Roosting Chickens Won’t Drag Them Away

I’m not sure, no matter how much people attempt to explain it, that I will ever understand the phenomenon of trumpism. It has led me to believe that the human species is actually comprised of more than one sub-species, for trumpists live in a world that I cannot comprehend. Our friend Jerry over at On the Fence Voters, who has friends among the trumpists, writes a bit about his friends, and concludes with a warning of what we must do. Jerry is a better person than I, for I can no longer count the trumpists as friends. Thank you, Jerry, for sharing!

On The Fence Voters

Hal, Mitch, and Greg (all pseudonyms for real people I know) were, are, and probably always will be true-red Donald Trump fans. If any of them saw The Orange Assassin holding a gun and casting furtive glances around Fifth Avenue (not that any of them are likely to ever visit America’s biggest, bluest city), they’d very likely offer to go buy him more ammunition. They’re all—normally—good men. But, like so many Trumpists, they check their reason and compassion at the door when they enter Trumpsylvania. Their hero’s cape can be crusted in chicken manure, but they still see it as pristine.

So when the man who boasts of his “total authority” fails virtually every exam and pop quiz in his first real crisis as president, they find others to blame. Messiahs don’t make mistakes. Not even when the homecoming chickens are roosting—and pooping—on his adoring disciples’ shoulders.

Hal, Mitch, and…

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How Versus Why–And Why It’s Important

The newest member of On the Fence Voters wrote a very thoughtful … and thought-provoking … post yesterday that I would like to share with you this afternoon. I hadn’t thought to categorize people in this way before, and I suspect that most people are some combination of these two, but what he says makes a lot of sense. Take a look …

On The Fence Voters

Keeping in mind the crucial caveat that there are exceptions to almost every rule, I will attempt to persuade those reading this missive that we can accurately place every human into one of two categories. Category one is made up of how people. Category two is made up of why people. How people tend to be doers; they accomplish beneficial tasks–or at least want to do so. Why people tend to be dreamers, thinkers. They might also accomplish beneficial tasks, but they are more likely to want to discover why those tasks the how people accomplish are beneficial.

How People

How people tend to be hard-working blue-collar folks. If they attended any college, it probably was a community college or a trade college. It’s likely that during their career-preparation years they had only marginal interest in subjects outside those that pertained to their chosen profession…

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Welcome Aboard Jerry!

Over the past week or so, I have re-blogged two pieces from On the Fence Voters by a guest writer, Jerry Gramckow. Today, our friend Jeff is welcoming Jerry on board as a part of the On the Fence team, so he will be a regular contributor! Welcome aboard, Jerry! We all look forward to hearing more from you! Thanks, Jeff … great addition to your team!

On The Fence Voters

Greg and I would like to take a moment to welcome a new member to our blog here at On The Fence Voters. His name is Jerry Gramckow (Grumpy1180). Jerry will now be a contributor to our site, and we couldn’t be happier to have him with us.

I’ve posted a couple of his pieces in recent days: A View From An Evangelical, and Trumpism, Explained. The feedback has been very positive. And now that we’re in the thick of perhaps the most important election in our lifetimes, Jerry’s perspective from his 47 years in the evangelical community is vital.

We know the current president has managed to co-opt a majority of those members, much to the chagrin of Jerry. His bottom line: Making sure that Donald J. Trump never sets foot in the White House again after January 20, 2021.

Jerry graduated from Multnomah University, a conservative…

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Trumpism, Explained

Jeff has shared a guest post by his friend, Jerry Gramckow that is an excellent summation about the definition of ‘Trumpism’. Thanks so much, Jeff & Jerry … this clarifies a bit more the mentality of those who blindly follow “the leader”, without understanding the damage he is doing.

On The Fence Voters

The following is another post from my friend Jerry Gramckow, who’s spent the majority of his life in the evangelical community. We value his insight and reflection. Thank you Jerry!

What is Trumpism?

by Jerry Gramckow

I’ve read several definitions of the term Trumpism. Some definitions, such as the one posited by Victor Davis Hanson in National Review, give it a mostly positive spin. Others, like this one in The Hill, are more critical. And some, like this one in the Los Angeles Times, pull no punches in making the term (and the movement) synonymous with dangerous, mind-numbing cultism.  

Here’s my definition and analysis of Trumpism:

Definition: Trumpism is a movement made up mostly of willfully ignorant traditionalists whose self-centeredness makes them oblivious to the oppression or neglect of anyone outside themselves and their closest companions and willing to defy historic ethical norms to achieve their desired goals.


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A View From An Evangelical

Our friend Jeff has a new post that simply must be shared. He has connected with a member of the Christian evangelical community, albeit one who, unlike the rest, sees quite clearly what Donald Trump is, but tries to explain how his fellow evangelicals see him. This is well worth reading and pondering, for if we understand the thought processes of those who would make Trump king, perhaps we can counter them. Thank you, Jeff, and Jerry!

On The Fence Voters

A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to have an article of mine published at The Culture Crush digital and print magazine. It was called Under The Influence. Alongside my piece, another article was published by Jerry Gramckow entitled Against Interpretation. While mine dealt with how snake oil salesman have been wreaking havoc in our society for generations, Jerry’s went deep into the mind of the modern day evangelical. He should know, because he’s been in that community for 47 years. Today, I’m proud to publish a provocative post from Jerry that dives into Trumpworld from his own unique perspective. 

Jerry graduated from Multnomah University, a conservative evangelical institution, and served as an editor at two prominent evangelical Christian ministries. 

Thank You Jerry!

When The Right Thing To Do Is Wrong

By Jerry Gramckow

“There’s nothin’ you can do to turn me away, Nothin’ anyone can say. You’re with…

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Under The Influence

A few weeks ago, I shared a piece by Jeff about religion from a personal perspective. Today, I would like to share a piece he wrote around that time for an online publication that I think you will find quite interesting! Thank you, Jeff, for this post and your permission to share!

On The Fence Voters

I’d like to share with you an excerpt of a piece I wrote for the online and print publication, The Culture Crush. I’m an occasional contributor to the magazine and the subject matter is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately.

A few weeks back, I wrote a piece called, Religion–A Personal Perspective. In it, I asked you to share some of your own personal experiences as it pertained to religion. I was struck by the wide variety of opinions and life-altering effects of early indoctrination. It was clear to me that religion is, and remains, an important, yet divisive subject in our society.

Around the time I was writing my post for this space, I was also working on a piece for The Culture Crush. But instead of religion in general, this particular piece deals with the history of snake oil salesmen and how we’re…

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