The Week’s Best Cartoons 9/10

As always, TokyoSand over at Political Charge has found the best cartoons from the past week, and as usual, I am a few days late in re-blogging her post!  This week’s biggest story was the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and I know from following Clay Jones’ blog, just how difficult it was to do a political cartoon that showed the respect we all had for her.  Second in line was Steve Bannon’s arrest, which was a big deal here in the U.S., probably not so much across the pond.  Below is a sampling from TokyoSand’s post … be sure to click the link at the bottom to see the entire collection!  Thank you, TS!

Here in the U.S., our news was dominated by Bannon turning himself in and other MAGA acting like dangerous dorks, whereas the U.K. dealt with the loss of their longest reigning monarch.

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The World Mourns Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom for the past 70 years, died yesterday.  She was 96 years of age.  Even though I fully expected the news sometime yesterday, it took my breath and I found myself with tears running down my cheeks.  Unable to speak without a sob, I texted my granddaughter, Natasha, with the news even though she was sitting only six feet away from me.

Queen Elizabeth was the last of a dying breed, or perhaps a breed that is now extinct with her death.  She cared … genuinely cared … about the people in her nation and around the globe.  We don’t see much of that today.  She and Prince Philip had been married nearly 74 years when he died in April of last year … a marriage that lasts that long speaks volumes about both people, about their patience, willingness to compromise, mutual respect and more.

A few of the comments and thoughts by people yesterday …

Rita Grant, 64, a worker at a children’s center in London, said that with the difficult situation Britain was going through, with a cost-of-living and energy crisis, the queen was the only element keeping the country afloat. “She is the glue that holds everything together. If we lose her we lose a lot,” said as while shopping for food in London. “Without her, we will be lost.”

Jackie Peebles, 48, struggled to hold back tears as she spoke about the first time she waved to the queen on the royal yacht in Jersey at age 10. “She is all I ever known since I was a child. I feel like she is my Nan.” She said she was going to make a scrapbook of the queen’s photos for her daughter, who “might never get to see her. I just feel so sad.”

“She was a constant in a sea of chaos. She was the living embodiment — majestic, sure-footed, seeming divinely ordained — of a Great Britain that once had been and is no longer. She provided a sense of steadiness and continuity during her country’s transitions. Her passing carries a significance far greater than her official duties would indicate.” – Dan Rather writing on SubStack … you can read his entire tribute here.

No doubt you will read and see numerous tributes to this special lady over the coming days … tributes that will be far better than any I could write, so I choose to honour Queen Elizabeth II by sharing some iconic pictures …

Princess Elizabeth with her mother, The Duchess of York, in 1927.

1945 – Princess Elizabeth was photographed in her British Army uniform. At the time of the picture, she was a second subaltern (equivalent to a second lieutenant) in the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) of the British Army.

1947 – With her then-fiancé, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

1947 – The wedding

1949 – The queen looked thrilled while she posed with her son Prince Charles.


1981 – The queen posed with her son Prince Charles and his then-fiancee Lady Diana Spencer at Buckingham Palace.

1982 – Pope John Paul II, the head of the Catholic church, paid a visit to Buckingham Palace to meet with the Queen of England, who is the head of the church of England.

1983 – Queen Elizabeth II looked pleased to meet Indira Gandhi, the first female Prime Minister of India during a visit to the country.

1983 – During her official visit to the United States, the queen attended a banquet in San Francisco and toasted glasses with President Ronald Reagan.

1983 – While in Delhi, India, the queen met with Mother Teresa of Calcutta and presented her with the Order of Merit, which recognizes distinguished leaders and culture shifters.

1996 – South African President Nelson Mandela and the queen sat in a carriage for his official visit to England.

2003 – For this official portrait, the queen wore an embellished pink gown with her husband, their son, Prince Charles, and grandson Prince William at Clarence House.

2011 – Barack and Michelle Obama, QEII, and Prince Philip all looked dapper as they posed in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace. The queen invited the Obamas for a two-day State visit.

2020 – Riding Balmoral Fern, a 14-year-old Fell Pony, on the grounds of her Windsor Castle home.

2020 – The queen awards Captain Sir Thomas Moore with the insignia of Knight Bachelor at Windsor Castle. British World War II veteran Captain Tom Moore raised over $38 million for the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.

2021 – The queen gives her Christmas Day speech from home, next to a framed photo of herself with late husband Prince Philip.

2022 – The Royal Windsor Horse Show releases a new photo of the monarch for her 96th birthday, celebrating her lifelong love of horses.

As the news of the Queen’s death circulated, people began gathering outside of Buckingham Palace where suddenly a rainbow appeared …

Around the world, buildings will reflect the global mourning of Queen Elizabeth.  In New York, the Empire State Building will shine purple & silver in honour of the Queen …

In Ottawa, Canada,  a huge picture of the Queen lights up the side of the National Arts Centre.

And in Paris, France, the Eiffel Tower lights will be turned off in honour of the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth belonged to the United Kingdom and they will mourn her more than any, but her death is sad for us all, and the world will mourn in its own way.  She was truly a great lady and she will be missed.  R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth.

Music — Covers or Originals?

Our friend David posted yesterday evening about whether a cover can ever be as good as an original.  I’d say an unequivocal YES to that one, for I’ve heard many versions of songs that were more pleasing to me than the originals.  However, music is very much a matter of personal taste, and we don’t all agree.  Take a look at David’s post and see what you think of the selections he provided.  For me, I LOVE the Four Tops, so they get my vote in almost any case.  Thank you, David, for this treat!  Oh … and I do love your Queen and wish her BIG congratulations on her 70th Jubilee!  I am, as I’m sure you guys are, concerned for her health, but she is one kind, compassionate, majestic lady and I wish her the best!

Please leave any comments for David here, as the comments on his blog are not currently working, not through any choice of his, but rather the vagaries of WordPress!

The Queen’s Speech

Today, the Queen of the United Kingdom addressed the people of the U.K.  I am posting it here, because her words are the words of a leader, and here in the U.S. we have no such leader.  I think we can all take heart from the Queen’s words, and I think she won’t mind sharing them with us, for she is as aware as any that the U.S. is without responsible leadership.  Thank you, Queen Elizabeth.

There He Goes Again …

Tomorrow, Donald Trump goes to visit our friends in the United Kingdom.  I offer my apologies to my UK friends in advance for all the terrible things he is sure to say and do, and I hope you won’t hold it against us … or at least those of us who did not, could not, and would not vote for him.  But really, you guys invited him … what were you thinking???queen-elizabeth-iiLast July Trump visited the UK and was honoured with a visit to the Queen.  I shuddered when I heard that would take place, for he is known for being crude and crass, without a shred of grace or dignity to his name.  And, true to form, he disrespected the Queen in numerous ways, humiliating and embarrassing us.  He began by arriving late, looking sloppy as usual, and keeping Her Majesty waiting for a full ten minutes.  Then he shook her hand instead of bowing.  But the most glaring faux pas by far was as they were preparing to review scarlet-clad troops assembled in the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle. He turned his back on her and walked ahead of her.  Now, to people in the U.S. that may not sound like a big deal, but there are protocols in the UK about how one addresses the Queen and how one acts in her presence.

So, now he is returning at a time when the UK is already having serious troubles and really doesn’t need Trump and his ignorance to add to the mix.  But, if you are holding out some hope that he will behave and act like a world leader, splash yourself with cold water and wake up from that dream, for he has already insulted the nation in the days leading up to his trip … let me count the ways.

Trump has an obnoxious habit of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong … in UK politics, namely the Brexit situation.  First, speaking about that which he knows less than nothing, he said that Theresa May “messed up” Brexit.  Then, he said that he supports Boris Johnson who he believes would be “an excellent choice” to become the country’s next Prime Minister.


I think Boris and Donnie both buy their toupees at the same place

“It’s something that I find very interesting. I actually have studied it very hard. (He has never even read the U.S. Constitution, but he has studied Brexit “very hard”?  I think not.) I know the different players. But I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent. I like him. I have always liked him. I don’t know that he is going to be chosen, but I think he is a very good guy, a very talented person. He has been very positive about me and our country.”

He sees himself as being very influential in UK politics, claiming that other contenders had approached him asking for his public support …

“Other people have asked me for an endorsement too. I have been asked for endorsements. Well, I don’t want to say who but other people have asked me for endorsements, yes. I could help anybody if I endorse them. I mean, we’ve had endorsement where they have gone up for forty, fifty points at a shot.”

Despite the protests by the British people, the huge Baby Trump balloon, Donnie thinks the people in the UK love him!

“Now I think I am really, I hope, I am loved in the UK.”

I’m still laughing over that one!  Somehow, he who cannot make a single trade deal thinks he knows best about Brexit …

“Get the deal closed. If they don’t get what they want, I would walk away … If you don’t get the deal you want, if you don’t get a fair deal, then you walk away.”

And because he is so bloody smart and knows so much, he says that the UK’s #1 idiot Nigel Farage should have been put in charge of negotiating Brexit …

“He is a very smart person. They won’t bring him in. Think how well they would do if they did. They just haven’t figured that out yet.”


I think Donnie and Nigel go to the same fake tanning salon

And as if it weren’t bad enough that he is sticking his bulbous nose into things that a) he does not understand, and b) are none of his business, he had the unmitigated gall to call Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, “nasty”.  Meghan, a U.S. citizen by birth, married Prince Harry in 2018 and the couple have a son who was born on May 6th of this year.  So, what is Trump’s beef with the Duchess?  Back in 2016, while Trump was on the campaign trail, Meghan supported Hillary Clinton and, calling a spade a spade, she said Trump was “misogynistic and so vocal about it”.  I’m betting that no U.S. president in the history of this nation has ever before publicly called a member of the royal family “nasty”.  Too bad we aren’t still in the times when the Queen could have said, “Off with his head!”

Trump baby blimp-2I hear the good people of the UK have some great surprises planned, like an even bigger Baby Trump balloon than last year’s, and something to do with a milkshake dowsing!

Oh, and by the way … in case you’re interested, this trip is estimated to have a total cost to U.S. taxpayers of $22 million.  Trump is taking all three of his adult children AND their spouses which will require a second plane.  But we cannot afford to fix our highways or feed our poor, right?  And with 10,000 police said to be protecting Trump, you can imagine what it is costing the UK!  Why they ever invited him, I will never know.  They were hoping to negotiate a trade deal, but frankly … look how well that has worked out for other nations, such as China, Canada and Mexico.  His way of ‘dealing’ is to hit the other country with tariffs, so look out Ms. May and whomever succeeds her!Trump-Boris-NigelCan we hope he wakes up with blisters on his feet or something tomorrow so that he feels too poorly to make the trip?