Your Daily Dose of Snarklets

I decided that these mini-snippets of snark should be called ‘snarklets’, and today I have limited time, but a number of these little snarklets bouncing about in my head.

A nice little vacation?

Well, as you all know, Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned under duress yesterday morning after taking only 45 days to practically destroy the economy of the UK.  So now comes the big question:  who will replace Ms. Truss?  From what I’m reading, there are three main possibilities and guess who heads the list?  Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson who has only been out of office for the same 45 days that Ms. Truss occupied it.  So … what this looks like to me is Boris, not-so-affectionately known as BoJo, wanted a little vacation, so the Tories hired Ms. Truss to fill in for him so he could have a month-and-a-half to spend cruising about the Caribbean, catching some rays, eating good food and drinking fine wine.  Must be nice.  And if they think Boris will be any better leader after his little vacation … think again.

Bye Steve!

Well, it looks like a small bit of justice has been handed down and Steve Bannon is actually going to prison for defying a subpoena to appear before the January 6th committee.  He was convicted back in July on two charges of Contempt of Congress – one for failing to appear for a deposition and the other for refusing to provide documents requested by the committee.  This morning, Judge Carl Nichols handed down a four-month prison sentence – about four years less than he deserves, but at least it’s something.  Or is it?  The judge ‘paused’ the sentence until Bannon’s appeal can be heard.  Welcome to another episode of “Drag Our Feet”, for Bannon will likely be long dead before he sees the inside of a prison cell.

Boomerang LePage

Some politicians, usually the worst of the worst, just won’t go away … they keep coming back like a boomerang or more aptly, a bad penny.  Just one example is former Maine governor Paul LePage, a blatant racist who was voted out in 2016.  You can read some of LePage’s lunacy in my two 2016 posts about him:  Another Unsavory Politician … LePage  and Time For A Change In The Governor’s Mansion!.  Suffice it to say that the man is one brick short of a dozen, is a cruel and bigoted excuse for a man, and yet he has the unmitigated gall to run for his old position yet again?  Fortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s doing too well against incumbent Janet Mills.  Which of these two people would you want for governor …

Okay, folks, that’s all the snarking I’ve got time for today but you know there’ll be more soon!  Have a great weekend ahead!

More Snarky Snippets …

I have an overload of sarcasm built up in me today, so … it must be time for some snarky snippets, don’t you think?  But first, I want to begin with something positive for a change!

Thumbs up to the new Governor of Maine …

Maine has a new Governor, Janet Mills, who replaced the bigoted Paul LePage.  As I wrote a while back, the people of Maine had approved Medicaid expansion by a ballot initiative more than a year ago, but former Governor Paul LePage had blocked it from taking effect.  Janet Mills promised during her campaign that she would ensure the initiative moved forward, and thankfully for the people of Maine, she keeps her promises.Janet Mills.jpgOn Thursday, in her first executive order on her first day in office, Mills ordered Maine to move forward with Medicaid expansion, which is likely to provide health insurance for an additional 70,000 Maine residents.  LePage had been fighting tooth and nail to prevent Medicaid expansion in the state for years, vetoing no less than five different bills.  Then, when the issue was passed as a separate ballot issue in 2017, he blocked it … went directly against the will of the people.  Is it any wonder he lost his bid for re-election?  Ms. Mills has certainly started on the right foot.

In order to protect Trump …

What if you’re a republican who does not support Donald Trump?  Yes, there are actually some of them out there, although we are told only about 20% of republicans do not support him.  Well, if you are hoping for a better option on the republican ticket for 2020, you may just be out of luck, especially if you live in South Carolina.

The Republican Party in South Carolina is giving serious consideration to cancelling the primary in their state in order to “protect Donald Trump from potential challengers”.  Say WHAT???  They can do that?  Yes, they can do that and in fact did do that in 1984 when Reagan was running for re-election and again in 2004 when George W. Bush was running.

Drew McKissick, the chairman of the South Carolina GOP, had this to say …

“We have complete autonomy and flexibility in either direction.  Considering the fact that the entire party supports the president, we’ll end up doing what’s in the president’s best interest.”

My question is … if they are so damn sure that Trump has the support of all republicans, then why is there a need to “protect” him? What are they afraid of?  Other potential candidates who are considering a run on the GOP ticket include former Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, and Ohio Governor John Kasich.  Personally, I think any of those three would make a much better president than Trump!

On inventing a crisis …

First, let me say this:  THERE IS NO NATIONAL SECURITY CRISIS!!!

Well, actually there is a national security crisis, and it has a name:  Donald Trump.trump-tweet.pngAnd then he plans to travel to the southern border on Thursday, according to Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Now why would he feel a need to ‘address the nation’ on live television at this time?  It isn’t as if we don’t have his opinions, his hateful rhetoric, shoved in our faces 24/7 by the media and on Twitter.  But to interrupt prime-time television programming … presidents typically only do that when they have a major announcement, such as when Obama interrupted programming on May 2nd, 2011, to inform the nation that 9/11 master planner Osama bin Laden had been captured and killed.

Given Trump’s recent threats, I can’t help wondering if his ‘announcement’ will be that he is declaring a state of national emergency in order to attempt to circumvent democratic processes to get his wall.  I hope I am wrong, for if he does that, it will throw this nation into chaos and create the biggest constitutional crisis this nation has seen in our lifetime.  In the end, I do not believe that Trump will be successful in this endeavor, for the legality is highly questionable, given that there is no crisis.  Still, Congress and the Courts will be the ones to deal with that, meaning there will be little else accomplished.  The cost will be high and it will further divide an already unstable nation.  Meanwhile, the U.S. government is still in shut down mode, 800,000+ federal employees are going without pay, including many who are critical to the safety of this nation.

One man is to blame …

The entire Trump administration is to blame for the ongoing shutdown, for they have enabled Trump and forsaken the nation in so doing.  Donald Trump is responsible for his horrifying behaviour and failure to uphold his duty to the nation.  But that said, there is one man who I hold more accountable than the rest (except Trump himself, that is) and that man is Senate Majority Leader Mitchell McConnell.mcconnell dartboard.jpgMcConnell refused to allow a vote on the spending bill that was passed by the House of Representatives, saying …

“Any viable compromise will need to carry the endorsement of the president before it receives a vote in either House of Congress. Under these conditions … the package presented by the House’s new Democratic leaders yesterday can only be seen as a time-wasting act of political posturing.”

But that may not be true.  There are a number of republican senators who have expressed a willingness to at least consider the bill passed by the House, and it may well be that, if put to a vote, the bill would pass the Senate with a veto-proof majority.  It might not, but we’ll never know if McConnell doesn’t stop pandering to Trump and let the Senate vote on the bloomin’ bill!!!

Apparently, Mitch McConnell has no more conscience than does Donald Trump.  They are both in the process of destroying this nation and killing its people.  Great job, guys!

Th-th-that’s all for now folks!bugs bunny

Time for a Change in the Governor’s Mansion!

lepage2In June, I wrote about yet another unsavory politician, Maine Governor Paul LePage I really thought I was done with Mr. LePage, but today he is back in the news. It appears that Mr. LePage will be tendering his resignation as governor very soon, either voluntarily or by force.  LePage appears to have modeled himself after none other than Donald Trump, as he is brash, outspoken even when he knows not of what he speaks, and has definitive racist tendencies.  He claims to know just what his state needs, but he is wrong far more than he is right, and his latest fiascos have even Republican legislators calling for his resignation.

In just a 48-hour period last week, Mr. LePage threatened a Democratic lawmaker in a profane voice mail message, made sweeping statements about race and ended the week by doubling down and seeming to endorse racial profiling to address the state’s drug crisis:

  • On Wednesday, Mr. LePage told attendees at a town hall meeting that the vast majority of drug dealers in Maine, which is in the grips of a heroin crisis, were black or Hispanic, and said he was keeping a binder of charged criminals to prove it.
  • State Representative Drew Gattine said the remarks were racially charged. In response, LePage left a voice mail message for Mr. Gattine, in which he called him obscenities and said, “I am after you.” Mr. LePage then told reporters that he would like to have a duel with Mr. Gattine and shoot him between the eyes. I will not print the text of the voicemail here, as it contains extreme profanity, but if you have the stomach for it, you can listen to it here.
  • On Friday, Mr. LePage took his binder of drug arrests, with mug shots, to a news conference, and compared Maine’s drug crisis to a war in which combatants must identify and shoot at the enemy. “The enemy right now, the overwhelming majority of people coming in, are people of color, or people of Hispanic origin,” Mr. LePage said.

Not surprisingly, Democratic lawmakers in Maine are calling for his resignation, but even Republican State Senator Amy Volk has expressed concern and believes LePage is no longer fit for office.  “I share your deep concerns regarding the governor’s behavior,” Ms. Volk wrote. “What I do not know is whether it is due to substance abuse, mental illness or just ignorance.” Another Republican lawmaker responded with “Look, if anybody did this that was an employee of any corporation in our state, there would be ramifications,” said Michael Thibodeau, the Republican president of the State Senate.

These are not isolated incidents, but as I noted in my previous post about LePage, he has a history of unprofessional, inappropriate behaviour that I cannot help but liken to Mr. Trump’s own behaviour.

  • In April he stormed offstage during a public appearance, calling protesting students “idiots”.
  • lepage wanted posterIn March he displayed “Wanted”-style posters aimed at environmentalist and union groups during a town meeting, saying those groups were holding the state back.
  • In February he said asylum-seekers brought disease and the “ziki-fly.”

These are but a few of his highly inappropriate actions and comments.  I considered awarding Mr. LePage this week’s Idiot of the Week award, but I stopped short because, as Ms. Volk aptly points out, this behaviour seems to be escalating and may well be the result of a medical or mental health condition. Nonetheless, it is, in fact, time for Mr. LePage to step down from public office.  No elected official should be given license to be so blatantly racist, to unapologetically make these types of comments repeatedly.

LePage himself seems to be conflicted about his position.  In a radio interview this morning, he announced that he is considering his resignation and may not finish out his term.

“I’m looking at all options. I think some things I’ve been asked to do are beyond my ability. I’m not going to say that I’m not going to finish it. I’m not saying that I am going to finish it. If I’ve lost my ability to help Maine people, maybe it’s time to move on.”

But then just a few hours later, he ‘tweeted’: “Regarding rumors of resignation, to paraphrase Mark Twain: ‘The reports of my political demise are greatly exaggerated.’ “ Maine legislators have been scrambling and are planning to meet this evening to discuss the options.  I strongly suspect that if he does not do so of his own volition, he will be asked to step down, and if all else fails, the process to remove him from the Governor’s mansion will begin post haste.  That is as it should be, for this man poses a serious threat to the state and its people, and surely nobody in his constituency can possibly have any respect for him at this point.

My final point in all of this is that I see so much Trump-like behaviour in Mr. LePage. Like Trump, LePage comes from a business background and was once the head of his own consulting firm, entering the political arena only in 2003 when he was elected mayor of Waterville, Maine.  He was first elected governor in 2010 and re-elected in 2014.  He would next come up for re-election in 2018, another two years.  Now think about having a President of the United States who behaves and speaks as Mr. LePage, with no filters, no conscience, no respect for anyone.  People claim that ‘political correctness’ is a bad thing and that we should not be held to the norms of respectful speech.  They are wrong.  Political correctness is nothing more than being respectful instead of hurtful and rude.  I think Mr. LePage as well as Mr. Trump have shown us what “taking off the gloves” of politically correct speech looks like, and I for one do not like it one bit.  Think about it.



Another Unsavory Politician … LePage

MaineIn recent months, I have written about a number of politicians either currently or formerly in office, who defy the norms of dignity, fairness, impartiality and legality (Louis Gohmert, Sarah Palin, Dennis Hastert, to name just a few).  I once wondered what I would write about after the 2016 election ended, but I now see that the insanity extends far beyond just Trump, and it appears that I shall never run out of ‘blog fodder’. Today’s subject is none other than the Governor of Maine, one Paul LePage.

Donors to the National Resources Council of Maine (NRCM), a highly regarded environmental group, received the following letter from their governor this week:

I’m writing to make donors to Natural Resources Council of Maine aware of this organizations
true intent. While everyone supports a healthy environment, NRCM is doing it at the expense of
good-paying jobs for rural Mainers who are desperate for employment.

It is easy for out-of-state visitors, residents of wealthy coastal towns and those living in Southern
Maine to support the perceived policies of the Natural Resources Council of Maine. Since this
group of donors enjoy low rates of unemployment, nice homes and neighborhoods and thriving
and successful businesses, they may be unfamiliar with the harsh crisis facing rural Maine,
especially in Northern and Downeast [sic] Maine.

The job-crushing, anti-business policies of NRCM are preventing rural Mainers from getting the
kind of jobs they need to raise themselves out of poverty.

NRCM is the chief supporter of the preservationist movement that is holding Maine back. The
organization has blocked reasonable mining regulations that would provide high-paying jobs to
rural families in Northern Maine; promoted unilateral executive action to establish a national
monument — even though several local communities have voted strongly against it — that would eliminate hunting and timber harvesting from thousands of acres; and has proudly blocked any significant hydroelectricity development over the last 40 years. These policy decisions have
contributed to the decline of the manufacturing base that has been an anchor for rural Maine and has employed generations of. sportsmen and women.

Maine has traditionally balanced the stewardship of our environment, while also ensuring that
our population has economic opportunity. This balance is vital to providing opportunities for
prosperity to rural Mainers. If we support economic development at the expense of the
environment, we will have a natural disaster. If we support the environment over economic
development, we will continue to have severe poverty.

NRCM is not interested in a balance. It is an activist group that says “no” to every opportunity to
allow Mainers to prosper, and it is working to make rural Maine a national park virtually devoid
of human activity or meaningful employment. I would request that you carefully review
policy positions before donating to them in the future.

You may not realize that your financial support of NRCM pays for a lavish office building that is
just a block from the State House — a short walk for its highly paid lobbyists to push their anti-
business agenda on legislators — while residents in places like Calais or Millinocket or Mars Hill
cannot afford even modest, middle-income homes. NRCM recently spent your money to rent
buses and transport activists from Southern Maine to a meeting in Orono to push for a national
monument in the Katahdin region, something the Legislature and town after town in rural Maine
have voted to oppose.

Folks in rural Maine have neither the time nor the resources to attend these meetings or travel to
the State House and lobby for the good jobs they need. NRCM should not be leading the charge
to deny life-changing economic opportunity to poverty-stricken people in rural Maine.

I understand and appreciate your desire to support Maine’s environment and precious natural
resources. However, please understand that your financial support of NRCM is costing rural
Mainers good jobs and keeping them mired in poverty. I urge you to ask NRCM to take a
balanced approach that both protects our environment and provides prosperity for the people
who live in it. I firmly believe human life is the greatest asset on this planet.


Paul R. LePage

There are at least three things very wrong with this letter.  The first is that the names and addresses of donors should never have been used in this way, in fact, should never have been obtained by the governor’s office, let alone used in this way.  The governor’s office claims they obtained the names and addresses from the organization’s public documents, but the public reports actually contain only names, not addresses.  The second thing wrong is that throughout the letter, LePage bemoans the unemployment rate in Maine, but on researching this, I find that the rate of unemployment in Maine is 4.7%, precisely the same as the national average.  Third, Maine has a significant tourism economy that is largely driven by its natural beauty, clean air, fresh water, and uninhabited spaces. As such, it is imperative that Maine preserve its environment, which is precisely what NRCM is doing.

My research shows that NRCM, established in 1959, has been recognized and awarded dozens of times for its work on behalf of a wide variety of environmental issues.  They have a staff of only 24, with 16,000 plus supporters and volunteers.  Among their awards are the EPA’s Climate Award and the United States Department of the Interior’s Cooperative Conservation Award.  Does this sound like the evil organization portrayed by Governor LePage?

This is not the first time LePage has been at the heart of controversy:

  • In 2011, he was criticized for refusing to attend Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events or to even meet with leaders of the NAACP. In response to the criticism, he replied, on camera, that they could “kiss my butt”.  Perhaps not criminal, but surely not smart, either.
  • One of his first moves as governor in 2011 was to ‘roll back’ certain existing environmental laws, claiming that there “hasn’t been any science that identifies that there is a problem”. He defended the restoration of BPA in bottles by saying, with a smirk, that the worst that could happen was that “some women may have little beards.”
  • For months he refused to allow his commissioners to testify before legislative committees and ordered state employees not to speak to the state’s largest newspaper chain.
  • His advice to students in the State of Maine? “If you want a good education, go to private schools. If you can’t afford it, tough luck. You can go to the public school.”
  • He has likened the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to the Gestapo and, when criticized for the remark, claimed the agency’s enforcement of Obamacare would cause a slaughter comparable to the Holocaust.
  • He told schoolchildren that Maine’s newspapers are full of lies and joked about bombing the largest of them, the Portland Press Herald.
  • LePage said he would like to lower the legal working age from 16 to 12


And the list goes on, but you get the idea.  I wonder if he was, perhaps, a graduate of “Trump University”?  Recently he made the comment that “guys by the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty bring heroin to Maine and half the time they impregnate a young, white girl before they leave.”  Does this remind you of a certain someone and his comments about immigrants from Mexico?

The good news is that this letter and his rant against NRCM has renewed support for the environmental group and many have said they plan to send additional donations. LePage’s current term will end in 2019, and he has expressed an interest in running for a senate seat in 2018.  Given his latest antics, it seems unlikely that he could win a race for senate or even for re-election as governor.  But then, who knows?  The voters sometimes seem to forget quickly.  Not surprisingly, by the way, he endorsed Donnie Trump in February.  Two peas in a pod?