The Hostage Situation Grows By Day

So, not only are the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives holding the nation at knifepoint in the debt ceiling drama, but they are bragging about it!  Kevin McCarthy, Matt Gaetz and others have actually bragged about their efforts to attach ‘conditions’ to raising the debt ceiling … something that was not done during any of the three times the debt ceiling was raised under Donald Trump.  This, in and of itself, proves to me that the Republicans in Congress are not serious about governing, but rather are using the pretext of governing to run a three-ring circus with the likes of Marge Greene, George Santos, and Jim (Gym) Jordan as the top clowns and Kevin McCarthy as the ringleader.

One more time, for those who are Republicans and did not understand the first 50 times I said it:

The debt ceiling is NOT the budget … it is debt that we have already incurred and that MUST be paid in a timely manner! 

Please, Republicans, try to understand this!  You don’t sit at your kitchen table in the evening and say to your spouse, “Hmmmm … I won’t pay the electric bill unless you stop playing golf on Saturdays.”

Now, I have a suggestion to make.  If the United States defaults on its debt because the Republicans in the House of Representatives did not do their job, then one of the first things that should happen is that all congressional pay stops immediately!  The Capitol building should be closed, all offices locked, and no member of Congress allowed to enter the building nor access their office, computer, or other equipment.

Foolhardy, you say?  Is it any more foolhardy than holding the nation and its allies hostage to their whims … whims that are designed to hurt the poorest in the nation, while feeding the wealthy?  Any more foolhardy than sending the global economy into a tailspin?  Any more foolhardy than any of the other ‘policies’ that are spewed forth by the Republican Party for the sole purpose of making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer?

Kevin McCarthy is NOT a ‘Speaker of the House’ but rather a puppet of the other House Republicans like Comer, Greene, Jordan, Boebert, Scalise and others to whom he promised that which he could not deliver in order to obtain his current job … a job that he isn’t likely to be able to keep past summer.  Meanwhile, he and the other Republicans in Congress, most of whom apparently have never read the United States Constitution, are playing a dangerous game of Russian roulette … with our lives.

I was going to recommend that everyone reading this contact their representative today and demand that they vote to raise the debt ceiling with NO STRINGS ATTACHED, however … Congress has already left the building for their Memorial Day holiday and the House will not return until June 5th, four days after the June 1 deadline set by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen for a possible default.  There was a time … a time when we had people of conscience in Congress, that they would have cancelled or shortened their break for the good of the country, but not this Congress.  Thanks, guys … I hope you have the lousiest Memorial Day you’ve ever had.

I also liked Robert Reich’s take on the debt ceiling hostage situation and would likely have reblogged his if I hadn’t already written this one … take a look.


On Tuesday, I read, saved and bookmarked Robert Reich’s newsletter about the debt ceiling, planning to share it sometime soon, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Meanwhile, our friend rawgod beat me to the draw, so in the interest of not re-inventing the wheel, I shall re-blog rg’s post! Please take a few moments to read this piece, for it clears up some miscomprehensions about what the debt ceiling is and how critical it is to the very survival of this nation. Thanks, rg!

Ideas From Outside the Boxes

Following are the words of Professor Robert Reich, once upon a time the Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. He is now, and has long been, an American professor, author, lawyer, and political commentator. He also worked in the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. I believe he knows the truth about what he is saying.



Few things make me as furious as the mainstream media’s reluctance to tell the public what the Republican Party is doing — and instead hide the truth behind “both sides” rubbish. How the hell can democracy work ifTheNew York Times,CNN, and even National Public Radio obscure what’s really going on?

Let me state five central truths about the pending fight over the debt ceiling and show you how the mainstream media is distorting each of them.

Truth #1: The fight is being waged solely by the…

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A Rudderless Ship — Part II …

A candidate for the office of president spends a year, sometimes longer, on the campaign trail.  His or her sole goal is to make people like them, make people trust them, convince people to vote for them, believing that they are the person who will most nearly meet the voters’ needs and desires over the course of four years.  Then comes election night, and one of the people who spent all that time on the campaign trail is successful in his or her mission and goes on to take the oath of office in two-and-a-half months.  That period of time is a period of transition from being a candidate to learning to be a leader, from having a goal of winning the election to having a goal of doing the best job possible to keep the country and its people safe and prosperous.  During that transition period, the former candidate puts all the hoopla and razzmatazz of the campaign trail behind him and switches gears to the more serious topics of running a nation.  He will meet with the outgoing president on a near-daily basis, meet with advisors whose expertise is critical to the job he is about to begin.  It is a training period.  He is now busy trying to gain an understanding of how global economies work, the relations we have with other nations, how the president interacts with the other two branches.  And he is busy selecting his own cabinet and advisors from among the most skilled and knowledgeable people.

That is how it is supposed to work.  That is how it has most always worked.  But it is not how it worked after the last election.

It began with the intelligence briefings. A team of intelligence analysts has been prepared to deliver daily briefings on global developments and security threats.  In the first two weeks, Trump attended only two of the daily briefings, though Mike Pence did attend most.  With no knowledge of national security issues, most were stunned that Trump apparently had no intention of gaining such knowledge, either.

Then, Trump’s transition team copied highly sensitive documents and removed them from a secure facility during the presidential transition.  A definite ‘no-no’.  And then, his transition team, days before the inauguration, nixed plans for an orientation class that would have prepared political appointees and White House staff for a series of ethical and legal issues.  Ethics, shmethics, right?  Who needs it, right?

So, with that sort of a start, is it any wonder that the president and his staff are bumbling about?  But what has prompted this diatribe is that Donald Trump, nearly 14 months after taking that oath of office, has still not stepped up to the plate of doing the job for which he was elected, for he is still too damned busy campaigning for the 2020 election which, if justice prevails, will not see his name on the ballot!

During Trump’s lonnnnnnng (29 months) 2015-2016 campaign, he made a number of promises to his supporters, those who were caught up in his promises to “drain the swamp” in Washington, to “make America great again”, and above all, to keep America and Americans ‘safe’ from those terrible immigrants:  the Mexicans who were rapists and criminals, and most of all, the Muslims, all of whom must surely be terrorists!  Among his other promises were to bring back jobs in the coal and steel industries.

Now, Donald doesn’t know coal from a can of peas, and he didn’t bother to learn about fossil fuels vs alternative energy sources, because if he had, perhaps he might not have been so quick to promise.  But promise he did, and by jove he is going to keep that promise even if it destroys portions of the country.  And now the latest promise he is trying to knock out is bringing back jobs in the steel industry.  Oh Woe.

His m.o. here is to impose unreasonably high tariffs on steel imports from every nation on the globe.  I already explained in an earlier post what the almost-certain ramifications are going to be, so I will not waste your time with a reiteration, for it is not my point today.  My point today is that Trump has been advised by numerous advisors who understand far more than he about the global economic fallout of these tariffs, not to do it.  Gary Cohn, who was Trump’s Chief Economic Advisor, resigned this week because Trump was so determined to follow this destructive path.  Although I am not a huge fan of Cohn, he was the Director of the National Economic Council, and he has the knowledge and the experience that Trump clearly lacks.  So why won’t Trump listen to any of his qualified advisors?  Because he is not operating in the capacity of president, but instead he is campaigning for the 2020 election.

From an article in Politico :

[Trump] sees steelworkers and other “forgotten men and women” in rural parts of the country, as he often calls them, as the core part of his political base, and he believes that betraying them would be political suicide as he looks ahead to his reelection campaign, according to aides.”

And when you think about that, and look back on the things he has done, you realize that every single move has been naught but an extension of his campaign.  This nation has no president.  I have often referred to the United States under Trump as a rudderless ship, and now it is more clear than ever that is precisely what we are … rudderless, without direction, and without a captain, for the captain is too busy trying to make friends with the sharks and he doesn’t know how to sail the ship anyway.