A Good Deal!!!

I don’t know about you guys, but I could use a little humour at Trump’s expense today.  Andy Borowitz is always good for a few laughs.  This column of his is from 24 January, six days ago, but it’s still funny.

borowitz-andyWASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a bold initiative aimed at ending the shutdown, congressional Democrats on Thursday agreed to fund a border wall and reopen the government if Donald Trump leaves the country forever.

Calling the deal “a huge win for America,” the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said that Trump would get the wall he wanted plus the opportunity to do something “incredibly patriotic” for his country.

Pelosi brushed aside criticism of the offer’s 5.7-billion-dollar price tag, telling reporters, “When you consider what we are getting in return, nine trillion dollars would be a bargain.”

But, even as Pelosi touted the offer, some details remained unresolved, such as finding a country willing to accept Trump.

Although Russia has a practice of providing country houses to former leaders such as Nikita Khrushchev and Boris Yeltsin, it is unclear whether Trump’s two years of service to the Kremlin qualify him for such accommodations.

The White House offered no official response to the Democrats’ offer, but Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani gave it a full-throated endorsement during an appearance on CNN.

“He should absolutely take this deal,” Giuliani said. “I mean, if he stays in the country, he’s probably going to prison.”

And in case that didn’t quite bring a smile to your face … try this!  I call it “My Dream”

From Hero To Laughingstock …

I am quite certain that I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.  I once had tremendous respect for New York’s former mayor, Rudy Giuliani.  Nothing can or should take away from the fact that he, more than any other single person in the U.S., brought calm in a stormy sea, brought reason into chaos, and earned the respect of New Yorkers in the days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  His was the voice of reason, he was the one who said, “Calm down … BREATHE … we can do this … we can get through this.  Yes, we have been hurt, but … we are NEW YORKERS and we will be okay.” Nothing can take that away.  However, at some point between September 11th 2001 and August 19th 2018, the man lost his bloody marbles!!!

Giuliani frequently appears on the Sunday morning news shows to lie for defend Donald Trump, and yesterday was no exception.  Appearing on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, Giuliani proved once again that “Yes, I am an idiot”. After a question from Todd regarding the Mueller investigation …

“No, it isn’t truth! Truth isn’t truth!”

Say … huh???  Truth isn’t truth?  Kellyanne warned us some 19 months ago that there would be alternative facts, and later she even proved there is an alternative history, when she spoke of the “Bowling Green Massacre” that never happened.  So, it follows that if there are alternative facts, and alternative history, there must also be an alternative language, right?  Up is down.  Black is white.  Left is right.  Candy is healthy, and broccoli will cause your teeth to rot.  Truth is lies and lies are truth.  Donald Trump is wonderful, and Barack Obama was a lying, dirty scoundrel who was born in Kenya.  Applause, applause, applause …

They had fun with this on Twitter, of course …Tweettweet-2


And then, naturally, Andy Borowitz writing for the New Yorker got in on the act …

Putin Reportedly Close to Firing Giuliani

MOSCOW (The Borowitz Report)—Vladimir Putin is reportedly “very close” to firing Rudolph Giuliani as Donald J. Trump’s attorney, a source close to the Russian President confirmed on Monday.

According to the source, Putin allowed Trump to hire Giuliani in the first place because “it’s important to let Trump think that he has some autonomy from time to time,” but now the Russian President has apparently determined that “enough is enough.”

Over the next few days, the source indicated, Putin is likely to replace Giuliani with a handpicked successor, Arkady Lubetkin, a criminal-defense attorney who has represented several prominent Russian Mob figures.

After hearing anecdotal reports of Giuliani’s appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Putin initially theorized that the nonsensical nature of Giuliani’s utterances had to be chalked up to “an error in translation,” the source said.

After reading an official transcript of Giuliani’s statements, however, the Russian President was apparently “flabbergasted.”

“Pravda is not pravda?” Putin reportedly said. “What is this bullshit?”

Today, Giuliani attempted to extricate himself from his own words …

“My statement was not meant as a pontification on moral theology but one referring to the situation where two people make precisely contradictory statements, the classic “he said,she said” puzzle. Sometimes further inquiry can reveal the truth other times it doesn’t.”

Sometimes it is best just to learn when to keep one’s mouth shut, Rudy.

It is rather a sad statement on our present situation that 99.5% of our humour comes from our own government.  Equally sad when a man who was once a hero is now a laughingstock.


Please bear with me today … I’m having one of those rare snarky moments …

It’s an age-old tactic:  the best defense is a good offense.  And folks, nobody … nobody … knows how to be more offensive than Donald Trump!  His latest tactic is funny, if you think about it.  Consider the little boy who stole a cookie from the cookie jar, and when his mother confronts him, with crumbs still on his little face, he says, “Me???  I didn’t take no cookie, mama.”  And for good measure, he bats his big brown eyes in feigned innocence. hand in cookie jar But mama has evidence, so she persists, and then the little boy changes tactics.  “Well, if I did take the cookie, it wasn’t a bad thing, ‘cause I was hungry.”  See what he did there?  He denied, but then once he realized he was caught dead-to-rights, he swerved to saying that even if he did, it wasn’t a crime.  Hmmmm … sound familiar?

First, Trump has been swearing loudly that he didn’t obstruct justice and that there was no collusion between his campaign (more likely himself) and the Russians (his buddy Vlad).  Loudly and obnoxiously.  For a loooonnnggg time.  Then, all of a sudden, there is his mouthpiece Rudy G on television saying that even if there was collusion, it’s not a crime.

Say what???  I thought you said there was no collusion???

who meThen, there’s that infamous Trump Tower meeting between Don Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, and at least five other people, including Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya that took place on June 9th 2016.  First, Trump denied all knowledge and claimed that the meeting, of which he ‘knew nothing’, was about adoptions of Russian children by Americans.  Then Junior admitted that the intent of the meeting was to gather damaging information to use against Hillary Clinton in the presidential campaign.  Dirty pool?  Oh yeah … big time.  Then it came out that Trump (Senior) actually drafted Junior’s initial false statement!  Trump, who cannot string 10 words together into a coherent sentence???  And the meeting took place one floor above Trump’s own office and he knew nothing?

But now … wait for it … it gets even better!  He just cannot let sleeping dogs lie or keep his mouth shut, so this morning he tweeted …

“Fake News reporting, a complete fabrication, that I am concerned about the meeting my wonderful son, Donald, had in Trump Tower. This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics – and it went nowhere. I did not know about it!” – 8:35 AM – Aug 5, 2018

Wait!!!  What happened to the adoption thing?  Does anybody believe a single word that comes from his mouth???  If you do, once again allow me to show you the bridge I have for sale.  I would bet every last dollar I have that Trump was well aware of the meeting beforehand and perhaps even had a hand in setting it up.

And why … can anybody explain why he has to do these weird contortions with his face?  I don’t typically put pictures of him on this blog, for I am offended by just the sight of him. And I do not usually resort to mocking people for their looks, either, but this morning I am like the lion with a thorn in her paw, and in the mood to let ‘er fly, so look …

President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally In Pennsylvania

Personally, I think he looks constipated most of the time.

And on that note, I shall leave off and try to make myself useful for the remains of the day.  Have a great Sunday evening, folks!

Above the Law?

The headline in the New York Times reads:

Trump Tweet Asserts an ‘Absolute Right’ to Pardon Himself

“Trump declared Monday that the appointment of the special counsel in the Russia investigation is “totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL!” and asserted that he has the power to pardon himself, raising the prospect that he might take extraordinary action to immunize himself from the ongoing probe.”

The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is that his very statement is an admission of guilt.  If he were not guilty, if he had nothing to hide, then why not sit down and shut up? Why even stir the already-muddy waters with such a foolish, bombastic statement?

Two things last week set the tone for this morning’s tweet and gave every indication that, no matter what evidence Robert Mueller’s investigation turns up that Donald Trump broke the law, that he knowingly and willingly colluded with the Russians to affect the outcome of the 2016 election, he will not be found guilty of a crime.  The first was a 20-page letter by Trump’s team of attorneys, the second an interview by Rudy Giuliani on This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

Both of these could be viewed as just more of the same rhetoric that we have been hearing for a year now, but I sense something more ominous.  If, as I believe, there is ample evidence that Trump and his campaign advisors did collude with Russia, did break the law, then Donald Trump ought to be removed from office.  But, if he isn’t, if Congress allows his team of lawyers to spin it in such a way that the president cannot be convicted of a crime because the president has unlimited power, then the United States will no longer in any sense of the word be a democratic republic.  If, as Giuliani suggests, the president can simply pardon himself of any and all crimes against the nation, then we will have become a dictatorship without recourse.

First, a bit about the letter.  Apparently lawyers are poor communicators, for it should not have required 20 pages to say what they had to say.  I actually did read the letter in its entirety on Sunday morning, and for some reason it took me a couple of hours, for I kept falling asleep.  I have included the link to the entire letter, if you’re interested, but there are a few salient points.  First, the position that the president cannot break the law, simply because he is the president – he IS the law …

“It remains our position that the President’s actions here, by virtue of his position as the chief law enforcement officer, could neither constitutionally nor legally constitute obstruction because that would amount to him obstructing himself, and that he could, if he wished, terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon if he so desired.”

Then an attempt to delegitimize the investigation …

“This encumbrance has been only compounded by the astounding public revelations about the corruption within the FBI and Department of Justice which appears to have led to the alleged Russia collusion investigation and the establishment of the Office of Special Counsel in the first place.”

They place Trump above the law, hinting that he cannot be subpoenaed …

“As you know, under our system of government, the President is not readily available to be interviewed. The records and testimony we have, pursuant to the President’s directive, already voluntarily provided to your office allow you to delve into the conversations and actions that occurred in a significant and exhaustive manner, including but not limited to the testimony of the President’s interlocutors themselves. In light of these voluntary offerings, your office clearly lacks the requisite need to personally interview the President.”

There is an attempt to justify Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, which Trump already admitted was an attempt to shut down the FBI investigation into collusion …

“As you know, and as Mr. Comey himself has acknowledged, a President can fire an FBI Director at any time and for any reason.  No President has ever faced charges of obstruction merely for exercising his constitutional authority.”

And then they come to the point, that Trump has the right to shut down any investigation at his own will (or whim) …

“A President can also order the termination of an investigation by the Justice Department or FBI at any time and for any reason.  We remind you of these facts simply because even assuming, arguendo, that the President did order the termination of an investigation (and the President, along with Mr. Comey in his testimony and in his actions, have made it clear that he did not) this could not constitute obstruction of justice.”

Discrediting Comey …

“The circumstance in which this memo arose — several months after the conversation and only after Mr. Comey was fired in disgrace — raises serious doubts about its veracity, if indeed it even exists.”

And finally, 20 pages later, these verbose lawyers conclude with …

“As recognized by the Framers in Article II and as articulated in jurisprudence, the President’s prime function as the Chief Executive ought not be hampered by requests for interview. Having him testify demeans the Office of the President before the world.”

Allow me to correct that last statement.  Having him IN the office demeans the Office of the President before the world.  (I’ve been trying to hold back the snarky … really I have!)

As you can see, the entire tone of the lawyers’ letter is that Mueller is wasting his time, Trump is too important to be bothered with such a silly little thing as testifying, and that if he chooses, he can call off the entire investigation and give himself a blanket pardon.  But then came Rudy Giuliani’s interview on This Week, and it became even more clear that the goal of the legal team is to discredit and disavow the investigation and the evidence.

If you wish to watch the segment, it is just over 14 minutes, or you can read the transcript.

Rudy’s answers were long-winded and sometimes confusing, but the gist of what he said was that he doesn’t think it’s right for Trump to have to testify before the Special Counsel, but if they promise to be fair and keep it short, to about 5-6 points, then maybe.  He also said he’s pretty sure that if push came to shove, Trump could simply pardon himself.  And there is one snippet I must include here, for it is mind-blowing:

“Look, for every one of these things he did, we can write out five reasons why he did it. If four of them are completely innocent and one of them is your assumption that it’s a guilty motive, which the president would deny, you can’t possibly prosecute him. Or recommend impeachment.”

To me, Rudy’s tone came off in two ways:  1) Heh heh heh … boys will be boys … heh heh heh.  2) Let’s hurry and get this over with so we can go back to subjugating the American people!

Giuliani said he wants Mueller to wrap up this investigation by September 1st so that it doesn’t interfere with the midterms and so “to get this long nightmare over for the American public”.  The American public is not the one having the nightmare … we support the investigation fully, for we want the truth, and we want all those, including Donald Trump, to pay for their crimes against us.  And I hope it does interfere with the midterms, for Congress has too long been protecting a criminal, licking his boots, at the expense of We The People, and we need to be reminded of that as we head to the polls on November 6th.

Legal experts appear to have no definitive answers for us either, for this entire fiasco is without precedent.  Neal Katyal, a former acting solicitor general, said, “The idea that a president can’t obstruct justice died with King George III, with a brief attempt at revival by Richard Nixon.”

Jed Shugerman, a Fordham University Law School professor, said, “There is a real practical consequence for the republic if Trump is able to win the silence of other defendants with the use of these pardons,” Shugerman said. “If he’s making an implicit threat that he could escalate this with pardons, there’s nothing in the letter to indicate that he’s not willing to pardon himself.”

I could go on, but this post already exceeds what I consider an appropriate length, so I leave you with one thought:  If Donald Trump is above the law, if he cannot be punished for crimes against the nation, for election-tampering, for collusion and obstruction of justice, then can we still call ourselves a ‘democracy’?  I think you all know the answer.

More Rambling Bits ‘N Bits ‘N Pieces

Mind bounce has returned and brought about a strange rattling noise in my head, as well as a popping in the ears, and a swirling sensation when I stand.  And so, this morning I must start your day with a few random bits ‘n pieces from that strange place inside my head.

And the question is …

This week, we learned what questions Robert Mueller plans to ask Donald Trump if Trump consents to an interview (a matter in which he may have no choice).  The questions, along with an analysis of what they may indicate, can be found in the New York Times article titled, The Questions Mueller Wants to Ask Trump About Obstruction, and What They Mean.  The reason we know what these questions are is that they were leaked, not by anyone on Mueller’s team, but by somebody with connections to Trump’s own legal team.  Trump, of course, is blathering that the leak was ‘disgraceful’ … he seems to like to use that word quite a lot, doesn’t he?  Perhaps it’s because he looks in the mirror first thing every morning.

I am, for the moment, veering away from saying much about the questions or likely answers.  Why?  Because … think about this one, folks.  What difference does it really make?  Do you honestly think that Donald Trump will tell the truth if he is interviewed?  Seriously?  Do you think he is even capable of telling the truth.  Why, I could write answers to those questions right now that would come as close to the truth as anything that will emit from Trump’s foul mouth!  But, he’ll be under oath, you say?  So?  He was also under oath on 20 January 2017 when he said, “I, Donald  John Trump, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” And by the end of the day, he would already have broken that oath.

Oaths, promises and truth mean nothing to people like Trump. I support and applaud Robert Mueller for his organization, persistence and determination to get at the truth.  But the only way he will get the truth from Donald Trump will be if he connects him to a polygraph machine, and we all know that isn’t going to happen.  So again, why even bother?

A slight bit of humour …

French President Emmanuel Macron visited Australia for talks on trade and regional security yesterday.  At the end of a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Macron said …

“I want to thank you for your welcome. Thank you and your delicious wife for your warm welcome.”

Rather reminds me of the time in 1963 when a line from President John F. Kennedy’s speech in Berlin was translated as “I am a jelly donut”.

Thought you needed a bit of a chuckle.  Moving on …

Classless, Tasteless … Abominable …

Kemp.pngMeet Brian Kemp, currently Georgia’s Secretary of State, but running for Governor of that state in November. Mr. Kemp likes his guns.  I ask you to watch the following 30-second ad he is currently airing and tell me what you think …

I am betting that you are as appalled as I am. In a tweet last week, he wrote …

“I’m a conservative businessman with a 4-Point Plan to put hardworking Georgians first. I’m also the proud father of 3 teenage girls. Here’s the thing: If you want to date one of my daughters, you better have respect for women & a healthy appreciation for the 2nd Amendment.”

This sets my teeth on edge and sends a chill down my spine.  While many were appalled, even a number of gun owners, others saw nothing amiss, calling it ‘hilarious’ and ‘clever’ …

“A politician who doesn’t feel the need to do things the ‘politically correct’ way and stands for his beliefs, despite knowing that masses of our soft society will be offended. I’m sold!”

“Great commercial. Mockingly blasts through today’s hyper-PC nonsense.”

What have we become?


AHA!!!  Gotcha!!!

giulianiLast month, it was announced that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani would be joining Trump’s chaotic legal team, after the departure of John Dowd in March.  I once respected Giuliani.  I have not ever since he sold his soul for the chance to lick the boots of Donald Trump.  When the announcement was made, Trump said …

“Rudy is great. He has been my friend for a long time and wants to get this matter quickly resolved for the good of the country.”

‘This matter’, of course, referred to the investigation by Robert Mueller and his team.  Giuliani himself said that he felt the investigation could possibly be closed within a couple of weeks.

Now, remember how Donald Trump and his lawyer/fixer, Michael Cohen both tried to claim that the $130,000 paid to porn star Stormy Daniels to buy her silence about her affair with Trump in October 2016 was paid by Cohen and that Trump had no knowledge of said payment?  Well, guess what, folks?  Methinks somebody is not telling the truth.  GASP!!!

Rudy Giuliani appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show last night where he plainly stated, for all the world to hear, that Donald Trump reimbursed Mr. Cohen the $130,000.  He said it and then, when questioned by Hannity, he repeated it!!! And when Hannity seemed to be trying to help Rudy out of this situation, Rudy emphatically stated it again!  I am eager to see Trump wiggle his fat patootie out of this one, aren’t you?


Ty Cobb & Emmet Flood

Oh, and by the way … in case you hadn’t heard, another rat jumped ship yesterday.  Ty Cobb, the Trump attorney who had been working closest with Robert Mueller’s investigation, resigned.  No surprise there.  He has been replaced by Emmet Flood.  Now what’s interesting about this is that Flood was the attorney who represented Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial.  Hmmmm …  🤔 … could it be that Donnie is beginning to see the handwriting on the wall?

Well, folks, that’s all I have for the moment, but stay tuned, for I’m sure to be back with more later on.

Jeff Sessions and Others of the Trump Team

In 1981, a Justice Department prosecutor from Washington stopped by to see Jeff Sessions, the United States attorney in Mobile, Ala., at the time. The prosecutor, J. Gerald Hebert, said he had heard a shocking story: A federal judge had called a prominent white lawyer “a disgrace to his race” for representing black clients.

“Well,” Mr. Sessions replied, according to Mr. Hebert, “maybe he is.”

Mr. Sessions has referred to the American Civil Liberties Union and the N.A.A.C.P. as “un-American” for “trying to force civil rights down the throats of people.” – Matt Apuzzo, New York Times, 16 November 2016

This is the man who is being considered by Trump for the position of either Attorney General or Secretary of Defense under the Trump administration.  He will fit right in with Mike Pence (anti-LGBT), and Steve Bannon (anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT).  It would seem that Trump intends to make his team of advisors as ‘anti-everything’ as possible.  Perhaps his administration will come to be known as the Anti.

In 1986, President Reagan was considering appointing Mr. Sessions to a federal court judgeship, but Sessions nomination was not confirmed in light of his racist remarks.  In 1996, he was elected U.S. Senator from Alabama, a position he still holds today. So now, he is being considered for one of two important, highly sensitive positions. As attorney general, Mr. Sessions would be responsible for upholding civil rights laws. As secretary of defense, he would oversee one of the most ethnically diverse institutions in the country; 25 percent of the military is African-American, Asian or Hispanic.

Sessions has been an opponent of same-sex marriage and has earned a zero rating from the Human Rights Campaign, the United States’ largest LGBT advocacy group.

This is not, I am pretty sure, what Americans voted for last week.  Or rather, it IS what America voted for, but I think those who voted for Trump, by and large, did not realize that this was what they were voting for.  Many, many of us tried to tell them, tried to explain, but they were deaf and blind.  Now the deed is done, we will be forced to live with this culture for four years, and then we will be left trying to pick up the pieces and put our country back together again.


cabinetYesterday, one of my posts included this picture of some of the people being considered for a cabinet or other advisory position in the Trump realm.  A reader from North Wales asked if I would identify each, so I will attempt to do so now.

Left to right, top row:  Michael McCaul (Congressman from Texas), Jeff Sessions (see above), Sheriff Joe Arpaio, David Clarke (Milwaukee Country Sheriff)

Left to right, second row down:  Newt Gingrich  , Rudy Giuliani , Bob Corker (senator from Tennessee), John Bolton (former U.N. Ambassador)

Bottom row:  Sarah Palin  , Jan Brewer (former Arizona governor), Mary Fallin (governor of Oklahoma), Harold Hamm (CEO Continental Resources)

I have included links to some of my previous posts, so you can read more about them.  It should be noted that several have already come onto my radar, none in a good way!  In fact three have already been given Filosofa’s Idiot of the Week award!  I wonder if Trump is using my blog to find eligible candidates for his team???  To see who else may be on his ‘short list’, check out this article in The Washington Post.

Oh What A Tangled Web …

Exactly one week after the fateful announcement that Donald Trump had won the 270 electoral votes required to win the presidential election, and already his team is a mess!  One could almost feel empathy for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who traded his conscience in for a potential slot in Mr. Trump’s cabinet, and then yesterday was abruptly fired … tossed off the team, as it were.  Governor Christie was initially rewarded for his strange loyalty to da trumpeter by being named head of the transition team, but then three days after the election, he was demoted to vice chairman and Mike Pence became the new team leader.  Then yesterday Governor Christie was given the full boot, as were several others who had ties to him.  Puzzling, but perhaps the explanation lies with Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.  You see … back in the days when Governor Christie was a federal prosecutor, he was actually responsible for Kushner’s father, Charles Kushner, being sentenced to prison!  Ah, you say, the plot thickens!

In 2005, following an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey, Kushner was convicted of making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering. The U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey, Chris Christie, negotiated a plea agreement and Kushner was sentenced to two years in prison and released after one year.  As a result of his convictions, Kushner was suspended and disbarred from the practice of law in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. And now, it would appear that Kushner’s son, Jared, has a long memory and a vindictive streak!

Two other members of the transition team were also fired:  former Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan and Matthew Freedman, a lobbyist who consults with corporations and foreign governments.  Both had been overseeing national security.  The official word is that they, too, were terminated by Jared Kushner on the basis of their close ties with Christie.  However, there may be other reasons.  Mr. Rogers, it is said, had fallen out of favour among Mr. Trump’s advisers because as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, he had overseen a report about the 2012 attacks on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. His report concluded that the Obama administration had not intentionally misled the public about the events there, findings that were confirmed by numerous other government investigations, but that did not fit with Trump’s false accusations that blamed President Obama and Secretary Clinton.  Gotta maintain the illusion that Trump is correct in all things, you know.

Eliot A. Cohen, a former State Department official under George W. Bush, spoke with the transition team about a position on the team, but at the end of the discussion he warned would-be advisors to stay away, that they were handing out positions as loyalty rewards (lollipops, he said) rather than based on qualifications and experience.  Anybody surprised?

The three advisors who remain on the transition’s national security team are Representative Devin Nunes, former congressman Peter Hoekstra, and former congressman Frank Gaffney.  Gaffney is said to be quite a conspiracy theorist and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) describes him as “one of America’s most notorious Islamophobes.”  Oh goody … just who we need in charge of national security.


Notice anything about this picture?  Not much diversity, is there?

Moving on … speculation has it that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is in line for the cabinet post of Secretary of State.  This warrants an entire post in itself, but I will wait until his appointment is more or less official.  For the moment, however, I will say that this concerns me.  Through his consulting firm, Giuliani Partners, Rudy has a number of ties to Russia, Qatar, Iran and other countries that would, in my opinion, constitute an immediate conflict of interest.  Add to that the fact that Giuliani has no diplomatic or international relations background, and we have a recipe for disaster. Additionally, Giuliani has shown, during the 2016 campaign, that he has a thin skin and is more temperamental than behooves the Secretary of State.  I sense he would not be a good choice for the position, but then none of Trump’s picks thus far have been good choices, so why would he start now?

There are many other dastardly and ignominious characters on the short list for cabinet positions, including Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin (America’s #2 Bimbo), Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Idiot of the Week), and Newt Gingrich.  However, I will wait to comment on those when and if they are announced.  My mind can only stand so much rolling around in the muck with these people.  One general comment, however, is that it appears to me he is hellbent on appointing the most obnoxious, unqualified people he can.  Did not he promise somewhere along the campaign trail that he would surround himself with the best people?  Well, he isn’t.

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue


As we near the end of this mind-boggling election that has occupied our thoughts for the last year-and-a-half, some speculate that there is a possibility that da trumpeter might actually become the next President of the United States (POTUS).  I cringe and shudder, and still I believe that common sense will prevail next Tuesday and in just over two months we will be seeing the inauguration of President Hillary Clinton.  But just for the sake of argument, I thought it might be fun to consider what a Trump presidency might actually look like.  The writers at Politico must have had the same thought, as they published an article  yesterday speculating who da trumpeter would take to the White House with him as advisors.  Based on the choices of the Politico writers, let us take a look at those who would surround da man:


Ivanka Trump, Special Advisor — Since by all accounts, Trump relies heavily on at least some of his children to provide advice and assistance in his campaign, it only stands to reason they would continue to do so as he transitions into the Oval Office.  However, somebody has to stay behind and run the multiple business Trump owns, and it is, in Trump’s view, a ‘man’s world’, so the boys, Eric and what’s-his-name, will handle the bankruptcy filings and lawsuits for the Trump Corporation.  This leaves his favourite child, Ivanka, to serve on Trump’s advisory team.  Ivanka is more intelligent, more well-spoken and outwardly more even-tempered than her father, however many consider her to be a Donald Trump clone.  I tend to agree – when you look at what she says, she says the same things Trump says, only in a quieter, nicer way.

Corey Lewandowski, Chief of Staff – Fired by Trump in June, Lewandowski almost immediately went to work for CNN where he continued to campaign for Trump, leaving one to wonder if he had ever actually left Trump’s employ.  Turns out his ‘firing’ was nothing more than a political ploy, as he still campaigns with Trump, remains on the Trump payroll, and spreads Trump’s rhetoric far and wide through CNN.  His tendency toward violence and brashness should go far in making him a much-loved Chief of Staff!  He will take great pleasure, I am sure, in doing Trump’s dirty work when necessary … like, daily.

Stephen Miller, Counselor – Often called ‘Donald Trump’s warm-up act’, Miller’s job in the campaign has been to go behind Trump with his whisk broom and dustpan, cleaning up the detritus left behind.  Surprisingly, Miller is capable of speaking in complete sentences, hence his value during the campaign and thereafter.

Hope Hicks, Deputy Communications Director – Ms. Hicks, dubbed by the New York Times as ‘the woman who totally understands Donald Trump’ (scary, isn’t it?), was once a model (seem to be a lot of those in Trump’s retinue, don’t there?) who only entered the political arena a year ago.  It is said that she has a ‘unique bond’ with Trump … no, I am not going to speculate further on that!  But I am unclear, since she refuses to appear on camera, how she will be an effective communications director.  Ah well, I don’t suppose it much matters … if you look at her picture, you can see how she keeps her position.  Just once I would like to see one of his female staff members with a normal body!

Dan Scavino, White House Photographer – Scavino, a life-long Trump employee, began as Trump’s golf caddy, worked his way through the ranks in Trump’s businesses, and now serves as director of social media for the Trump campaign.  He has been dubbed ‘Trump’s Twitter Troll Ringmaster’, since he, like the rest of Trump’s advisors, runs around with a whisk broom and dustpan, cleaning up the messes left by the head clown.  Then again, Scavino is no saint.  He is known for posting doctored or false pictures, including one that implied, untruthfully, that Ted Cruz had an affair with his former staffer Amanda Carpenter.  His unorthodox use of Twitter to convey campaign messages was apparently not lost on Trump, who seems to favor Tweeting over all other forms of communication.

Kellyanne Conway, Communications Director – Kellyanne, his current campaign manager, as communications director?  I am not so sure about this one, as I believe that by the time election day rolls around, she will be happy to walk away from Trump and never look back, except perhaps in her nightmares.  As campaign manager, she is responsible for trying to spin all the outrageous things he says in such a way that the public is somewhat less offended, or convince the public that what he said made some sort of sense.  It is not a job I would want, and she has shown signs many times of being frustrated with da man and his mouth.  But then again, politics makes strange bedfellows, as they say, so who knows?

Steve Bannon, Senior Advisor – America’s #1 thug, is a perfect choice for Trump’s senior advisor, as he shares Trump’s mentality of bullying rather than negotiating to get what he wants. Bannon is the former (?) CEO of Breitbart, the alt-right website that is so far to the right if they went any farther they would fall into the Atlantic Ocean.  The man could be Trump’s twin brother, bluster, bluster, and yet more bluster until nobody hears the conversation.  It is said that Brannon’s influence led Trump to his ridiculous claim that he is the target of a vast globalist conspiracy of bankers and journalists and that his election to the presidency is the only hope for Western civilization. Yes, he and Trump will make a wonderful couple. Bannon even looks as disgusting as Trump! I imagine Breitbart would suddenly be invited to all White House press events.  Ugh.

Alan Garten, White House Counsel – Not much is known about Garten, other than that he is a lawyer (that says it all, doesn’t it?) and likes to sue people.  He and Trump should quickly become best buddies, if they aren’t already.  It is Garten who sends all those letters threatening to sue media outlets for saying bad things about da boss man.

Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor – Although an Obama appointee and a registered Democrat, Trump and Flynn have much in common:  they both love Vladimir Putin, and they both want to throw Hillary Clinton in prison.  He has hands-on military experience, as a retired lieutenant-general, but otherwise I think his only qualification is … well … I cannot think of anything else that would qualify him to be responsible for the security of the nation.

Rudy Giuliani, Senior Advisor – If ‘senior advisor’ is synonymous with ‘boot-licker’, then Rudy is certainly the man for this job!  Giuliani, once known as ‘America’s Mayor’ due to his superior instincts in leading New Yorkers through the tragic aftermath of 9/11, jumped tracks sometime in the last year and is now an obnoxious, fanatical, yes-man to Trump.  If Trump says it, Rudy goes out and says it even louder, if that is possible.  However, as an advisor, I suppose he would have to wait for Trump to tell him what advice he wants, and then Rudy could give him that very advice.  Rudy traded his soul for a position on the Trump team, so I imagine it will work out well for him.

Chris Christie, Attorney General – Well, based on this morning’s ‘breaking news’, I imagine Mr. Christie will be seeking some form of permanent employment in the near future, and I predicted when Christie sold his soul and endorsed Trump that he was doing it in hopes of winning the Attorney General spot in a Trump campaign, so I suppose this should come as no surprise. Of the aforementioned motley crew, Mr. Christie is the only one with government experience beyond the city/local level.  And he would fit well with the team, since even in the aftermath of brutal, cruel insults from Trump during Christie’s own campaign, he caved and endorsed Trump just days after dropping out of the race.  So, he is definitely what Trump is looking for in an advisor:  a whipping boy.

There is only one name off the top of my head that I would add to the list, and that is Dr. Ben Carson, who I believe, like Governor Christie, endorsed Trump for the sole purpose of gaining a high-level position in a Trump administration.  So, I predict that he would be named Surgeon General by da trumpeter.  Like all on this list, he is a yes-man, so whatever Trump believes in, Carson will also believe in.  This likely means that people with disabilities, or those who are weakened by illness will be sent away somewhere … perhaps they could be bussed to a nice set of toxic showers somewhere out in Idaho … out of sight, out of mind.

So there you have it … Trump’s potential advisory team.  If the man himself doesn’t disgust you enough to make you determined to vote for Hillary Clinton, this ragtag bunch certainly should.  My imagination is not yet quite done, so look for at least one more post before Tuesday … Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue, Part II.