Jolly Monday — A Cake, Candles, Kimmel, and A Grannie House

Good Monday morning, my friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine was fine, but as usual, I am ready to return to the routine, and I have plenty to keep me busy this week!  So what did you guys do … anything fun?

I have gone in search of, and found, a few things I think will bring a smile to your face to start the week off on the right foot, so grab a cuppa and a snack, and let’s get this show on the road, shall we?  Oh … by the way … I baked a cake …

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Don’t try this at home …

Do you guys remember the Jolly Monday post of last November 19th, where I told you about David Rush from Idaho, the man who set a Guinness record for eating the most kernels of corn with a toothpick?  Well, seems Mr. Rush rather enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame and decided to go for another record.  I think, perhaps, he ought to have stuck with the corn-eating where the worst that was likely to happen was that he might choke on a kernel, else poke himself in the eye with the toothpick.

His latest scheme was a bit more potentially dangerous, though he seems to have survived it.  This time, he decided to shoot for the record of holding the most lit candles in his mouth at one time!

Frankly, the worst part as I watched the video was watching him put the candles in his mouth, for I have a sensitive gag reflex and would never have gotten 10 of them in my mouth!  He set the record, holding 100 burning candles in his mouth for 30 seconds.  Congratulations, I guess, Mr. Rush.  The previous record was held by Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya of Mumbai, India.  Mr. Upadhyaya held 41 burning candles in his mouth in 2018.

No wonder we’re in trouble …

You know how comedian Jimmy Kimmel likes to do his ‘man on the street’ thing every now and then, where he takes to the street and asks people questions … usually deceptively simple questions?  Well, the other day he was out on the street asking people if they thought ‘homo sapiens’ should be saved from extinction.  Now, we all know that homo sapiens is the scientific name for the human species, but it may well be that some people didn’t get that memo back in about 3rd grade.  Here were some of the answers to his question …

It speaks for itself, which is a good thing, for I am left with my mouth hanging open, speechless.

A place for … MOI???

I was trolling around my usual internet haunts looking for things for this Jolly Monday post, when I came across this headline …

Amazon’s Selling A Guesthouse ‘Kit’ That You Can Build In Your Backyard In 8 Hours

I read it to the girls, and jokingly said it might be a place they could put me when I am ornery.  Immediately, Chris’ eyes lit up and she said …

“How much is it?”

She said it with gusto.  Even Miss Goose turned around and had that eager-puppy look in her eyes.  Hmph.

Anyway, it is rather cool.

[The] Solvalla garden house kit is made from high quality solid Nordic wood,” the company writes on its website. “This timeless design is an alternative to classic log cabin styled structures. It works well in a variety of surroundings and can be a guesthouse, home office, granny flat, or even a retail space. Versatile Solvalla can also be set up on rooftops of multi-story buildings. Assembly of this solid wood structure takes a full day for two adults. Do it yourself simple step-by-step directions come with the kit and only minimal tools are needed.”

The total floor area is 172 square feet (16 square meters).

The structure weighs approximately 2480 pounds (1125 kilos).

Allwood is offering the product for a mere $6,550, which I guess is a small price for a safe place to stow your grannie when she gets mouthy.

If you want to add anything extra like HVAC or electricity to this DIY home, you’ll need to figure out how to do that yourself. It doesn’t include any of these amenities.  Hmmm … I’m thinking we could run a heavy-duty indoor-outdoor extension cord and use a power strip and … WAIT … what am I saying???

And what would Jolly Monday be without a cute animal video?

Or a cartoon or two …

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Sorry guys … I just couldn’t resist that one!

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jollyAnd that’s a wrap for today, my friends!  Miss Goose just woke me to let me know that I had fallen asleep (so kind of her, yes?) with fingers on the keyboard, and so, I must wrap this up and take my weary bones to bed for a few hours.  Please, if you found something to bring a smile to your face here, share that smile with others … we all need a bit of a pick-me-up these days.  Have a great week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!

Jolly Day After Sunday … 🤩

Well here it is Monday again … wait … where did the weekend go?  Seems like only yesterday it was Sunday.  Oh … yeah … heh heh … right.  So, did you all have a wonderful weekend?  And are you eager to get back to work this morning?  I don’t … seem … to see big smiles on those faces.  What’s wrong?  Actually, I can tell which of us are retired as opposed to those of you who still have to put on ties and high heels and go earn a living just by the looks on your faces.  See that big grin on Hugh’s face, and Gronda’s?  Then look at poor Emily … awwww.  Let’s see if we can have a bit of fun before you set out for work and put some smiles on those faces, okay?  Grab a … sorry, I didn’t bake this morning, so it’s crackers and peanut butter … and a cuppa, and settle back for a few.

Demi Sweeney, a 22-year-old criminology student at Bournemouth University, spotted a huge spider outside her room last week.  Now … I would have gotten a sheet of paper from the printer, had the spider walk onto the paper, then released it back outdoors.  Not everyone, though, thinks like me, so perhaps some would have grabbed a shoe and … gulp … squished the poor wee mite. 😢  But Demi did neither of these things.  What did she do?  She called Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)!

kfc-truckShe ordered food to be delivered with the intention of talking the delivery driver into getting rid of Spidey for her.  But when the driver arrived with the food, it turned out that he was also afraid of spiders!  However, she coerced him and after a bit of scrambling about, he captured the spider and … snif … flushed him. spider

Anybody want to make any guesses how long it takes a sign to travel from the coast of New Jersey to the coast of Bordeaux, France?  Awwww c’mon … take a wild guess.sign on beach.jpgOkay, fine … I will tell you.  Five years and eight months.  This sign was lost during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, and was found by a man named Hannes Frank on the beach in France last week.  It’s not really in bad condition, for having spent 2,065 days bobbling about in salt water!

I am not a fan of rap music, but even so, I have heard of Snoop Dogg.  It seems that his song titled Gin and Juice has helped him earn a place in the Guinness Book of Records for serving up the world’s largest Paradise Cocktail. Snoop DoggTV chef Michael Voltaggio, winner of Bravo’s Top Chef, invited Snoop, rapper Warren G, Kim Kaechele and Kendall Coleman to help make it. The massive mixed drink was unveiled live on stage at the BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival in California, USA.snoop dogg-2Containing 180 1.75-litre bottles of gin, 156 1-litre bottles of apricot brandy and 28 3.78-litre jugs of orange juice, the paradise cocktail was made to accompany Voltaggio’s Jamaican jerk chicken dish at the festival, which pairs musicians with chefs on their culinary stage.

Some people, methinks, have more money than good sense.  Here is a new shirt being sold by Balenciaga (whom I have never heard of, and perhaps with good reason – Levi and Nike are more my style) as a part of their Fall 18 collection.  It is called, the T-shirt-shirt …shirtNo, you’re not missing anything … it is exactly what it looks like … a T-shirt with an empty checkered button-down shirt sewn or glued to its front. The site says the shirt boasts “two wearing options” — ostensibly as a T-shirt or a button-down.  Okay, so the shirt looks rather shabby … but the price tag is anything but shabby:  $1,290!!!  Yes, that is One Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety U.S. dollars, or £965, or €1,104.  Do people really have nothing better to do with their money???  There is a bright side, however … the company offers complimentary shipping!

Miss Goose had the idea that we could buy up a bunch of cheap t-shirts and checkered  button-downs and make our own, sell them for a much cheaper price, say $450, and be able to buy a house by this time next year!

toon-4And now … my dear friends … it is that time once again.  I’ve picked out a special song to get the ol’ adrenalin stirring this morning … it is one of my favourites to walk to, for it keeps me moving at a pretty good clip, and I’ve even been known to do a little skip ‘n flip along the way! (yes, I remember that the bones are more brittle these days)  I hope you all have a wonderful week, and please, share those beautiful smiles with somebody who looks like they need one.  Tough times these days, and we can all use an extra smile.  Thanks for being such special friends … you make me smile.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!




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