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Well, guys, Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to get down to business here.  Filosofa is back on the job with a dose of snark to start your Friday with a grrrrrrrrrowl!

Donnie goes on the campaign trail … in London!

Guess what, folks?  Trump is going to be visiting the UK again next week.  Yep, he’s going back to embarrass us some more, demean our allies yet again, but that’s not all!  He’s also planning to hold a fundraiser there, whereby he plans to collect $3 million in donations from the Brits.  You can pick up your jaws from the floor now … yes, you heard me right … he’s going on a campaign rally, albeit a high-class campaign rally, in London.  But, more about that in a minute.

The initial reason for his trip is the annual NATO summit.  Trump has bullied and threatened until finally the NATO leadership has given in to at least one of his ‘demands’, and they have reduced the amount the U.S. contributes to the alliance’s central budget.  According to the alliance’s secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg …

“The U.S. will pay less, Germany will pay more, so now the U.S. and Germany will pay the same.”

The concession was made in hopes that there would be no grandstanding and drama at the summit, but I’m not holding my breath, for no doubt Trump will find something else to bitch about, will find yet another way to humiliate the citizens of the U.S.  To all my UK friends, please accept my sincere apologies in advance.

Now, about that fundraiser …

The invitation lists three tiers of donors:

  • For $125,000, a donor can join a roundtable, get a photo with the president and attend the reception.
  • For $50,000, a donor gets the photo and reception.
  • For $35,000, they can just attend the reception.

First of all, who in their right mind would pose for a picture with him???  But, to pay $125,000, or even $50,000 for it???  What comes to mind, though, is … what would anybody in the UK donating to his campaign have to gain?  Now, your ordinary person like me or you might kick in $25 to a presidential hopeful, and if we did, it would be only to help the candidate we believe best qualified for the job, for we are not in a position to trade favours.  But, when people donate hundreds of thousands of dollars, they do so in exchange for political favours.  Ponder on that one for a bit.

It is said that he is expecting to attract expatriates, and that donors must present a valid U.S. passport in order to attend, but … I guess I just have a suspicious mind.  And … if an expatriate is living in London, it seems unlikely to me that he would have an interest in helping Trump win next year’s election. Trump-State-VisitThe fundraiser will be hosted by Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel, co-chair Tommy Hicks Jr., national finance chair Todd Ricketts, and Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale.  I sincerely hope the Brits put on their best display and that the baby Trump balloon is flying high!

Donnie’s twin across the pond?

I have long said that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has shared DNA with Donald Trump.  Two peas in a pod.  Granted, Boris is smarter and more literate than Donnie, and even slightly easier on the eyes, but beyond that, they think alike, which is no good thing for either the U.S. or the UK.  As we all know, Donald Trump and his band of thugs have done everything in their power to roll back environmental regulations, putting animals, people and our very planet at risk.  Apparently, Boris isn’t much of a believer in climate change either.

On Thursday, a British television station, Channel 4 News, hosted a climate debate ahead of next month’s election.  Neither Prime Minister Johnson nor Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage bothered to show up.  Nigel’s excuse was that the discussion wouldn’t be about Brexit, apparently the only topic he knows how to talk about, but his absence was no great loss.  One would think, however, that the nation’s leader would be concerned enough to want to attend, to share his own views with those who will be voting in just a couple of weeks.ice-sculpture-2The Brits know how to do things up right, though.  Since Boris and Nigel failed to show up, their places on the debate stage were occupied by ice sculptures with their party’s logos.  Melting ice sculptures.  The network said the ice sculptures “represent the emergency on planet Earth.”  Seems fair enough to me.  Nigel’s absence wasn’t much noted, but Boris’ absence fueled criticism that he has sought to avoid both the public and tough questions from the press during the election campaign. In typical Trump fashion, Boris’ party, the Conservative Party, accused the network of ‘partisan bias’ just as Trump continually claims the U.S. media are biased and ‘out to get him’.  And again, in a Trumpian-style movement, the party has threatened to ‘review the network’s broadcast license’ … but not ‘til after the election.  Boris and Donnie … possibly twins separated at birth?  Both sore losers, both with juvenile temperaments, neither putting the best interests of their nations in the foreground.  Oh yeah, and both with really fake hair that looks like the straw in a horse’s stall.  And apparently, I’m not the only one who sees the resemblance …


The “Stable Genius” Advises The UK 🙄

It’s bad enough that Trump is making life a living hell on this side of the pond, but now he’s inserting his bulbous nose into a volatile political situation across the pond, and needless to say, the Brits are not all that happy about it.  Who can blame them?

On Thursday, Trump caused quite a stir when he phoned his pal Nigel Farage’s radio program and weighed in on Brexit, the upcoming U.K. election and Meghan Markle’s public battle with the British press … all things that are absolutely none of his business, and about which he knows absolutely nothing!

Back when Theresa May was Prime Minister, Trump claims to have given her advice, and then blamed her failure to make a deal with the EU that Parliament would agree to on the fact that she disregarded his advice.  More recently, Trump has encouraged UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to do a no-deal Brexit, in other words leave the European Union without any agreements regarding trade, travel, etc.  Boris Johnson has since negotiated a new deal with the EU and is trying to get it through Parliament, but Trump said to Farage on Thursday that if Johnson’s deal goes through, the U.S. will not trade with the UK …

“To be honest, under certain aspects of the deal, you can’t do it, you can’t trade. We can’t make a trade deal with the U.K.”

Then he goes on to tell Farage what a great thing it would be for the UK if they could make lots of trade deals with the U.S.  First, he’s wrong … Trump does not deal with any degree of integrity or honesty and the UK would likely be better off without us.  Second, Trump has no idea what is in the deal that Johnson has negotiated with the EU, and doesn’t understand the situation nor the dynamics any better than mi gato.  Third, how would he like it if, say, Canada told him that they would only trade with he U.S. if the U.S. cut off all trade with Mexico?

But that wasn’t bad enough.  Nigel Farage is as big an idiot as Trump, and Trump advised him that …

“You and I have become friends over the years and you’ve seen what’s happening with my thing. I would like to see you and Boris get together because you would really have some numbers. Because you did fantastically in the last election. I know that you and him [sic] will end up doing something that could be terrific if you and he get together. You’d be an unstoppable force.”

Think about this one for a minute … can you imagine if another world leader told Trump who he should choose for his running mate, and how he should run his campaign?  He would go ballistic, Twitter would be ablaze with his vitriol and vulgarity!

And then he went on to offer his unsolicited opinion about Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn …

“Corbyn would be so bad for your country, so bad. He’d take you in such a bad way. He’d take you into such bad places. I’m sure he’s a lovely man but of a different persuasion to put it mildly. He’s at the opposite end.”

Just who the heck does he think he is???  Few in the UK are likely to listen to his unwanted opinions, for his approval rating there is somewhere around 19% last I heard … even worse than it is here!

It always amazes me when people who have the filthiest house in town criticize somebody else for having a bit of dust on the shelves.  In this case, Trump’s own house is not only filthy (read corrupt), but he is the subject of numerous investigations that are almost certain to lead to his impeachment, if not his conviction and removal from office.  His own country is deeply divided as a result of his incompetence and corruption. What business does he have telling another how to run their country???

It seems to me that instead of calling a radio show in another country and advising that country how to run its business, his time and efforts would be better spent running his own country, trying to fix just some of the things he and his band of nasties have broken.  Certainly, the UK is a country in turmoil and uncertainty right now, but Donald Trump is not the person who can help them … all he can possibly do is add to their troubles, just as he has added to ours.

🇬🇧 The Brexit Conundrum — Bee’s View

I was thrilled with the guest posts on Brexit from Roger, Colette, Frank and Gary, and thought that project had likely run its course for the moment, when my friend Bee asked if she could contribute a post.  I immediately jumped on that opportunity, for Bee’s perspective will, no doubt, be significantly different than the previous four.  You see, Bee is a German national who has been living in the UK for quite some time … not sure how long … and she fears being forced to leave and return to Germany when Brexit, deal or no-deal, is complete.  Bee’s post is heartfelt, and I think presents a side we haven’t seen before, so please take a few minutes to read her tale.  Thank you so much, dear Bee!

GoodreadsBeeYesterday, I read the views on Brexit from several of my fellow bloggers here on Jill’s blog. Thanks very much, Jill, for giving us the platform to express our experiences and views. All of their posts and many of the comments taught me a lot. But it felt that the view from an EU immigrant to the UK on Brexit was missing. So, I decided to give my pound’s worth of opinion too.

I am sorry, but this will be a bit messy because my mind is a jungle, and Brexit is very personal for me. For me, Brexit is not a theoretical mind game that might or might not bring me advantages of any sort. Brexit means in a worst-case scenario, the existence I have built here is going to be destroyed.

The worst-case scenario would be, I apply for “Settled Status” which allows EU citizens to stay in the UK with mostly the same rights as before, but were rejected. Currently, that means I would have to leave the UK within four weeks. We have a house with a mortgage and jobs here. How do you create a new life within four weeks?

Let’s assume we would go to my home country, Germany. Many think that because I am German I would get help from there but nope: for the last 12 years I have paid my taxes and social contributions here in Britain, so why should they give me anything? I am not sure if we could get any help from the UK, but chances are we would not.

Germany is, like the UK, interested in “useful” immigrants who can work, pay taxes and bring in skills that are needed. My husband has a back problem and at nearly 60 wants to settle down and not to start all over again. It is unlikely he would easily find a job in Germany or elsewhere. We also do not have a big bank account to cushion any decision we would have to make. He would go with me despite all, but he would leave his children and all security behind but what for? Because some people don’t believe the EU gives Britain any benefits?  So please bear with me if I am sarcastic, angry and very scared.

I read in some of the previous posts about Brexit that immigration isn’t the main reason for voting to leave. However, to me, this looks differently maybe because of where we live. Our home is Norfolk which is a rather rural county in the East of England. Most jobs are in agriculture and tourism unless you are in Norwich, the only city in Norfolk. Norwich has a university, a thriving tech industry and it probably doesn’t surprise you that Norwich mainly voted to remain while the rest of Norfolk mainly voted to leave.

Both tourism and agriculture are heavily dependent on seasonal EU workers. To those Norfolk residents, who do not have a job, it appears that EU workers “steal” the jobs they feel are theirs. Since the referendum, the influx of seasonal EU workers seems to have decreased though. But it doesn’t look like the vacancies are taken by jobless leave voters. They are simply not filled while farmers and restaurant owners say that they just can’t find staff that is qualified enough and/or is willing to work the necessary hours. The same goes for care staff, nurses and doctors by the way.

Leave voters I know, do say that immigration was a huge reason why they voted to leave. They mention how EU immigrants come with filled-in forms to get benefits while British people can’t get any. I have not researched how much any of this is true. However, I have tried to get benefits this August after nearly 1 1/2 years without a job. Imagine my surprise when I was told that I only qualified for 6 months of job seekers allowance. To get this my husband had to sign up as well even though he had a job. The British benefits system is complicated and has changed a lot in recent years that’s why it would go too far to explain that as well.

On top, I had to prove that I had the right to get any benefit in the UK. This entailed an interview with someone from the jobcentre where I had to bring all the proof I had that I didn’t spend all my time in Germany or elsewhere. I also needed to prove that I work and live here. I was told, I would need to tell them every time I moved within the UK, how often and when exactly I left to go on holiday and whatever else that person felt they needed to know to grant me the benefit. At that point, I gave up because I can hardly remember what I did last week, let alone remember when I went on holiday ten years ago. Also, my husband would not have to prove all this. Both of us were rather appalled that I would need to be investigated like this, especially as they have my social security number. They know what I earned and where I worked.

20190218_120157I also think they probably know better than I when I was abroad: There are only three ways to come and go from the UK: you fly, you use a ferry, or you use the channel train. In all occasions, you have to show your passport because Britain did not sign the Schengen agreement. You can travel without your passport being checked in European countries that have signed the Schengen agreement. Even when we went to Switzerland which isn’t in the European Union but has an agreement on travel and trade with the EU, we didn’t show our passports once at the Swiss border. However, we had to show them when we left and came back to Britain. So surely they know how often I left the UK?

What surprises me about the Brexit debate, in general, is the view most people seem to have about the EU. For most people, not only in the UK but also all over Europe, membership in the EU mainly seems to be a question of business and economy. However, one of the main reasons why the EU was founded after the second world war was Peace. Europe had seen wars between its countries for centuries, and it culminated in WWII. The founding fathers and mothers of the European Union had experienced the destruction and human cost this war had brought, so their aim was firstly peace, and secondly a thriving economy for all of us. In all this struggle of a changing world, we do forget how important peace is for our countries wellbeing.

Peace is what the European Union mainly symbolises for me. To me, it is the guarantee that Europeans work together for peaceful and prosperous countries.  Yes, this Union of now 27 countries is far from perfect. But maybe it would be a good idea for European voters not to practice protest votes which result in getting people into the European parliament who are against everything EU? Surely if you vote for someone like Nigel Farage (who, by the way, had a German wife, and now has a French girl-friend, but campaigned against the EU for ages) to be your Member of European Parliament (MEP) you can’t be surprised that there are bad decisions made for your country on EU level?

Many European voters use the EU elections to vent frustration about many topics. But the EU-critical MEP’s they vote in, of course, do not do a fully constructive job. Most won’t make anything done in the EU look positive. So much of the anti-EU sentiment in any European country today might be non-existent if we only had MEP’s who are devoted European Unionists.  This is not a particularly British problem either. All European countries face anti-European tendencies, and I often said after the referendum: “If Germany had this referendum it would have gone the same way. German politicians are just not so stupid to do such a referendum.”

The EU certainly needs improvement, and most EU politicians are fully aware of it. However, they can’t get on with that job because the whole union is currently occupied with getting Brexit done. And the stakes are high on both sides. I recently read that Germany would lose about 100,000 jobs if the EU and Britain would not be able to strike a deal. That is a lot of jobs and can get any politician in trouble. But as far as I can see, most Germans think: “No matter the cost and no matter how flawed, the European Union is worth it!” And that seems to be the opinion of most Europeans outside of the UK.

I am fully aware that my points are just a tiny little part of the whole complex problem of Brexit and not very well researched or explained. To me, it is not only disenfranchised jobless voters who want to get rid of any immigrant, or lazy politicians who follow their agenda and not the good for the people who voted for them. Brexit is the expression of humans who feel that their life and their society does not offer them the possibility to live the best possible life. The reasons for this are many, and no one quite understands them, so many look for easy answers. In this case: “If only we could leave the EU all will be well”.

Unfortunately, easy answers never solve complex problems, and it hurts me to see the country I chose as my home and which I love, in this unholy mess, that might never be solved. It hurts me to see families, friends and communities so divided, so angry and so lost. But maybe this pain and division are necessary for us to become open for previously unthought solutions that let us live our best possible lives. I so very much hope for this!

*** Note to Readers:  Bee asked me to add the following information to her post:

I have lived in the UK since 2007 and have worked at the same company from the beginning until March 2018 when my mental health took a turn to the worst partly because of the insecurity of Brexit. Since September I am working in a new job.

There He Goes Again …

Tomorrow, Donald Trump goes to visit our friends in the United Kingdom.  I offer my apologies to my UK friends in advance for all the terrible things he is sure to say and do, and I hope you won’t hold it against us … or at least those of us who did not, could not, and would not vote for him.  But really, you guys invited him … what were you thinking???queen-elizabeth-iiLast July Trump visited the UK and was honoured with a visit to the Queen.  I shuddered when I heard that would take place, for he is known for being crude and crass, without a shred of grace or dignity to his name.  And, true to form, he disrespected the Queen in numerous ways, humiliating and embarrassing us.  He began by arriving late, looking sloppy as usual, and keeping Her Majesty waiting for a full ten minutes.  Then he shook her hand instead of bowing.  But the most glaring faux pas by far was as they were preparing to review scarlet-clad troops assembled in the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle. He turned his back on her and walked ahead of her.  Now, to people in the U.S. that may not sound like a big deal, but there are protocols in the UK about how one addresses the Queen and how one acts in her presence.

So, now he is returning at a time when the UK is already having serious troubles and really doesn’t need Trump and his ignorance to add to the mix.  But, if you are holding out some hope that he will behave and act like a world leader, splash yourself with cold water and wake up from that dream, for he has already insulted the nation in the days leading up to his trip … let me count the ways.

Trump has an obnoxious habit of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong … in UK politics, namely the Brexit situation.  First, speaking about that which he knows less than nothing, he said that Theresa May “messed up” Brexit.  Then, he said that he supports Boris Johnson who he believes would be “an excellent choice” to become the country’s next Prime Minister.


I think Boris and Donnie both buy their toupees at the same place

“It’s something that I find very interesting. I actually have studied it very hard. (He has never even read the U.S. Constitution, but he has studied Brexit “very hard”?  I think not.) I know the different players. But I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent. I like him. I have always liked him. I don’t know that he is going to be chosen, but I think he is a very good guy, a very talented person. He has been very positive about me and our country.”

He sees himself as being very influential in UK politics, claiming that other contenders had approached him asking for his public support …

“Other people have asked me for an endorsement too. I have been asked for endorsements. Well, I don’t want to say who but other people have asked me for endorsements, yes. I could help anybody if I endorse them. I mean, we’ve had endorsement where they have gone up for forty, fifty points at a shot.”

Despite the protests by the British people, the huge Baby Trump balloon, Donnie thinks the people in the UK love him!

“Now I think I am really, I hope, I am loved in the UK.”

I’m still laughing over that one!  Somehow, he who cannot make a single trade deal thinks he knows best about Brexit …

“Get the deal closed. If they don’t get what they want, I would walk away … If you don’t get the deal you want, if you don’t get a fair deal, then you walk away.”

And because he is so bloody smart and knows so much, he says that the UK’s #1 idiot Nigel Farage should have been put in charge of negotiating Brexit …

“He is a very smart person. They won’t bring him in. Think how well they would do if they did. They just haven’t figured that out yet.”


I think Donnie and Nigel go to the same fake tanning salon

And as if it weren’t bad enough that he is sticking his bulbous nose into things that a) he does not understand, and b) are none of his business, he had the unmitigated gall to call Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, “nasty”.  Meghan, a U.S. citizen by birth, married Prince Harry in 2018 and the couple have a son who was born on May 6th of this year.  So, what is Trump’s beef with the Duchess?  Back in 2016, while Trump was on the campaign trail, Meghan supported Hillary Clinton and, calling a spade a spade, she said Trump was “misogynistic and so vocal about it”.  I’m betting that no U.S. president in the history of this nation has ever before publicly called a member of the royal family “nasty”.  Too bad we aren’t still in the times when the Queen could have said, “Off with his head!”

Trump baby blimp-2I hear the good people of the UK have some great surprises planned, like an even bigger Baby Trump balloon than last year’s, and something to do with a milkshake dowsing!

Oh, and by the way … in case you’re interested, this trip is estimated to have a total cost to U.S. taxpayers of $22 million.  Trump is taking all three of his adult children AND their spouses which will require a second plane.  But we cannot afford to fix our highways or feed our poor, right?  And with 10,000 police said to be protecting Trump, you can imagine what it is costing the UK!  Why they ever invited him, I will never know.  They were hoping to negotiate a trade deal, but frankly … look how well that has worked out for other nations, such as China, Canada and Mexico.  His way of ‘dealing’ is to hit the other country with tariffs, so look out Ms. May and whomever succeeds her!Trump-Boris-NigelCan we hope he wakes up with blisters on his feet or something tomorrow so that he feels too poorly to make the trip?

Just Because …

Because it’s been a long, disgusting, depressing week, and because it’s Friday, and because I am largely unmotivated this afternoon, and because we need to laugh just a bit …

BIRMINGHAM, England (Reuters) – Nigel Farage, the former leader of Britain’s UK Independence Party, has long had a knack for generating publicity for his eurosceptic cause, but campaigners say he had nothing to do with the latest stunt: branded condoms bearing his image.Nigel Farage condoms are sold on a stall during the UKIP party conference in BirminghamAmong the most attention-grabbing items on sale at this year’s UKIP conference in Birmingham on Friday were condoms in packets printed with an image of Farage, eyebrow raised, and the phrase “For when you have a hard Brexit” underneath.

“They’re one pound each, or two pounds for four – at UKIP we like making deal, so long as it’s a good deal,” said Sebastian Cheek, the 20 year-old student who designed the packet and was selling 200 condoms to raise funds for the party’s youth wing.

UKIP is seeking to revive its dwindling political influence at the annual party get-together. Its popularity collapsed following the 2016 vote to leave the European Union and several botched attempts to replace the talismanic Farage as leader.

Farage remains a UKIP member but has tried to steer clear of the limelight to allow the party to develop a new identity – although no one appears to have told the party faithful snapping up the condoms and helping themselves to free framed photos of a grinning Farage standing with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Branded underwear is sold on a stall during the UKIP party conference in BirminghamThe array of conference stalls pitches a local branch selling “I love UKIP” underwear thongs opposite the party’s Christian members’ wing offering earnest leaflets on leaving the EU. The official UKIP stall sells bags of Brexit fudge – a sarcastic take on Prime Minister Theresa May’s approach to leaving the bloc.

By lunchtime on the first day of the two-day conference, almost half the stock of the Farage condoms had been snapped up: “It is a reputable condom … they’re going very quickly,” said Cheek.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Da Trumpeter Goes to War Against … Wind???

If there was ever any doubt, and in my mind there never was, that Donald Trump is mentally ill, I bet even Trump supporters will not be able to dispute that by the end of this post!  This post will make you laugh, cry and snarl, all in under 1,200 words!  And then you will ask yourself yet again how the Sam Heck this ‘man’ got elected to the highest office in the land.

trump-windmillsDonald Trump owns two golf courses in Scotland.  We all know this because he has bragged about them and what a success they are, despite the fact that records show he has lost some $31 million on them in the past few years, and has made many enemies in Scotland in the process.  Trump decided that the wind turbines used to produce clean, renewable energy did not enhance the view from his golf course, and so he went on a mission to have them removed.  Not only did he wish the turbines near his golf courses removed, but he wanted all the wind turbines in all of Scotland (and perhaps the world) removed.  Now, we all know that when Trump decides he wants something, whether that ‘something’ makes any sense or not, he goes after it with … shall we say, unrelenting vigor?


Alexander Salmond

Alexander Salmond was the First Minister of Scotland from 2007-2014, during which time Trump built and opened his golf course in Aberdeen. Salmond is a man who strongly supported renewable energy, such as … well, wind turbines.  Trump, never one to be cowed, began writing a series of what Mr. Salmond refers to as ‘green-ink’ letters, lengthy letters to a politician or journalist, expressing eccentric views, to Mr. Salmond. In the letters he refers to Mr. Salmond as ‘Mad Alex’.  I can only include some snippets here, but they are actually quite hilarious, and since we all need a laugh from time to time, I suggest you read more here.

  • “Let them ruin the coastline of Sweden first”
  • “Hopefully, Aberdeen’s magnificent coastlines will not be destroyed by these monsters”
  • “These countries, who benefit from your billions of pounds in payments, are laughing at you!”
  • “Do you want to be known as ‘Mad Alex – the man who destroyed Scotland’?”
  • “Your economy will become a third world wasteland that investors will avoid”
  • “Wind power does not work”
  • “I will be your greatest cheerleader if you can change or modify your stance”
  • “Your idea of independence is ‘Gone With The Wind’”
  • “Germany has cut back on windmills … why not sell them to Scotland if Scotland is stupid enough to buy them”
  • “These monstrous turbines are extremely unpopular in Scotland and the rest of the world – there is a great uprising against them”
  • “Spoiling Scotland’s spectacular landscape with ugly turbines will cause the tourism sector to collapse”
  • “Do not be the man who destroyed Scotland – do not be ‘Mad Alex’”

trump-golfThese are but a few samples … I have not read all 16 letters published today by the Huffington Post, who obtained copies by filing a Freedom of Information request, but what I have read thus far is enough to convince me that this ‘man’ has the mind and temperament of a five-year-old child!  He vacillates between wheedling/coaxing and rude/crude during the two-year letter writing campaign.  First Minister Salmond responded only once with “I don’t expect you to support the development of offshore wind in Scotland.  But I hope this letter will help you to understand the position of the Scottish government in terms of the importance we place on this industry’s great potential.”

When his letter-writing campaign failed to produce the desired results, Trump did what he always does … he sued the government to block the turbines, kicking off an expensive legal battle. Late last year, Britain’s highest court ruled against Trump.  His response?  “History will judge those involved unfavorably and the outcome demonstrates the foolish, small-minded and parochial mentality which dominates the current Scottish Government’s dangerous experiment with wind energy.”

Last month, Trump met with Britain’s own Nigel Farage, and, never one to let sleeping dogs lie, he once again brought up the subject of the wind turbines. Andy Wigmore, a member of Farage’s delegation, had this to say about the meeting:

“He has a bugbear. He doesn’t like windfarms at all. He said ‘When I look out of my window and I see these windmills, it offends me. Nigel, Arron, Andy, you have got to do something about these windmills.’ He said: ‘Let’s put them offshore, but why spoil the beautiful countryside.’ So he has asked us to campaign about getting rid of windfarms in the way they currently stand. I don’t want Scotland, the most beautiful country ever to be sullied by these awful windmills.”

Never let it be said that Trump takes defeat lightly.  He has many “reasons” for his objection to windfarms:

  • “First of all, we don’t make the windmills in the United States. They’re made in Germany and Japan.”
  • “They’re made out of massive amounts of steel, which goes into the atmosphere, whether it’s in our country or not, it goes into the atmosphere.”
  • “The windmills kill birds.” (The man whose sons murder lions, elephants and cheetahs for sport suddenly cares about birds???)
  • “Windmills need massive subsidies. In other words, we’re subsidizing wind mills all over this country.”
  • “For the most part they don’t work. I don’t think they work at all.”

Each of the above statements has been fact-checked by Wind Power Monthly  and proven either false or mostly false.  Please check out their article, as it contains some interesting snippets of conversation between Trump and Michael Barbaro of the New York Times.

There is so much of interest on Trump’s building of his golf courses in Scotland that I may have to do a separate post on that, but for this post I mainly wanted to focus on his attitude toward wind power as a renewable energy source.  Despite the humour of some of his bombastic comments, there is a serious issue here.  We can see from this that Trump does not give up.  Ever.  He will argue, I presume, with a brick until it finally crumbles.  And his take on renewable energy and energy conservation methods that are designed to slow the progression of destruction of our atmosphere is that they are all useless and we should instead open additional mining and drilling operations for fossil fuels.  So picture, if you will, the certain-to-happen battle between Trump and Congress, or Trump and the 50 states over energy policies.

While there are some downsides to wind as a source of renewable energy, overall it is viable both economically and environmentally. You can check out the pros and cons here. About 4% of the electricity generated in the United States is produced from wind energy. In 2013, Iowa and South Dakota produced more than 25% of their energy from the wind. It is certainly not something we want to discount in terms of working toward a cleaner, healthier environment.

Trump’s bombast is humorous on the surface, but beneath the surface, he is a powder keg looking for places to explode.  He cares more about the view from his golf course than he does about the air we breathe and the future of our planet. Unfortunately, all of us, democrats, republicans, independents … all of us are going to pay the price for this ‘man’ being elected last month.  The mind of a five-year-old in a fat man’s body.