A Few More Snippets …

I tried watching Kayleigh McEnany’s press briefing a few minutes ago, but all I could do was shake my head and laugh … she is as a puppet on a string … whatever is asked, she will find a way to praise Trump.  I wonder if her conscience pricks her at night, or if she truly believes the lies she spews?  In addition, since all the reporters were masked and there was no closed captioning, I wasn’t able to understand any of the questions, so I gave up on it … I’ll read the transcript later.  Anyway, there is more to talk about today …

Breaking News!

Mitch McConnell Congratulates Biden for Being the President-elect!

It should not be “Breaking News” that the Senate Majority leader congratulates the President-elect on winning the election more than a month after the fact.  It’s what I call ‘common courtesy’, part of our government leaders treating each other with respect.  But, the very first “Breaking News” alerts on my phone were just that … all three of them, from The Guardian, The Washington Post, and the New York Times.  Said McConnell …

“Yesterday, electors met in all 50 states. So, as of this morning, our country officially has a President-elect and a Vice President-elect. Many millions of us had hoped the presidential election would yield a different result. But our system of government has processes to determine who will be sworn in on January the 20th. The Electoral College has spoken. So today I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden.”

McConnell’s move is more than a month too late, and came only after the Electoral College voted to confirm the will of the people.  Apparently ol’ Mitchie finally woke to the inevitable and realized that he’s going to have to work with the Biden/Harris team for at least the next four years.

Trump, on the other hand, is still continuing to live in his little fantasy world …

“Tremendous evidence pouring in on voter fraud.  There has never been anything like this in our country!”

Twitter responsibly labeled his tweet with “This claim on election fraud is disputed”.

Remember, folks … WE are paying him to sit around and think up this nonsense!

Say WHAT???

Trump is now scraping the bottom of the barrel for lawyers, as all those who have decent reputations have distanced themselves from his frivolous lawsuits.  One of those who still clings to Trump in hopes of … I have no idea what his hopes are … is Lucian Lincoln “Lin” Wood.  Now, ol’ Lin has been busy of late, filing lawsuits with no evidence to back them up, but yesterday he went a couple of steps too far in my book.

Lin posted on Twitter …

“Better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you have PLENTY of water, food, flashlights & batteries, candles, radio, 2nd Amendment supplies, & a plan to meet with leaders of your communities. Remember we only have 1 President at a time. Our leader is @realDonaldTrump, not Biden.”

“2nd Amendment supplies”???  Guns and ammo?  What … is he planning a war?  But he wasn’t done.  Speaking of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, both Republicans, he said they should be jailed!

“President Trump @realDonaldTrump is a genuinely good man. He does not really like to fire people. I bet he dislikes putting people in jail, especially “Republicans.”  He gave @BrianKempGA & @GaSecofState every chance to get it right. They refused. They will soon be going to jail.”

Never before have I seen a president surround himself with such pond scum as Lawyer Wood … and others.  The only thing Kemp and Raffensperger did was their job … they upheld the law … so no, they aren’t going to jail, but I have a feeling Mr. Wood may soon lose his license to practice law, as well he should!

And if you think U.S. politics are screwed up …

The headline in The Guardian reads …

Paris city hall fined for putting too many women in senior roles

Paris city authorities have been fined for employing too many women in senior positions, a decision mocked as absurd by the mayor, Anne Hidalgo, on Tuesday.

The fine of €90,000 (£81,000) was demanded by France’s public service ministry on the grounds that Paris city hall had broken national rules on gender parity in its 2018 staffing.

“I am happy to announce that we have been fined,” Hidalgo, a member of the Socialist party, told a city council meeting, adding that she had been filled with joy when she learned of the penalty.

Hidalgo said she was faulted because 11 women and only five men were named to management positions in city hall in 2018, meaning that 69% of the appointments went to women.

One thing is for sure … there’s no danger of that happening here in the U.S. any time soon!