live in Washington DC. I’m going to 2nd grade. May I please have a hamester because I never had a pet. I [love] hamesters because they eat carrots, and grass. I will take good care of it because I’ll let it eat. I will make sure I clean the cage. If I reseive a hamster, I will do better in school, make more friends, and become responsible.”

Serenity sought and received her teacher’s help in looking up the address for Petco.  Only problem was, apparently the teacher’s eyesight was about as good as mine, and she addressed the letter to Pepco, Potomac Electric Power Company.  Now, you might think that when Pepco customer service representative Cornell Reddon received the letter, he just tossed it into ol’ File #13.  But nope … this is a guy with a heart!

Mr. Reddon and his co-worker Clay Anderson decided to make this little girl’s dream come true, and they bought her not only a hamster, but all the trimmings … a habitat and accessories.

hamsterhamster-2Filosofa gives two thumbs-up to Mr. Reddon and Mr. Anderson for their generosity and heart!

A Sandy Place …

I am not a world traveler … not much of a traveler at all … so perhaps I am unwise in the way of things.  But somehow … this whole thing, while rather interesting, seems to me a huge waste of time, effort and money.  What, you ask, is she prattling about?  Take a look … it is a hotel … er, a hostel, excuse me … made entirely out of sand.

“Hostelworld North America and Destination Gold Coast have transformed beautiful Broadbeach into a hostel made out of sand – featuring everything your dream hostel would include: an outdoor bar, beach volleyball, comfy beds, good vibes, DJs and live music,” the hostel’s Facebook page states.

Denis “Sandman” Masoud spent 21 days and used 24 tons of sand to craft the unique hostel featuring an eight-bed dorm and a private double room. It even received a write-up in Architectural Digest!

Sounds and looks pretty nice, eh?  So you are asking yourself why I call it a waste of time, effort and money, aren’t you?  Well here’s the catch … it was open from 20 September thru 22 September, and then it was no more.  All that work, all that time … for 3 days!  Perhaps it is the pragmatic accountant in me that cannot appreciate this effort, I don’t know.  But … I admit it is a unique concept.

A Bridge Too Far Not Far Enough …

Early this year, the city  of Esbjerg, Denmark ordered a bridge … a footbridge that was to cross the nearby Kongeåen canal. The thing is, though, that once the bridge was delivered and put into place, it was a meter too short.

“We ordered a bridge to go from one side to the other. It doesn’t do that,” said Hans Kjær, the municipality’s Director for Technology and the Environment.

bridge too shortSome people probably thought they were being helpful when they suggested …

  • “They have to find a place where it fits, the creek is probably narrower somewhere.”
  • “Maybe they should consider a new tape measure.”

Sometimes something gets lost in the translation …


And, I am sad  😢 to say, that wraps up our Monday morning together.  I do hope you leave here with a smile on your face … one that you can share with all those people suffering the Monday morning blues or blahs.  Have a safe week and keep on smiling …












Happy Jolly Monday — 18 Months!!!

Good morning, dear friends, and welcome to Monday!  Since I started this feature 18 months ago, a number of readers have told me that they now look forward to Monday mornings!  You guys will never realize how wonderfully happy that makes me!  To be able to bring a smile to somebody’s face, to make someone laugh … is such a blessing, such an honour, and one that I do not take lightly.  I think that without the wonderful friends I have made through this blog, the interaction we share, I might have given up writing this at some point, but you all make it so much fun that I feel like I am among family when I’m with you!  So, before I cry, let us grab a cup of java, a munchie, and find some fun things to laugh about!

The other day I was chatting with my dear friend David from ‘cross the pond, and he told me that there is a town on the Welsh-English border, the town of Chester, where it is actually legal to shoot a Welshman with a bow and arrow if said Welshman is foolish enough to still be in town after dusk.  Thinking that David was pulling my leg, I had to look this up for myself, and LO AND BEHOLD … it is the truth, though accounts vary as to whether the criteria is after dusk or after midnight.  And this, of course, led my mind down the path of other laws that seem rather strange today, but must have served some purpose at one time or another.

In addition to it being legal to shoot a Welshman with bow and arrows in Chester, England, it is legal to shoot a Scotsman with bow and arrow except on Sundays anywhere in the UK, I think. It is illegal in the UK to ‘handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances’, though I cannot imagine what those circumstances might be.  And the one that miffs me just a bit:  All land must be left to the eldest son.  HEY NOW!!!  It is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour and also against the law to die there.  (Ma’am, please step outside to have that heart attack)

And in other places ‘round the world …

In Madrid, Spain, between the times of 3:29 PM and 6:47 PM, people cannot ask one another what time it is. The irony of somebody asking what time it is to avoid not breaking a rule of asking what time it is … ironic.

In Sweden, it is illegal for a woman to marry a tree, against the law for a parent to shame their child, but it is legal to sue yourself.  Sue yourself???  Can anybody think of a situation where that would make any sense?

France has one that says it is illegal to drink any alcohol at work, except wine, beer, cider, pear cider and a fermented honey drink called hydromel.  Also in France, it is against the law to name a pig, “Napoleon” or to marry a dead person.

The Swiss guard their Sundays, it would seem, for it is against the law to hang clothes to dry, mow the lawn or wash the car on Sundays.  But here’s the one that really got me … it is against the law to flush your toilet after 10:00 p.m.

Most Canadian laws actually make sense, but a few were rather humorous.  It is illegal to kill a sick person by frightening them (I guess you can kill them in other manners?), and also to show public affection on Sunday.

And some of the absolute strangest laws, not surprisingly, are found in the United States (surprised, aren’t you?) There are so many I could write a short book, but here are a few that caught my eye:

  • In Pennsylvania, any motorist driving along a country road at night must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock, and continue. It it illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors, and you also may not catch fish with your hands.
  • In North Carolina, it is against the law to sing off-key, to plow cotton fields with an elephant, and it is a felony to steal more than $1,000 of grease!
  • If you stop for a beer in North Dakota, you will not be getting any pretzels, for there is a law against serving beer & pretzels together, and … it is illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on.
  • California bans women from driving in a housecoat, and bans animals from mating within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or place of worship. It is also illegal for a dog to chase either a bear or a bobcat.
  • In Florida, it is against the law to sell your children. Unmarried women are forbidden from parachuting on Sunday, it is illegal to sing in a public place while attired in a swimsuit, and men may not be seen publicly in any kind of strapless gown.

I could go on and on, but I should save some for another day!  One thing of note is that almost every state I looked at has certain laws regulating who is allowed to engage in sex, under what conditions and in what manner they may do so.  Unenforceable laws, and I cannot help but wonder why these were ever considered a good idea?  Ah well … the mind boggles …

If any of you know of others, please do share them!

Disclaimer:  I did not do much verification, so it is entirely possible that some of these laws have been repealed by now.

Winter is coming along soon, and it is time to start thinking about sweaters.  I found a great deal (yuk, yuk, yuk) to help you keep those arms nice and warm this winter.


That’s right, folks … it’s the exclusive Calvin Klein ‘sleeves only’ sweater, and what a steal at only $1,650!  Better hurry and order now, though, for they might be sold out by next week! In fact, I understand that it is already a sell-out on Canada-based online retailer Ssense.


See the picture … the cute doggie in the tuxedo, looking as if he wished he were almost anywhere else?  Well, that itty-bitty tuxedo cost his human her job.  Yep … Kristi Lyn Goss of Garland County, Arkansas,  somehow couldn’t resist buying that tux for the unnamed pup … only trouble was, she made the purchase on her government issued county credit card which was for work-related purchases.  Oh, and did I mention that she also purchased nearly $1,000 worth of Arkansas Razorbacks tickets, a diamond bracelet, clothing, school lunches for her children, and pet insurance in addition to the tux?

Needless to say, Kristi (age 44 and old enough to know better) is no longer employed with the Garland County Court, and is facing up to 10 years in prison.  And the pup would have been happier without the tux anyway!

Now that we’ve seen some funny laws, how about some funny signs?


And now, dear friends, you have your work and I have mine, but we will meet back here soon enough.  I hope you found something to bring a smile to your gorgeous faces today and … please do remember to share those smiles with others you meet along the way today!  Love and hugs …






And On This Jolly Monday, Ye Shall …. SMILE!!!

Once again we face the daunting task of a new week … 7 days, 168 hours … and we do so with a smile, right folks?  We … wha … who said “No”?  Yes, we shall, now sit down and smile!  Now, I usually bake cinnamon rolls or some such treat for our Monday morning, but today I have decided to keep our treat gluten-free for a couple of readers who didn’t eat the cinnamon rolls, so …


gluten-free apple



So, let us move on, for I know that some of you have jobs to go to and cannot lollygag around here all day.

Electrifying speech by father of the bride …

“It was a beautiful wedding,” said the mother of the bride.  The wedding, held in the family’s apple orchard in Lower Woodstock, New Brunswick, had gone off without a hitch and now it was time for some celebrating.  The father of the bride, JP Nadeau, had just begun his toast with, “You know, Adam, you are one lucky guy …”, when out of the blue (literally) came a bolt of lightning (again, literally).

Monday-wedding“As soon as I said that, my daughter’s eyes – she was looking at me – just popped right out. Because all of a sudden there was this lightning flash that hit right behind me. The electricity went through the wire, because I was holding a microphone. I saw lightning in my hand. I was really freaked out. I had the microphone and the shock jumped into the sound system and my hand just lit up and I saw the spark. And I’m looking at my hand and it’s all flared up … It was like I was holding a lightning bolt in my hand, it was amazing. I felt the current go right through me, but it was my hand I was worried about, because I’m a piano man. I want to keep playing. I don’t care if I die. I want to keep playing.”

After determining the only damage was a small scorch mark on his thumb, Nadeau continued his toast, only to be interrupted yet again by the people in the sound booth who were frantically yelling at him to bring back the microphone he was holding. He calmly walked over to the sound booth to hand them the microphone as the wedding guests looked on, stunned. “They thought I was going to drop dead.”

Monday-lightningNonetheless, the party resumed, albeit under a tent, for the lightning bolt was, predictably, followed by wind and rain.  It is said that a good time was had by all, and JP Nadeau is well aware that son-in-law Adam was not the only ‘lucky guy’ that day!

Not Candid Camera …

Imagine that you go to the ATM, conduct your business, and in lieu of a receipt, this is what comes through the slot …

Monday-atm-noteMost people at this point would be looking around for a hidden camera.  Many took it as a joke and simply drove off.  But finally, after three hours and who knows how many notes, somebody flagged down police Officer Richard Olden.  The officer was also inclined to brush it off as a prank, but as he approached the ATM he could hear a faint voice.

What happened?  A repairman was called to the ATM in a bank under construction to repair a door lock.  Leaving his cell phone in his truck, he entered the ATM and with a sinking feeling, heard the door close behind him.  Oopsie.  So he began writing notes.  I wonder just how many such notes he had to write before finally somebody took it seriously? Lucky he didn’t leave his pen and notepad in the truck with his cellphone!

Hubby storage …

Most of us leave our hubbies or significant others home when we go to the mall.  (Actually, I HATE malls and as it happens, in my family the girls leave ME home, for which I am thankful.)  Malls and men mostly do not mix.  But every now and then, one gets stuck taking hubby who, being totally bored, exhibits eye-rolling and deep sighs, not-so-furtive glances at his watch, and occasional foot-tapping.  By this time, it seems just simpler to leave than to continue whatever shopping we set out to do.  But a mall in China may have hit on a brilliant solution for both wife and hubby … hubby storage pods!!!


“According to The Paper, the Global Harbour mall in Shanghai has erected a number of glass pods for wives to leave any disgruntled husbands that don’t want to be dragged around the shops.

Inside each individual pod is a chair, monitor, computer and gamepad, and men can sit and play retro 1990s games. Currently, the service is free, but staff told the newspaper that in future months, users will be able to scan a QR code and pay a small sum for the service using their mobile phones.” – BBC, 14 July 2017

I think it is a pretty good idea that may catch on, but … I can picture many a wife finishing her shopping and going home, accidentally (or not) forgetting hubby back at the mall!

More avocado art …

Monday-avacadoRemember a few weeks ago when I posted the above picture of an avocado that had been intricately carved into a thing of beauty?  Well now comes this …

Monday-avocado-pitThe story is that Jan Campbell was preparing an avocado for lunch one day when she was struck by the beauty of the pit inside. After weeks of pondering its potential (people really have time to spend weeks pondering an avocado pit???), a deeply pigmented surface scratch inspired her to carve away its layers until a beautiful piece of art appeared.

Ever since that day, the Irish artisan has been turning avocado pits (or ‘stones,’ as she calls them) into tiny, intricately detailed figurines inspired by Celtic folklore. She carves the tranquil faces of forest spirits, the flowing hair of ancient goddesses, and even a handful of wild mushrooms now and then.

Though I mock, I must admit that this is actually pretty, and will certainly last longer than the carving done from the fruit itself.  Yes, the avocado is technically a fruit, and even more specifically, a single-seeded berry. Who knew?

You can view more of Jan’s carvings , but I warn you … the one pictured above goes for €111.00, or about $127 USD, so don’t become too attached!


Friends …

Kathryn Ryckman of Boerne, Texas posted two videos of friends, Maizey, a 10-year-old Labrador Retriever, and Bailey, a horse of unknown age.  The two are long-time friends, as you will see in these two short clips:

Let us wrap it up with a few more of those funny signs …


174 km is about 108 miles … very helpful in case of emergency!



Sorry folks, I just couldn’t resist …

Okay, folks … I am sorry to tell you this, but it is that time, once again.  Awwww …. don’t look so sad … be thankful that at least you are not having to don coats, hats and gloves to go out and shovel the drive … well, except for my friends in Australia, where it is now winter.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week … try not to let things get you down this week … remember that there is always something, usually many things to be thankful for.  Keep smiling, and keep sharing the smiles … keep safe and have a great week!



Rainy Days and Mondays …

Happy Monday, friends from all around the globe!  As you know, I always try to avoid politics and other serious topics on Monday.  It is a tough enough day to get through, back to work, back to school, back to the drudgery with 128 long hours left until Friday evening returns.  Sometimes, being who I am, I struggle to keep it light, yet interesting for the Monday post, but I promised my friend Linda, and she says she looks forward to it.  So, without further ado, here is your sampling of light reading and humour for Monday:

  • A crash between two tractor-trailers is rarely something to applaud, but this one was rather an everyman’s dream. Two semis collided on I-95 in Brevard County, beerFlorida, one carrying Busch beer and the other carrying Frito-Lay chips.  “Neither driver was hurt, but you had Doritos and Busch beer all over I-95,” Sergeant Kim Montes, a spokeswoman for the Florida Highway Patrol, told NBC News. “That’s like a Super Bowl commercial right there.”
  • Another crash, this one a single-vehicle crash northeast of Charleston, West Virginia, wasn’t quite so … tasty. The spilled cargo this time, rather than beer and chips, was a dog, some live chickens, a jar of marijuana, an AK-47 rifle, a large load of ammunition and altered fireworks.  Sadly, the dog died, the chickens ran around, keeping the highway closed for some seven hours, and the Pennsylvania driver was arrested and held on $25,000 bond.  The police first thought the fireworks were bombs … remember, this is West Virginia we are talking about.
  • Do you sometimes get confused when it comes time to tip? Fortunately, the pizza delivery guy and servers at restaurants are about the only occasion I have to tip, and I have that down pat … 10% for bad service, 15% for mediocre service, and 20% for good-excellent service.  (When my new washing machine was delivered recently, even though store policy said not to tip, I did give them a tip: “Don’t vote for Trump”, I said.)  Most people live somewhat more complex lives than I do, so they have to figure out tips for hair stylists, hotel bellhops, taxi drivers, nail painters, etc.  A pet shop owner recently gave a tip to a prostitute, though, that may well be a first:  an exotic monkey named Gooey.  He is so adorable.  Perhaps the man should have communicated with his wife, co-owner of the pet shop, as she reported the monkey stolen to police.
  • MorganOne of my favourite actors, Morgan Freeman, has a new career … he is now a Beekeeper! “There’s a concerted effort to bring bees back onto the planet. We do not realize that they are the foundation, I think, of the growth of the planet, the vegetation. I have so many flowering things, and I have a gardener too. Because she takes care of the bees too, all she does is figure out, ‘OK, what would they like to have?’, so we’ve got acres and acres of clover, we’re planting stuff like lavender, I’ve got like, maybe 140 magnolia trees, big blossoms,” said Freeman. “I’ve not ever used (the beekeeping hat) with my bees. They haven’t (stung me) yet because right now I’m not trying to harvest honey or anything; I’m just feeding them… I think they understand, ‘Hey, don’t bother this guy, he’s got sugar water here.’”  According to the United Nations, the world’s bees are dying off in record numbers.  When we think of bees, we think of honey … or of painful stings.  But bees are so much more important than stings and honey-roasted peanuts.  It is said that bees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat. Most crops grown for their fruits (including vegetables such as squash, cucumber, tomato and eggplant), nuts, seeds, fiber (such as cotton), and hay (alfalfa grown to feed livestock), require pollination by insects.  Bees are crucial to the food supply, therefore to our very survival.  I give Mr. Morgan Freeman a two thumbs up for what he is doing!

Road sign to town of Hell, Norway, Arctic Circle


Elderly people street sign


The problem with education today.


It’s hard to find good help these days!