The Fox News Stain on America

Fox News is, as I see it, the pimple on the patootie of network television, though I’m sure many would argue that point. Last night, they showed us just how little we or anybody matter to them, and Jeff has that story for us! An aside, an election tech company, Smartmatic, is suing Fox in a defamation suit for $2.7 billion! I hope they win their suit! Frankly, I hope Fox goes down in flames. Thanks, Jeff, for this excellent post … and I share your feelings … about 20 seconds is as long as I can view Fox!

On The Fence Voters

I watched MSNBC Wednesday night when they began to cover the arrival of murdered Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s remains to lie in state in the Capitol rotunda. A short memorial service followed, with many of his fellow officers present and several Congress members, President Biden, and his wife, Jill.

Curious, I switched over to CNN to see if they were covering the ceremony, which they were indeed doing. Then I got even more ambitious and decided to see what was happening over at Fox News. I occasionally do that for no other reason than to see what topics they’re talking about when a major news event occurs. Most of the time, I can only last about one minute before I begin to get sick to my stomach.

As I expected, there was no coverage whatsoever of the solemn ceremony. In fact, none other than the quack Dr. Scott Atlas…

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