A Couple Of Tidbits …

I was pleased when I read that some of the major television networks last night cut away from Donald Trump’s ‘news conference’ due to the lies he was telling.  I have long felt this should be their normal response when he starts with his usual sadistic cruelty, or when every other word out of his mouth is a lie, but until now, the networks have stuck with him no matter how many lies, no matter how many people he denigrated without cause.

Oh, and for the record, it was not actually a ‘news conference’, for there was no news.  It was what I call a bitching session.

I am disappointed that CNN stuck it out, as did Fox – no surprise there.  But the big three, ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as MSNBC cut it off.  To their credit, I suppose, CNN did at least place a disclaimer caption reading …


Still not quite the same as …

“We have to interrupt here, because the president made a number of false statements, including the notion that there has been fraudulent voting.  There has been no evidence of that.” – Lester Holt, NBC Nightly News

This is what the networks should have been doing all along.  If he’s going to act like a toddler having a temper tantrump, let’s treat him as one.  Personally, I have neither the time nor patience to listen to his lying drivel.  Thumbs up to the networks who cut away … keep it up, please!

Now, if only Twitter would simply close down his account, he might not have much voice anymore and we could all see a bit of peace.

To my friends & readers: I will not be covering Trump’s little temper tantrums at any great length on this blog, for his bold-faced lies and hate speech is beneath our dignity.  I will make note of them when I feel it’s necessary to do so, but I will not repeat his rhetoric, his lies, nor will I focus on his tantrums.  Personally, it became boring long ago and it is now just the same ol’ same ol’.

That said, I must say that I am so disappointed in some of the people in this country … in my book, their behaviour was not worthy of adults, not the behaviour of people who deserve to live in a free country where such things as freedom of speech are guaranteed.  As Eugene Robinson, writing for The Washington Post wrote …

“Angry Trump supporters dutifully gathered outside buildings where votes were being counted in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Las Vegas and other cities, demanding that the electoral process be short-circuited. It was shocking — but in the Trump era, not surprising — to see Americans openly calling for the votes of other Americans to be nullified.”

You don’t see angry Biden supporters gathering outside counting offices in Frankfort, Kentucky where both Trump and the equally ignominious Mitch McConnell won the state.  Yes, Trump has encouraged and incited this behaviour, but people … we are all adults, capable of discerning right from wrong.  In a nation with free elections, it is prudent to cast your vote, then sit down and shut up while the people on the ground do their job and count the votes.  It is not acceptable to carry guns around, making demands and parroting Trump’s lies.

Thus far, there have been no shootings, no violence by Trump supporters, but … we are holding our breath, and I will be in a state of shock if it doesn’t happen once Joe Biden reaches 270 electoral votes, as I believe is likely.  I think that the behaviour of Trump’s ardent fans vs the behaviour of Joe Biden’s voters is defining of the things that divide this nation’s people today.  When Trump refers to himself as the “Law and order president”, I have to laugh, for here are his ardent followers breaking the law, disturbing the order, and he has egged them on, will likely praise them once he takes a break from his whiny temper tantrum.


And in other news …

The U.S. has once again set a new record for number of new coronavirus cases in a single day:  118,204 new cases in a 24-hour period yesterday.  These numbers astound us, but they are not just numbers.  Each and every one of those people is a parent/grandparent/child/spouse or sibling.  Each and every one of those people has friends, co-workers, and neighbors who care about them.  These are not just numbers – THEY ARE PEOPLE!  The day also saw 1,125 deaths in the same period, due to the coronavirus.

This nation has done such a poor job of responding to the pandemic that by the end of today, we will have exceeded 10 million cases in total … and that’s only the ones reported, a figure that has often been said to be understated.  Our total death count is nearing a quarter of a million people.

If our government is not going to take the necessary steps to protect us, then it is up to us.  STAY HOME, for Pete’s sake!  If you can’t stay home, then wash your hands frequently, carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you, and WEAR A MASK when you are around other people.  If you can’t or don’t wish to wear a mask … STAY HOME!  With a little common sense, we can take control of this without the help of the federal government.  Key word here:  common sense.

If we don’t look out for our own safety and that of those around us, then we will continue on this path and eventually lose our livelihood and our lives.

One Good Reason …

Well, folks, we have set records three days in the past week.  On Friday, October 23rd, we exceeded 85,500 new cases of the coronavirus.  Then on Thursday, October 29th, the U.S. saw 91,834 new cases, with 1,041 new deaths.  And yesterday, October 30th, we shattered the record yet again with 101,461 new cases and 988 deaths.  Think about that one … more than 100,000 new cases in a single day.  Around 1,000 deaths each and every day.

This is the pandemic that in every single rally he holds, Trump says is ‘going away’, or we have ‘rounded a corner’.  We’ve rounded a corner alright … we’ve rounded the corner into darkness, death and despair.  Meanwhile, Donald Trump says he is tired of hearing about it.

“The Fake News Media is riding COVID, COVID, COVID, all the way to the Election. Losers!” he tweeted.

“Covid, covid, covid, covid,” he said in Nebraska.

“Covid, covid, covid, covid, covid, covid,” he said in North Carolina.

“Covid, covid, covid, covid, covid, covid, covid, covid, covid, covid!” he railed in Michigan

toon-covidThere are more reasons than I can cover in a single post as to why Donald Trump is unfit to be in the Oval Office, why he belongs in an orange jumpsuit in a prison cell rather than in the White House.  But, if there is one reason … one single main reason that people should by now have wakened and realized his ineptitude, it is his complete, unconscionable bungling of the pandemic from the moment it arrived on our shores until present.

It isn’t only that he lied to us time and time and time again, telling us that there were only 15 cases and that it was nothing to worry about, or that it would disappear with warm weather, or that it was no worse than the seasonal flu.  It isn’t only that he has mocked people for wearing a mask, it isn’t only that he holds rallies in crowded venues where social distancing is all but impossible.  It isn’t only that he stupidly taunts governors who are trying to keep the people of their state safe … even riling the masses in Michigan to the point that a well-planned kidnap/execution plot against Governor Gretchen Whitmer was in process until it was foiled by the FBI.  It isn’t even just that he has demanded that states re-open businesses far too soon, causing the number of cases in some states to spike during the summer.  No, my friends … the worst of it was summed up by Trump himself when he said, “It is what it is.”  Five little words, but those five little words tell us all we need to know about the character, or lack thereof, of Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump does not value the lives of the people of this country.  Donald Trump could not care less whether you or I die tomorrow or not.  Donald Trump is incapable of empathy, of compassion, and there is truly some part of his psyche that is lacking … ask his sister or his niece.

We the People of the United States … are paying a high price for a ‘president’ who not only takes a salary (yes, he does take his salary), but spends our money on personal entertainment such as near-daily golf games, trips to his Florida resort, entertainment at his many hotels and casinos, and much more.  Meanwhile, while he is swinging an iron golf club, we are working hard to pay our taxes so that he can live a life of luxury, and more importantly … WE. ARE. DYING.  And he does not care.  He cares about his fortunes, he cares about the power of his office that he has abused time and time again, and he cares about his re-election.  He does not care if you live or die, my friends.

If you haven’t already voted, please plan to do so and please, I beg of you, vote this bastard out of the White House, out of the Oval Office, out of our lives.  Thank you.