Revealed: oil sector’s ‘staggering’ $3bn-a-day profits for last 50 years

Worried about the cost of fuel? Concerned about the now-obvious effects of climate change? There is one small group of people who are profiting from both, while emptying our wallets AND most importantly, destroying our environment. Our friend PeNdantry over at Wibble sums it up well. Thanks, PeNdantry!


Vast sums provide power to ‘buy every politician’ and delay action on climate crisis, says expert

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The oil and gas industry has delivered $2.8bn (£2.3bn) a day in pure profit for the last 50 years.

The vast total captured by petrostates and fossil fuel companies since 1970 is $52tn, providing the power to “buy every politician, every system” and delay action on the climate crisis, says Prof Aviel Verbruggen. The huge profits were inflated by cartels of countries artificially restricting supply.

The oil and gas industry has delivered $1tn in profit a year on average – Guardian graphic. Source: Aviel Verbruggen, University of Antwerp

Emissions from the burning of fossil fuels have driven the climate crisis and contributed to worsening extreme weather, including the current heatwaves hitting the UK and many other Northern hemisphere countries. Oil companies have

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We need to treat climate change as the emergency it is

The past few weeks have brought record high temperatures around the globe. We here in the U.S. are lucky, for most homes are air-conditioned, but in the UK, air-conditioning has always been considered an unnecessary luxury, since it is typically almost never hot there. But a few days ago, it reached 104° F (40° C) in the UK. And yet, people still call climate change a hoax. Our friend Pendantry shows us a picture that says it all. Few words, only an image, one that should stay in everybody’s mind. Thank you, Pendantry.


Global heat map comparison, 1976 and 2022

There are still far too many in denial of reality.

I’ve said it all before. I’m tired of being told I’m an ‘alarmist’.

‘Enjoy’ the heatwave, folks. And remember, from here on it only gets ‘better’.

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Using leaf appropriation to tackle the climate crisis

PeNdantry … creator or Wibble … has a way of tackling serious topics with humour, and today is no exception. His reminder is timely … be in the dark for an hour tomorrow! Do your part! Thanks, PeNdantry!


Readers of my wibblettes over the years may have got the impression that I’m not exactly a fan of advertising (and that would be right). Even when such ‘communications’ give an honest portrayal of the product or service on offer, all advertisers share one feature upon which they all rely: repetition, repetition, repetition. They insert jingles in our heads to promote their brands, pervert memes such as ‘sustainability’ and ‘green’, and, utterly cynically, employ psychology and their thorough understanding of human nature to persuade us to buy their stuff.

It’s said that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” And I can believe it: on my litter-picking walks I’ve collected a great many cans, bottles, coffee cups and assorted packaging, all of which bear proud logos of their respective hawkers. How is it that the vendors aren’t ashamed that their litter is everwhere? It seems to me that the answer…

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Spring has almost sprung – and the bees need our help!

With everything happening in the world these days, it’s easy to forget some of the more important things … like bees! Luckily, our friend PeNdantry is here to remind us …


Just yesterday (as I write this, on 04Mar2022) a ginormous bumblebee buzzed past me, and said, “Spring is coming!” Well, not literally, but the message was clear. It reminded me of the fact that ‘our’ planet’s bee population is in serious decline (which is almost certainly our fault), and that if bees disappear then we will all starve to death ourselves just a handful of years later.

I’ve been thinking about turning my lawn into a meadow. I’ve long thought that the very idea of a lawn is a relic of a bygone age; one of the many traditions we’ve inherited from our ancestors that deserve to be consigned to the history books. If we were all to convert our lawns to meadows, that would certainly help the bees – and I for one wouldn’t miss the regular mowing chore!

And then, today, I got an email…

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