Humans … Just Like Us

They are all humans.  Like you and I, they have arms ‘n legs, hearts, lungs, kidneys and brains.  They have children who they love just as you and I love our children.  Yes, my friends, they are all humans, just like us, the only difference being that they have not had the opportunities and advantages that you and I have had.  So, they came north to the United States, the “land of milk and honey”, the land of opportunity, the land where “All men are created equal.”  They brought their children, their spouses, and they hoped to make a new beginning, to give their families a better life.  Instead, they found themselves on Christmas Eve, unceremoniously dumped on the sidewalk with the temperatures at a frigid 15° F, in front of Vice-President Kamala Harris’ home in Washington, D.C.  Some were dressed in naught but shorts and t-shirts, for it had been warm when they left Texas.

Fortunately, local aid groups had become aware of the buses and took the immigrants to shelters where they were provided with warm clothing, blankets, food and shelter.  Human essentials.

The three-bus convoy was the idea of Texas Governor Greg Abbott … no surprise there.  Abbott is not a humanitarian, does not believe in human rights, and in general is not a good nor kind man.  And yet, Texans re-elected him less than two months ago.  One of those things that makes you stop and go ‘hmmmmmmm.’

Abbott’s purpose was not hard to figure … publicity, attention, kudos from other bigots like himself.  Anti-humanitarianism, which seems to play well with the people down in Texas, and in Florida.  It’s what I’ve long called the ‘me-istic’ society … me, me, me … as long as my needs are met, to hell with the rest of the world.  I’ve got mine, let them get their own.

Well, Mr. Abbott and all those others out there who see immigrants as something vile and evil … let me tell you a few things.  Just briefly, since I’m writing a blog post and not a book …

From the Anti-Defamation League (ADL):

The following are basic well-documented facts about immigrants

  1. Immigrants do not endanger public health.
  2. Immigrants cannot vote until they become citizens.
  3. Immigrants create jobs and improve the United States economy.
  4. Most immigrants in the United States hold lawful status.
  5. Throughout U.S. history, the percentage of immigrants has remained steady.
  6. Immigrants are less likely than U.S.-born citizens to commit crimes or become incarcerated.
  7. Immigrants are usually ineligible for social service benefits.
  8. Terrorists have rarely entered the country illegally via the U.S.-Mexico border.

Pay particular attention to #3 and #6 … these are the antithesis of the talking points of fools like Abbott and his ilk.

And from the organization CitizenPath:

  • Immigrant business owners have created millions of American jobs through major corporations and countless small businesses. In the most recent analysis, nearly 45 percent of firms on the Fortune 500 list were founded by immigrants or their children.

  • Immigrants are often exceptional inventors and creators that drive “American” innovation. They’ve experienced challenges and adversity that forced them to come up with new solutions and often take a more difficult path than others. Some would say the immigrant experience drives ingenuity. It may also make them more empathetic, finding a better solution from the customer’s perspective.

  • Already, foreign-born workers make significant contributions to healthcare for Americans. There are an estimated 2.8 million immigrant healthcare professionals, playing a vital role on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.  In fact …

And there’s more … much much more that immigrants contribute to this nation.  I may have a follow-up with greater detail at some point in the future, but for the moment, I want to make it clear that Governors Abbott and DeSantis, and all the rest who would vilify and even play foolish games with the lives of immigrants are naught but cruel racists.  They are not humanitarians, they are not even the ‘Christians’ they claim to be, as I understand the definition.  I am friends with a number of immigrants and I can tell you that they have enriched my life in countless ways.  They are humans, just like us, they are not evil nor somehow lesser than you or I or Governor Abbott.