A Guest Post by David M. Prosser …

Yesterday, I put out a plea for some of my friends and readers who live outside the U.S. to write a guest post for this blog about how they view the United States as it stands today.  I’m calling my project simply ‘Coexist’, for despite thousands of miles and oceans between us, we really are neighbors in todays global world, and as such, we need to find a way to understand, to coexist.  We rely on each other for trade, for security, and perhaps most importantly, for cultural understanding.  The U.S. has not been a very good neighbor of late, and most of us are well aware that our standing in the world is greatly diminished.  We know from the media how the leaders of other nations view us, but I want to know how the people of those nations, our friends and neighbors, view us, both as a nation and as people.  The first person to respond to my plea was my dear friend, David Prosser of North Wales in the UK, and today I am publishing his guest post.  Thank you so very much, David, for your time and effort, and for sharing your thoughts.

In answer to my friend Jill Dennison’s call, I am writing to give an opinion from abroad as to how Trump, and more importantly America are viewed these days.

It’s important to note that back in 2016 the American elections were the cause of more interest than usual because a woman was attempting to get to the White House and this time in her own right and not as the wife of a candidate. Would we see the President and her First Man? To be honest most of us gave little or no credence to Donald Trump as the nomination of the Republicans. This was the man who started the rumour that President Obama was not American born. Probably the vilest man in America. As the campaign wore on he started with a chant of ‘Lock her up’ against Hilary Clinton which seemed to overshadow any of her policies, but even so, he couldn’t win. When he had neo Nazis at his events, or KKK and could describe them in glowing terms you knew he couldn’t win. The American people had more sense.

He won, after the electoral college gave him their votes. The popular vote was for Hilary Clinton showing that Americans could vote for both a black man and now a woman to be President. But the electoral College votes were enough to overturn expectations. The worrying thing is that here was a man who had waffled his way through an election on an  unwarranted chant against an opponent and a call for a wall to be built between Mexico and the United States which Mexico would be funding. Most of us never took that as a promise made and thought Mexico would be surprised at Trump’s cheek. It appears they were and they quickly made it clear that no funding for a wall would be coming from Mexico. Trump is a fanaticist who just opens his mouth and lets any stray thought slip out.

We’ve all been following Mr Mueller’s efforts to find the truth behind the election and some of Trump’s mutterings. Within my own little group expectations are that we’ll find that Trump is heavily in hock to Russian banks and that he’s accepted a degree of help from his friend President Putin at manipulating the election. Certainly Russia spent an awful lot of money on the Social sites to bolster Trump’s campaign.

In the two years since he was elected Trump seems to have emasculated the US and turned it into either a laughing stock or a nonentity on the world stage. Trump has single-handedly removed America away from Europe and has canceled America’s promises from the Paris Accord regarding global warming. It amazes us that Trump seems to have declared friendship for the World’s greatest Dictators and have OK’d it for the States to become racist again. It appears the last 50 years have been wiped out and he black people are to be treated as inferior beings again. The worst thing is it looks like this was a feeling kept in the background just waiting to come out again. It’s also OK to want to deny immigration. A country built on immigrants now says ‘No More’ and attempts to block any Moslems from entering the country except Saudi Arabia which though it funds terrorism including the planes hitting the twin towers can do no wrong in Trump’s eyes. It’s still a major surprise here that despite the rubbish that Trump spouts, much of it deliberate lies, that approx 40% of the US continue to support him. At this rate he’ll sell America to the highest bidder before his term ends and retire to some isolated island where he and all his money can happily retire. The family can stay behind and face Mueller’s findings.

Know this, that most of the UK feels for you and wishes you were Trump free. The best we can say for now is Good Luck.Text dividers

Thank you again, David!  And thank you for the Good Luck wishes … after tomorrow night we may need them more than ever!  Now come on, dear friends!  I need a few more volunteers!  I promise it’ll be fun!  


We’ve Come A Long Way …

We’ve come a long way from the civilized country we once were.  Our forefathers are either looking down groaning and holding their heads or laughing uproariously at what the United States of America has become.

On Monday, a pipe bomb was found in the mailbox of philanthropist (and democrat) George Soros.  Today, bombs were sent to former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and media outlet CNN.  Once upon a time, the United States was considered above such behaviour.  We were once considered “the leader of the free world”.  We were once a kinder, gentler nation, one that was looked up to, respected, and valued human rights, human life.  Today, we have sunken to the level of a third-world nation.

We refer to a number of nations, mostly in the Middle East, as ‘terrorist nations’, or ‘countries that harbour terrorists’.  The U.S. has now become just such a nation.  These bombs are acts of terrorism, and I would bet my life that they were not constructed and delivered by Middle Eastern terrorists, nor by Muslims nor Hispanics.  These were thought of, concocted and delivered by white males, unless I miss my guess.  White males who are angry for some reason that the majority of us cannot comprehend.

It would be easy to lay all this at the door of Mr. Trump, for he has been highly vocal in his rabid, vitriolic rhetoric condemning democrats and the press, Obama and Clinton.  And certainly, he must share some of the blame.  But the bulk of the blame is on We The People.  I have spoken enough times on this blog about the loss of civil discourse that I will not do so again today.

Today there are migrants from violent nations heading to the United States to seek asylum from the violence in their own countries.  Soon, I think, there may be caravans of U.S. citizens making their way to the Canadian border to seek asylum from the violence in our own nation. liberty-cries

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

These words, written by Emma Lazarus in 1883, once meant something.  They were words we were once proud of.  We have sullied the words, just as we have sullied the notion of democracy in the U.S. We no longer deserve to be known as a the ‘land of the free’, for we are not.

To Mr. Trump and to every person who has supported his hate-filled rhetoric, who applauds when he screams and incites violence, I hope you are pleased with yourselves today.  Understand that the majority in this nation do not feel as you do and that we have had just about enough.  We will fight back.  To whomever decided to make those bombs and attempt to murder good people like President Obama and Secretary Clinton, Mr. Soros, and the employees at CNN, I hope you are captured and spend the rest of your life in prison being beaten and abused in the worst possible way.

I am expecting a package to be delivered this week.  I wonder if I will hesitate before opening it?  Probably.  Isn’t this a sad state of affairs?

President And GOP Busy At Work Gas lighting Public With Propaganda/ Fake News Campaign

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting sick of the lies and bullying coming from the White House and the republican camp in general. It is old, tiresome and not even a little bit funny. Friend Gronda has written an excellent post de-bunking all of Trump’s and his minion’s claims about the women and democrats engaging in ‘mob rule’ … please take a few moments to read and absorb how we are being fed lies, lies, lies, and more lies by the bully at the helm of this nation. Many thanks to you, Gronda!

Gronda Morin

Dear Media and fellow Non Trumpian voters, please discount/ pay no attention to the republican President Donald Trump’s claims about the women protesting the confirmation of the SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh during the first week of October 2018, as the equivalent of mob rule. At his rallies and elsewhere, he has been describing these women as being out of control, creating conditions for violence. This contrived outrage is in the same category of all his other lies, with no basis in fact and reality, but designed solely to motivate his base to action.

In short, this is his way of grabbing added media attention, as even FOX TV is no longer televising his campaign rallies because the ratings for these events have dipped. But he never gives up. For example, on the 11th of October 2018, Kanye West, the rapper, with his mental illness in full display, was trotted out…

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A Snarky Wednesday …

I am snarky today … yeah, I know, I’m snarky most everyday.  There’s just so darn much to be snarky about these days, don’t you think?

Can anybody tell me why the Trump ‘team’ is still picking on poor Hillary Clinton?  In the wee hours of 09 November 2016, Hillary Clinton conceded the election to Donald Trump and went home to lick her wounds.  But Trump still uses “Lock Her Up” as a rallying cry at his campaign events (he began campaigning for the 2020 election the day after inauguration) and he never misses an opportunity to blame her for one thing or another.  And now his little minions are jumping on the bandwagon.

Nobody is quite sure what it is that Kellyanne Conway does other than play ugly on television and put her feet on the furniture in the Oval Office, but this morning she appeared on Fox and Friends (Fox has ‘friends’?  Who knew?) and slammed Hillary Clinton for … living?

What started it this time?  Yesterday, Hillary did an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, and while she basically said nothing that we haven’t all been saying, about the lack of civility these days and the Kavanaugh fiasco having been highly politicized, it must have struck a nerve with the Trumpites, for Kellyanne showed her ugly side (wait … does she have another side?)

“Usually when she opens her mouth, respectfully, she offends at least one half of the country, and she did it again, but I think her discourse now is a little bit dangerous.  I don’t like the implications there. It’s one thing to call us deplorable, irredeemable, laugh at people who don’t have all the privileges that she has had with her Ivy League law degree and her marriage to a much more popular man who was actually was a two-term president that she’ll never be … I don’t like that kind of talk. I avoid it.” — KellyAnne Conway, 10 October 2018

Perhaps if Trumpites attended to their own dirty house instead of trolling Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and others who they perceive as “the enemy”, they might manage to run the government?

Donald Trump is said to be the author of an OpEd that was published today in USA Today.  Now, we all know that he is not capable of stringing whole sentences together and has zero grammar or spelling skills, so presumably he did not write it, but told somebody on his staff what he wanted to say, and it was written for him.  The subject was ‘Medicare-For-All’, the controversial proposal to expand Medicare to cover all Americans.  There are serious and legitimate concerns with the proposal, but rather than address those, Trump used his space to rant about democrats.  And, according to The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, nearly every sentence contained a false or misleading statement.  Wow – that’s a record even for Trump.


I won’t go into details, for the topic is complex, and Trump’s rambling OpEd was disgusting, but I have a few issues with this whole thing.  First, he has a venue to speak to the people that is more fitting than an OpEd in a mid-market newspaper, and that is what used to be known as a ‘press conference’.  Typically, when a president wants to reach out and speak to the American people, he calls a press conference that will be covered by every major news outlet and is more likely to be heard by all.  Second, Trump’s rants against democrats in general are unprofessional, unbecoming of the office he holds, and have become extremely tiresome.  Their only purpose is to rally the masses – his supporters – and to the rest of us they are offensive and disgusting.  Third, as the so-called president of this country, I should think he has better, more important things to do with his time.  In the past two weeks, all he appears to have done is hold campaign rallies where he rants against democrats, ‘write’ an OpEd ranting against democrats, and use the swearing-in ceremony of a Supreme Court justice to rant against democrats.  As one who contributes to paying his salary (no, he doesn’t donate it to charity or back to the government), I am deeply disturbed, for he is not doing the job for which he is paid.  Fire the bum!  And fourth, health insurance is a complex subject and one that Trump, by his own admission last year, does not understand.  Wiser men need to be studying this, not the man who has never had to worry about whether he could afford to purchase his medicine.

Hurricane Michael has already begun its assault on the Florida coast and has been upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane.  We have a number of fellow-blogger friends who live in Florida, including Gronda, Horty (Dr. Rex), Don Massenzio, Maryplumbago, Patty Richardson and many others.  Please keep safe down there, my friends … and let us know that you are alright when you can.

Sign Of The Apocalypse?

When I first began reading Hugh’s post, I inadvertently let out a primal scream, and after another paragraph, slammed the lid on my laptop, got up and reheated a small bowl of rice before I could finish reading the post. This may not sound like an endorsement for the post, but believe me, it is. Hugh has brought to light something that is happening today that has far longer reaching and outlasting consequences than any of the many abominations tied to Donald Trump. The subject? The re-writing of history, the replacing of facts with opinions. Please, please take a few minutes to read Hugh’s excellent post and think about what he is saying. Get your bowl of rice before you start, though. Thank you, dear Hugh, for bringing this to our attention, and for your generous permission to share.


One of the more insidious movements in this country is that toward the rewriting of history– eliminating unpleasant facts from the history books. This movement is perhaps a part of the New History movement about which I have blogged in the past — the attempt to reduce history to a form of literature, giving special attention to minor historical figures that have been ignored in the past (probably with good reason!)

In any event, one does wonder why this sort of censorship is not only allowed, but encouraged — even by the Texas State Board of Education which has decided to erase any mention of Hillary Clinton from the history textbooks in order to “streamline” history. As a recent Yahoo news story tells us:

The Texas State Board of Education voted Friday to remove mentions of Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from the state’s mandatory history curriculum . . .  The…

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Ramblings from a Bouncing Mind …

I came across an OpEd in The Washington Post a few days ago, the title of which intrigued me, so I read on.

People Don’t Vote for What They Want. They Vote for Who They Are.


Kwame Appiah

The article, by Kwame Anthony Appiah, was interesting and well worth the read, but merely served as a springboard for the ideas that form this post.    It speaks of and attempts to explain the concept of ‘identity politics’ and ‘tribalism’.  Not being an anthropologist, psychologist nor philosopher, I don’t attempt to pick apart the concepts of the article.  But what struck me most, I think, is the title.  Is it true that we have set aside ideologies and instead vote based on … for the lack of a more apt word … tribes?

I really dislike the word ‘tribes’, for the first thing it brings to mind is killing, and the next thing it brings to mind is exclusivity.  Neither are positive images.  But to get to the point (yes, I saw you rolling your eyes and wondering if I actually had a point!), I question whether we … and by ‘we’ I mean all of us who are old enough to be even remotely political animals … republican, democrat or independent … have forgotten or set aside our ideology, our platforms, our very beliefs in favour of political party.

As I often do, I settled in for a conversation between me, myself and I.  I, of course, pooh-pooh-ed the idea, thinking that no, the whole point is the ideology, the things that I believe are right, such as protection of the environment, global cooperation, taking care of the poor, eliminating bigotry, support of diversity, etc.  But then ‘me’ popped up and asked a question that made me think:

“Isn’t everything you write these days simply a reaction to something Trump or his cronies has done?  Do you look at candidates’ platforms to see what they support and whether you agree with them?  Are you operating on an intellectual basis, or an emotional one?”

Doggone it … sometimes ‘me’ is smarter than I am.  This reminded me of a snippet from the article …

“… political cleavages are not so much “I disagree with your views” as “I hate your stupid face.” You can be an ideologue without ideology.”

Have we devolved to “I hate your stupid face”, or were we always this way?  When I voted on 08 November 2016, did I vote for Hillary Clinton, or against Donald Trump?  I had studied Hillary’s platform and agreed with about 99% of it, so it wasn’t as if I were an uneducated voter, taking my opinions from some Facebook meme.  But, myself asks, “Would you have voted even for Attila the Hun rather than Donald Trump?”  And that is a question I cannot seem to answer.

But perhaps the answer is less important than the question.  Perhaps the important thing is that we question ourselves, hold our own feet to the fire, search our own souls, as it were.  I can’t say that I would have voted for Attila, but would I have voted for a lesser candidate than Hillary?  Yes, I would have voted for almost anybody other than Trump.  And now comes the tough question:

Did I vote against Trump because he is an arrogant and obnoxious person, or because I disliked his political ideas?  In this case, I think I can answer clearly:  both.  But if he were the same obnoxious character he is, but had political ideas that I agreed with?  Then I don’t know, and that is the question, I think, that supersedes all others in this conversation with me and myself.  In that case, would I have voted for a lesser candidate who was more sophisticated, more … acceptable?

I don’t know all the answers, but my conclusion is that I think we need to be careful about falling into the trap of voting simply because a person is a democrat or republican, black or white, Christian, Muslim or atheist, or shares some other “tribal trait” that we admire.  I think this was the mentality that enabled Donald Trump to win in 2016 … too many saw Hillary as “not of [their] tribe”, as being ‘other’.  Why?  I mean, she is white, Christian, all those things some people seem to place so much value on these days.  But … she had the misfortune of being … woman.  Just as I believe that the majority of the hatred toward President Obama was race-based, I believe the hatred toward Hillary was primarily gender-based.  It made it easy for Trump to accuse her, unjustly, of being responsible for Benghazi, and even blaming her for her husband’s affairs, all the while screeching “Lock her up!”  And the masses quickly believed, for they were only looking for an excuse to hate her, and Trump gave them one.

As you have likely figured out by now, I have no idea where I was going with this post.  I started it a few nights ago, and every time I re-visit it, I realize that it lacks focus.  This is simply how my mind works when it’s under duress and decides to break loose from its moorings and bounce for a bit.  I can only hope that some part of this rambling post made sense.

DOJ’s IG Horowitz Releases 18 Month Investigative Report Into FBI’s Handling Of Clinton Email Case

Two days ago, the Department of Justice released the anticipated Inspector General’s report summarizing the investigation of the FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s emails. I have not the stomach to delve deeply into the report, nor to watch the games Trump will play for the next several weeks, but thankfully our friend Gronda can always be counted on to do the deep digging, and so I am sharing her informative post today. The conclusions? Read Gronda’s post and find out! Thank you Gronda, for covering what I cannot, and for this highly informative post!

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of michael horowitz

The Inspector General of the US Department of Justice (DOJ), Michael Horowitz has just formally released his 500 page report based on his 18 month long investigation surrounding the FBI’s actions regarding its management of the Hillary Clinton’s email mishandling case while she acted as US Secretary of State between 2009-2013.

The report  is highly critical of the FBI’s Director James Comey’s part in how he acted inappropriately by saying anything publicly about the Hillary Clinton’s email case when he knew she would not be criminally charged which is totally against FBI’s internal rules. But, it was determined that his actions were not politically motivated.

The final determination is that the FBI did not act with bias either for or against the Hillary Clinton’s email case. The investigation was fair.

In fact, any actions taken did damage to the Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Nothing was shared by…

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Not Another One … 🙄

Pastor Mark Burns … ever hear of him?  He is a televangelist from South Carolina, which should tell you just about all you need to know.  Yesterday, Pastor Mark Burns threw his hat in the ring and announced his candidacy for the seat in the U.S. House of Representatives that is being vacated by Representative Trey Gowdy. Burns was, and is, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump.  He claims he had usually voted Democratic, which included support for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election, saying “I’m not ashamed to say that as a black man I wanted the first black man to enter the office.” But he later said, in 2016, he had “seen the light.” Of Trump he said “He’s a smart man. He knows authenticity. I believe he knows and recognizes real character.”  Hey, Burns … if you really believe that, I have a beautiful bridge I’ll sell you real cheap!

Now, Burns is likely to fit right into today’s Congress, for he is a well-experienced liar. Here is just a sampling of his many lies:

  • Burns claimed to have held a bachelor of science degree from North Greenville University. According to the University, Burns attended only one semester.
  • He said he spent six years in the U.S. Army Reserve. He actually spent four years in the South Carolina National Guard, an entirely different and unrelated organization.
  • He claims to have attended Andersonville Theological Seminary, though there is no evidence of it and he is unable or unwilling to clarify.
  • Burns claimed he was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, a national historically black fraternity, but again, there is no evidence. When confronted with this one, he replied that he had “started the process” but did not complete even the initiation.

When confronted with all these lies on his church website, he admitted that he had lied and had unacceptably exaggerated his education, but said he was attacked because he is “a black man supporting Donald Trump for president.”  Awwwww, pobrecito!

In addition to being a liar, he is not a very nice man.  At a Trump rally in North Carolina, he mocked and criticized Bernie Sanders for being Jewish.  In 2016, he retweeted a digitally manipulated image of Hillary Clinton in blackface.  He was later interviewed on CNN and asked about the tweet.  His reply?

“I think at the time I did my initial tweet was to reinforce my position as to point out why this particular candidate Hillary Clinton is not really good for the African-American community, because the Democrat party automatically assumes they own the black vote, they own that voting bloc. And because they already know that voting bloc belongs to them, very little change takes place.”

I didn’t sense any apology in there, but he did tweet a half-assed apology:

“I’m so sorry for the offensive #Blackface image of @HillaryClinton but stand by the message that we Blacks ARE being Used by #Dems for VOTES”

In my view, an ‘apology’ that contains the qualifier “but”, is no apology at all.

Back in November 2017, ahead of the Alabama special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, Burns actually defended Roy Moore, saying that morality isn’t the only quality that makes a good leader.  This, from a church pastor? Wouldn’t you expect a self-proclaimed Christian to have a bit of a problem supporting a pedophile?

Mr. Burns also fails to understand the word racism, if this tweet from January is any indicator:

“Racism isn’t really about COLOR, Racism has always been about the HAVES verses the HAVE NOTS. And President @realDonaldTrump is raising the HAVE NOTS to the same level as the HAVES.  In Today’s society, A Poor White Person gets treated the same as a Poor Black Person.” – 9:45 AM – Jan 24, 2018 · Easley, SC


In announcing his intent to run for U.S. House of Representatives, he stated his reason, at least in part, as “We need to combat the leftist, liberal and even socialist ideology that’s dividing our nation.”  Rather reminiscent of the speech he gave at the Republican National Convention in 2016, where he thanked God for “guiding [Trump], giving him the words to the unite the party, this country, that we together can defeat the liberal Democratic Party.”  Unite the country?  Did he really say that?

And good old Mr. Burns attempted to defend Trump’s recent remarks about “shithole countries”.  I won’t even repeat his rationale there, for even after reading and re-reading it multiple times, it made no sense.

There are, at present, 13 other republicans running for this seat, and 4 democrats.  It is almost a certainty that the district will remain in the hands of the republicans, since all 4 democrats are newcomers with no government experience … they include an electrician, a businessman, a graduate student and a financial expert.  District 4, like almost all of South Carolina, is predominantly republican.  Some believe that Burns has the best chance, due to his close ties with Trump.  Let us hope that the voters are fed up enough with Trump for that alliance to work against, rather than for, Mr. Burns, for we do not need his ilk in the Capitol next year.  He is exactly the type we are trying to get rid of!

I Never Thought I’d Say This, But The US Attorney General Sessions Is Making The Right Decision

For once in his life, at least, Jeff Sessions has made the right decision. The breaking news set my phone off this afternoon as I was attending house chores, and my jaw literally dropped to the floor. I was prepared to research and investigate, but I find that our friend Gronda has done an excellent job with this story, and since I have absolutely promised Miss Goose that I would play a game with her tonight, I am sharing, con permiso, Gronda’s excellent and timely post. Thank You, Gronda!!! And now, please wish me luck in my battle against the little pro in a game of Mario Party!

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of jeff sessions AG JEFF SESSIONS

The republican President Donald Trump’s US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has formally declined  a formal request by some US congressional republicans on the US Senate Judiciary Committee, to appoint a special counsel to work with the Inspector General in reviewing how the Justice Department and FBI handled specific matters related to the Trump-Russia investigation up to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller which would possibly end up including an analysis of past FBI’s handling of the Clinton email/ foundation probe and FISA warrants.

This time the Attorney General Jeff Sessions declined to take this step.

Image result for photos of jeff sessionsHere is the rest of the story..

On March 29, 2018, Matt Zapotosky of the Washington Post penned the following report, “Sessions, for now, rebuffs GOP calls for second special counsel to probe FBI actions in Clinton and Russia probes”


“Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday (3/29/18) rebuffed —…

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Who Will You Blame Now … ?

So far, in his 13 months in office, Donald Trump has managed to blame everybody but himself for the things that went wrong, while at the same time taking credit for positive things that started long before he even took office.  Eventually, that doesn’t fly any more, and I think we are near that turning point.  I don’t think he will be able to blame President Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for some of the mistakes he is making these days.  For instance, …

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, for the shutdown of the Kemper County, Mississippi “clean coal” plant that ran $2.9 billion over budget before it even fired up, and has now been converted to cheaper, cleaner-burning natural gas? Did not you promise them coal was making a comeback, that coal would be “king” again?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, for the next school shooting? How will you answer those grieving parents when they ask you “WHY?”  Wasn’t it your job to lead the way for stricter regulations on guns that would have made their children safer?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, when at the end of 2018, your constituents, those 37% or so who still believe in you, ask you why they are having to pay income taxes far beyond the initial $1.50 pay increase they saw on their weekly pay vouchers? Didn’t you promise them this “tax plan” of yours would put more money in their pockets?  Did you forget to tell them about all the deductions you cut out, so that at the end of the year they would owe even more than in years past, while all your wealthy donors are sitting pretty with their extra hundreds of thousands?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, when every country we trade with imposes a tariff on goods they import from the U.S., when the price to the U.S. consumer on everything from food to clothing to household goods increases? Did you really think the EU, Canada, Mexico and the UK, not to mention China, would simply accept the tariffs on the goods they export to us without retaliation?  Will you blame Gary Cohn, who tried to explain to you why the tariffs were a bad idea?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, when the people who placed their faith, their trust in you, cannot afford to buy a washing machine, a new refrigerator, let alone a new car, for the price of steel has increased by some 35%, raising the price of consumer goods containing steel by some proportional amount? And how will you explain the lies that you, Peter Navarro and Wilbur Ross told about the “minimal impact” of the steel tariffs?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, when the drinking water in West Virginia starts making people ill because you rolled back the regulations that kept coal companies from dumping their waste into the streams?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, when the rate of kids born with breathing conditions suddenly doubles because of the increased carbon dioxide that makes the air nearly unbreathable near major industrial centers?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, when all the lies you have told, the promises you have broken to take care of the ordinary people, catch up with you?

  • And here’s the big one, Donnie … who will you blame when you finally taunt Kim Jong-un one time too many and he declares war, and none of our old allies come to our aid? Will that, too, be Barack Obama’s fault?  Will it be “Crooked Hillary’s” fault?  Will it be “Lyin’ Ted’s” fault?  Or perhaps you will blame Jeff Sessions for recusing himself?  Or perhaps it will not matter, for there may be nobody left to care.

For an entire year, you blamed everything on your predecessor for your mistakes, while at the same time stealing the credit that rightly belonged to him for a good economy.  For three years now, you have ranted about “Crooked Hillary”, who was in fact far more honest than you ever thought about being.  You have blamed the democrats for your woes, when it was your own party who holds a majority in both chambers of Congress.  The honeymoon is over.  There is nobody left to blame but Donald J. Trump for the ills of our nation.  The man who promised to “Make America Great Again” has failed miserably and now the time has come for him to accept the blame.

Until January 2017, we were mostly respected by our allies.  Now they mock and deride us.  The president of Mexico refuses to come for a visit.  The people of the UK do not want Trump to visit there.  To the best of my knowledge, Putin of Russia and Duterte of the Philippines are the only two leaders with whom Trump shares a camaraderie.  Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?  Remember the old adage, “We are judged by the company we keep”?  Think about that one.