The Face of Ugly

Late last night, long after most people were snoring and dreaming dreams of camels in the desert or picnics in the park, I had just finished responding to comments and preparing my music post for this morning.  I thought, since it was only 3:20 a.m., I would go ahead and get a start on trolling the news stories of the day, trying to find a focal point for my afternoon post.  And then I saw this headline …

Iowa Woman Admits to Hitting Children With Car Because of Their Ethnicity

And, as I have done so many times over the past few years, I felt tears well up, and then I cursed, slamming my fist into the table and saying, “F$&@ Y$#, B@#%*!”  No apologies for the language this time … this ‘woman’ deserves that and more.

Her name is Nicole Poole Franklin and she is 43 years old.

Look at the picture.  Look closely.  This bitch with the smirk on her mouth, the two-toned dyed hair, and the evil shining from her eyes thinks she is somehow better than me or you or anybody who doesn’t look like her.

From the official release by the Department of Justice, Office of Public Affairs, dated 22 April 2021 …

An Iowa woman pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court to hate crime charges for attempting to kill two children because of their race and national origin.

According to admissions Nicole Poole Franklin, 42, made during the hearing, on the afternoon of Dec. 9, 2019, Poole Franklin was driving her Jeep Grand Cherokee on Creston Avenue in Des Moines, Iowa, where the first child-victim was walking along the sidewalk with another young relative. Upon seeing the children and believing that the victim was of Middle Eastern or African descent, Poole Franklin drove her vehicle over the curb towards both children, striking one of them. Poole Franklin then drove away from the scene. The assault resulted in injury to the victim, including cuts, bruising, and swelling. Approximately 30 minutes later, Poole Franklin was driving her Jeep near Indian Hills Junior High School in Clive, Iowa, where the second child-victim was walking on the sidewalk. Poole Franklin, believing that the child was Mexican, drove her vehicle over the curb and struck the victim, causing serious injury, including a concussion, bruises, and cuts. Poole Franklin again drove away from the scene but was apprehended later that day.

This happened in December 2019 … 16 months ago … and she is just now being charged???  WHY???  If I ran down a child in the street, I would be shot by police, not sent home with a little pat on the wrist!  Oh, but she is a tighty whitey, deserving of special privileges, yes?  So, in February 2020 she was declared “unfit to stand trial” by a Polk County judge … no doubt a Trump appointee!

On that day in December, Franklin’s rampage began when she  intentionally jumped a curb in Des Moines and struck a Black 12-year-old boy, injuring one of his legs.  A witness told police the SUV “gunned its engine” before the driver struck the child. She later  said she thought the boy was of Middle Eastern descent and was a member of the Islamic State terrorist group.  At 12 years of age.  Next, Franklin proceeded to run down Natalia Miranda, who was 14 at the time, as she walked to a basketball game, leaving the young Hispanic girl lying unconscious in the snow.  Her excuse was she thought the girl was Mexican.  And then, an hour or so later, Franklin drove to a convenience store where she spewed hateful racist slurs toward a clerk and customers, then threw items at the clerk.

DAMMIT people!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t care … Republican or Democrat, white or Black, Christian, Jew or atheist, gay or straight … RIGHT IS RIGHT, AND WRONG IS WRONG.  And it is dead WRONG to try to kill children … children for Pete’s Sake … because you don’t like the colour of their skin!  Frankly, I don’t like the colour of Ms. Franklin’s skin, either!  It’s plumb ugly!

I have long been against the death penalty.  In my view, it is wrong, and the odds are that sooner or later we will execute an innocent person.  But, I’d just about be willing to make an exception in the case of Ms. Franklin, for I see no purpose in her continued existence on this planet.

What I don’t understand … this woman who attempted to murder children because she didn’t like the colour of their skin … is handled by law enforcement with kid gloves, while in North Carolina, a 68-year-old Black grandmother was dragged out of her car by her hair, slammed to the ground by police, stepped on, treated so brutally that she suffered a torn rotator cuff (part of the shoulder joint) … for exceeding the speed limit.

Just to be clear here … the white woman who attempted to murder two children because she didn’t like their skin colour is not even charged for 16 months after the fact, and a Black woman is brutalized for … driving too fast.  Tell me again that there is no racism in our police departments, no double standard based on the colour of your skin.