♫ Touch Me In The Morning ♫

I received a request to play this song on this date by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.  Never let it be said that I don’t aim to please!  It didn’t hurt that I happen to like this song, too.

Released in 1973 on the Motown label, this song was written by ballad lyricist Ron Miller and songwriter/producer Michael Masser. It was Diana Ross’ first hit produced by Masser; he continued to produce more songs for her over the years.

Ross felt that this song was too difficult for her and recorded several takes on it. In a documentary about her, Masser said that she tried very hard to “get the vocals right for this particular song” and that it was a “draining experience.” As it happened, it became her longest-charting Pop record and also became her first #1 Adult Contemporary hit.

Miller explained how the song came together:

“I had already dreamed up this title, ‘Touch Me in the Morning,’ but I didn’t have the vaguest idea what it meant … So I analyzed Diane as a person. I said, ‘Well, this girl is out on her own now. She’s an adult and a movie star. She’s also a contemporary woman and … much more liberal about expressing her sexual values. Whereas once upon a time, only a man could say something like that, now a liberated woman like Diane could. However, though she’s ostensibly a sophisticated woman, she’s still crying inside to be touched in the morning.’ It was just a very cold, calculated and wonderful job of crafting.”

It marked a turning point in the career of Diana Ross, reinvigorating her singing career, coming immediately after her Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in her acting debut, Lady Sings the Blues.

Touch Me in the Morning
Diana Ross

Touch me in the morning
Then just walk away
We don’t have tomorrow
But we had yesterday

Wasn’t it me who said that Nothing good’s gonna last forever?
And wasn’t it me who said, Let’s just be glad for the time together?
It must’ve been hard to tell me
That you’ve given all you had to give
I can understand you’re feeling that way
Everybody’s got their life to live

Well, I can say goodbye in the cold morning light
But I can’t watch love die in the warmth of the night
If I’ve got to be strong
Don’t you know I need to have tonight when you’re gone?
Till you go I need to lie here and think about
The last time that you’ll touch me in the morning
Then just close the door
Leave me as you found me, empty like before

Wasn’t it yesterday We used to laugh at the wind behind us?
Didn’t we run away and hope that time wouldn’t try to find us (Didn’t we run)
Didn’t we take each other to a place where no one’s ever been?
Yeah, I really need you near me tonight
‘Cause you’ll never take me there again

Let me watch you go with the sun in my eyes
We’ve seen how love can grow
Now we’ll see how it dies
If I’ve got to be strong
Don’t you know I need to have tonight when you’re gone?
Till you go I need to hold you until the time
Your hands reach out and touch me
In the morning (Mornings where blue and gold and we could feel one another living)
Then just walk away (We walked with a dream to hold and we could take what the world was giving)
We don’t have tomorrow (There’s no tomorrow here, there’s only love and the time to chase it)
But we had yesterday
(But yesterday’s gone my love, there’s only now and it’s time to face it) touch me in the morning

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Michael Masser / Ron Miller
Touch Me in the Morning lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Songtrust Ave