Saturday Surprise — A Double Treat!

I have so many posts started, but my motivation is low tonight, so I thought probably it’s time to step away from separation of church and state, from Kevin McCarthy & Jim (Gym) Jordan, from transgender issues, and just have some humour for this Saturday morning!  So, I have a double treat … some fun jokes from Bored Panda that they refer to as Nature Jokes That Do Not Grow On Trees … and also some fun/cute/interesting wildlife photos from The Guardian’s “The Week in Wildlife”.

First, the jokes (some truly groan-worthy one-and-two-liners)

“Dad, can you explain to me what a solar eclipse is?”
“No sun.”

Lion: “You’re late. We said meet at sunset.”
Giraffe: “I can still see the sun.”

How can you tell the ocean is friendly?
It waves.

“Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will spend a fortune on gear he will only use twice a year.”

“What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?”
“Finding half of a worm.”

How do you properly identify a dogwood tree?
By its bark.

Why do fish swim in salt water?
Because pepper makes them sneeze.

What did the Jedi say to the tree?
“May the forest be with you.”

What is the best way to learn more about spiders that live in the rainforest?
Check out their web site!

How can you get down from a tree?
You can’t because down comes from a duck.

“Beaver 1: “Sir, the river is running at full capacity with no obstruction!””
“Beaver 2: “Dammit!””

Okay … ‘nuff of that!  You can find the rest of them at Bored Panda’s website, if you so desire!

And now for some gorgeous wildlife photos, courtesy of The Guardian

A cheetah rests in a reserve in north-west South Africa. Illegal poaching, drought, depletion of water resources and the destruction of habitats have negatively affected the lives of animals in this nature reserve Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty

Langur monkeys in a deer park in Pushkar, India Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty

A wild elephant eats water hyacinths in a wetlands in the Burapahar range of Kaziranga national park in Assam, India Photograph: Anuwar Hazarika/NurPhoto/Rex/Shutterstock

Pelicans swim in a lake in Guangzhou, China Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty

The Ghost of the Rocks. A red crab (Grapsus adscensionis) on La Gomera, one of Spain’s Canary Islands. The gold winner in the behaviour – invertebrates category in the World Nature Photography awards 2022. See more of the winners in our gallery Photograph: Javier Herranz Casellas/World Nature Photography Awards 2022

Snow Leopard in the Indian Himalayas. The gold winner in the animals in their habitats category in the World Nature Photography awards 2022 Photograph: Sascha Fonseca/World Nature Photography Awards 2022

A bee sips nectar from an almond flower at Badamwari park on a sunny spring day in Srinagar, India Photograph: Adil Abbas/Zuma Press Wire/Rex/Shutterstock

A bird perches on a branch of fully bloomed early flowering cherry blossoms on a river bank in Tokyo, Japan Photograph: Yoshio Tsunoda/Aflo/Rex/Shutterstock

A Texas zoo said it had taken back an 8ft alligator which was stolen as an egg more than 20 years ago, then kept as a backyard pet. A Texas parks and wildlife spokesperson said a game warden found the animal, named Tewa, during an unrelated investigation in Caldwell county last month. Photograph: The Guardian

A lioness in one of the world’s rarest lion populations has given birth to three cubs in Niokolo-Koba national park in Senegal. West African lions have almost completely disappeared. Scientists believe between 120 and 374 remain in the wild Photograph: Panthera/DPN/Everatt

A double-crested cormorant struggles to eat a catfish in a pond along the fifth hole during a practice round for the Players Championship golf tournament at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Photograph: Erik S Lesser/EPA

Two very wet storks sit on their nest in the Hessian Ried in Biebesheim am Rhein, Germany. Despite the adverse weather, the imposing migratory birds have already occupied their nests and begun courtship Photograph: Boris Roessler/AP

A Sri Lankan kangaroo lizard (Otocryptis wiegmanni) in Eheliyagoda, Sri Lanka. The brown-patched kangaroo lizard, Sri Lankan kangaroo lizard, or Wiegmann’s agama, is a small, ground-dwelling agamid endemic to Sri Lanka Photograph: Thilina Kaluthotage/NurPhoto/Rex/Shutterstock

Well, folks, I hope this has started your weekend with a smile or two, and I’ll be back later today with my usual snark!  Have a great weekend ahead and … do something fun!

Saturday Surprise — George The Mouse Is Back!!!

Way back in 2019 I posted about nature photographer Simon Dell and the little mouse he discovered in his yard one day.  Since then, Dell has provided many pictures of George the mouse and the little homes he has built for him over the past three years.  George has since been joined by other mice and Mr. Dell has created many fun and beautiful scenes featuring George and his friends.  I thought some of his more recent efforts would be a great way to start out the weekend, so I’m sharing a few here …

🤓 are those balloons for me little mouse ?

🐭 No! they is for my Girlfriends .

🤓 Girlfriends ? you have more than one.

🐭 sure do . it would not be fair for one person to enjoy all this cuteness and snuggles.

Ok who wants some dinners ?

🐭 so tell me again how many of these do we need to cut for all our fans on valentines day ?

🐁 around 75.000 should do it .

🐭 Wow that’s a lot can we not just post a photo of one and say it is for them all ?

🐭 Mr Tographer I nibbled you a Apple to give the wife for Valentines day . Can I have some peanuts now please .

🤓 sure you can  little mouse and I am sure the wife will love the apple

🐭 Ohhh Mr Tographer these flowers are nice . Can I eats them ?

Row houses for mouses

You can also find Simon, George and the gang on Facebook to keep up with his latest.  And to wrap up today’s Saturday Surprise, a video of George the mouse!

Th-th-that’s all, folks!!!  Have a great weekend!!!

Saturday Surprise — More Squirrels!

Conversation between me, myself, and I, with name-calling and profanities removed:

Me:  It’s 11 days before the election … surely you can’t expect me to manage a Saturday Surprise post this week?

Myself:  Okay, fine, so go to bed, then, lazy.

I:  Look, you write about politics all week … don’t you want a break?

Me:  No, the political situation is important!  It’s the thing weighing most heavily on my mind, the thing that has wrecked my appetite and my sleep!  I can’t find humour today … I just can’t.

Myself:  Oh great, feel sorry for y’self, why don’t you?

I:  Look, maybe you don’t want a break, but maybe your readers would be grateful for one, don’t you think?  Think about them, not yourself.  They’re worried too, and they need something to smile about.

Me:  Well … since you put it that way …

Myself:  Then get busy, you lazy sod.

Me:  I’m going, I’m going … would you please shut up!

And so … I went in search of something to give us all a reason to smile!  And I found – squirrels!!!

Geert Weggen is a Dutch/Swedish international awarded photographer specialiced in photographing Red squirrels.  In December 2018, I did a Saturday Surprise post featuring some of his squirrel photography.  This week, he put out a new collection of adorable photos, but first, I’ll let Geert tell you a bit about himself and how this all came about …

“15 years ago, I built a house with a balcony in a small village in the middle of Sweden beside a forest. I never expected that my balcony would become a photo studio for wild animals. Now I make my living with red squirrel photography.

It all started with a fox standing in front of my door. I started to take photos of the fox. After 2 weeks of daily visits, the fox started to climb onto my balcony and climb into boxes. This was the start of creating scenes on my balcony where I would lay out food for wildlife and capture them with my camera.

The studio is built 1 meter from the ground and is directly connected with my kitchen window and the forest. This is how I make compositions at eye level, 3 meters from my window. I use food to lure animals.

There can be a total of 14 squirrels visiting my garden, but mostly, there are 6 coming daily. I do not give them much food, so that they are not dependent on me.

I have won prizes, published books, and been published in many newspapers and magazines, TV and radio broadcasts, as well as worked together with publishers and artists. I have also done commercials and organized workshops. I’ve also been featured on Bored Panda many times, and you can find the links to these articles hereherehereherehere, and here.

Although there can be many squirrels coming in my scenes simultaneously, they are rarely all perfectly in focus or the right composition; therefore, I sometimes capture 2 photos with the animals in different positions and stack them together. Another thing I do is cloning out wires, pins, or food buckets if needed.”


Me, myself, and I all hope that the cute, furry squirrels brought a smile to your face, and we wish you a wonderful weekend!!!

Saturday Surprise — Critter Photography!

Good Saturday morn, my friends!  Today, being rather disgusted with humans in general, we’re going to take a journey into the animal kingdom!  You might want to don your jackets for this one …

Each year, a special event takes place in the Wapusk National  Park in Canada. From mid-February to mid-March, the polar bears reemerge from their caves and winter slumber. Mother bears carefully surface with their four-month-old cubs, so they can take their first steps. This is the first time these little ones get to feel the sun’s warmth, even though its sub-zero temps are enough to keep most humans from making a trek.  With one exception …

Conservation photographer Daisy Gilardini, who specializes in the Polar Regions with a particular emphasis on Antarctic wildlife and North American bears. She is from Switzerland originally, and is now based in Vancouver, Canada.

CHL000267.jpgPolar Bears sparringShe started to take photography seriously following a trip to India in 1989. Since then, she has visited more than 70 countries, camera in hand. She fell in love with Antarctica during her first trip there in 1997. She has since devoted most of her time to photographing the Polar Regions. In 20 years of polar exploration, she has joined more than 80 expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic. Among her accomplishments, she has skied the final degree to the North Pole.

Polar-4Polar Bear cub playingPolar-6During the past 11 years, she has roamed extensively through bear country, from the Great Bear Rainforest in her home province of British Columbia to Alaska and the high Arctic. During the course of her photographic travels she has documented the challenges facing North America’s bears, including the black bear, Kermode, grizzly and polar bear.

Polar Bears huggingPolar Bear mother with cubsPolar Bear mother with cubGilardini’s images have been published internationally in leading magazines such as National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Canadian Geographic, Nature’s Best and Outdoor Photography. Her images have also been used by high-profile NGOs such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund, among others.

Potrait of Polar BearPolar Bear mother with cubsCHL000402jpg

And check out this …

But it isn’t only polar bears that Ms. Gilardini photographs.  Her gallery features penguins, seals, brown bears, black bears, and “others”, some of which are rather strange (though not near as strange as those mask-wearing humans these days)!

I love the penguins …


And the seals …

White coatANS00436.jpgWhitecoat harp seal pup

Spirit Bears and Black Bears …

black-1Spirit bear on a treeSpirit bear sleeping in the forestSpirit bear closeup

Spirit bear mother with black cub scouting river side in search of dead salmons

Humans could take a lesson from these two!

And a few of the ‘other’ …


I am fascinated … amazed … at Ms. Gilardini’s skill.  What concentration and patience it must take to capture some of these shots!  If you like these, go check out her website where you’ll find much, much more!  She has an entire African gallery that is great!

Well, folks, that’s a wrap for this morning.  Have a decent weekend … get outdoors and enjoy nature … take some of your own nature photography!

Saturday Surprise — Squirrels!

I came across something a few days ago and thought it would be perfect for this week’s Saturday surprise, since with Christmas coming at mach speed, I am short on time this week and don’t have time to take you traveling in the Filomobile to exotic places.  What I came across was squirrels!  Let me explain …

Meet Geert Weggen

Geert Weggen

Geert is the one on the right.  I’ll let him tell you a bit about himself …

“I am a Dutch/Swedish international awarded photographer specializing in photographing Red squirrels. My work has been published wide abroad in newspapers, books, calendars, radio and television, and magazines.

6 years ago, there was a fox standing on my doorstep, and I immediately rushed back inside to fetch some meat. The fox would come back daily to get more food and I used that as an opportunity to take some photos.

By the end of a second week, the fox would come to the balcony where it interacted with various props I used for photography. Soon before late, a Russian bird paid me a visit and continued on doing so daily. Suddenly, my balcony had become a studio filled with nature props, cameras, mirrors etc. The bird followed me and I followed the bird with my camera, as it searched for hidden food in scenes that I had created. Some photos of this encounter were awarded and published.

Eventually, red squirrels appeared and they still come daily to my outside studio. Little did I know back then that it would become my living.”

Geert is the author of eight squirrel photo books and there are hundreds of his gorgeous pictures available to view online, but I picked a few of my favourites to share here with you this morning.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, and if you visit Geert’s website, you can see many more of these delightfully whimsical photos.
















And for an extra treat … how ’bout a short video …

Have a fun and wonderful weekend, my friends!