♫ You Won’t See Me ♫

Oooooh-la-la-la … Oooooh-la-la-la … Ooo 💥  Oh … oh … here you are!  Sorry, I was wrapped up in the music, singing Oooooh-la-la-la … it grabs you, y’know?  Anyway, today’s song is an ‘oldie but goodie’ by none other than The Beatles from waaaayyyy back in 1965.

Paul McCartney wrote this about his tumultuous five-year relationship with the actress Jane Asher. He wrote it one night after she had walked out.  Up to this point, McCartney wrote lots of “silly love songs.” You Won’t See Me was a departure lyrically, as the song was more personal and mature, and also a little bitter, which reflects how he felt about his relationship with Jane Asher.

This was recorded in two takes. In their early years, The Beatles did so many live shows that they had no trouble recording quickly.  What I did not know was that the melody for the Chicago hit Saturday In The Park is based on this song.

You Won’t See Me
The Beatles

Saturday Surprise!

Good Saturday morn and welcome to Saturday Surprise!  I am still working on a way to make this feature more interactive, at least once in a while, but this past week has been filled with so much detritus that I have barely come up for air, so I hope to bat 🏏 some ideas around this weekend.  Meanwhile, I have a few fun surprises to start our weekend right.

I will start with a confession.  I am rapidly losing my sanity, if in fact I ever had any.  Two points in case:  I thought I had left my cell phone in the kitchen one evening this week, but after dinner when I went to retrieve it, it was gone.  I looked upstairs … in every room … even those I had not been in all day.  I looked downstairs in every room.  I checked the freezer.  I checked the laundry.  No phone.  So finally I asked Chris to call me so that I could trace it by the ring (which was dumb, since I cannot hear it ring unless it is within reach anyway).  Suddenly, there was a vibration and an annoying ringer that goes “wah wah wah” coming from … you guessed it … my pocket. embarrassedAnd the second episode was equally telling of my sanity loss.  I went to the grocery on Thursday evening, purchased enough food for our family of three for two weeks, placed it all neatly on the conveyor belt at the checkout aisle, and while I was patiently waiting for the lady ahead of me to finish paying for her food, it suddenly occurred to me that I had left home without either cash or credit card.  Nada in the pockets but two sets of keys, a cell phone and inhaler.  Fortunately, I live less than a mile from Kroger, so it was a fairly simple matter to resolve, but still … who does that?embarrassed-2And then there was the third, but … I cannot remember what that one was …

Anyway, moving along before I lose my train 🚂 of thought again,..

In Japan, once the rice is harvested around this time of year, the rice farmers are left with fields full of straw.  In Niigata Prefecture, they have found a unique and fun way to deal with it … they build animals!  It is called the “Wara (rice straw) Art Festival”, and just look at some of the results of their efforts!

wara-1wara-2wara-3wara-4wara-5wara-6wara-7The festival is held every year on August 31st, and local artists build the statues over wooden frames, allowing them to build larger, sturdier statues.

Our friend Keith planted this ‘ear worm’ last week, and it has been stuck in my head all week!  So, I am sharing it here because a) I like the song, b) I am hoping that by sharing it with you guys, the ‘ear worm’ will leave me and stick with at least a few of you!

And finally, because it’s late and I am too tired to be any more creative … how about a few adorable critter pictures …


And I’m sorry, folks, but that is all I’ve got for this Saturday!  I’ve enjoyed spending a bit of time with you this morning, but it’s a beautiful autumn Saturday morning, and I know you have things to do, places to go, people to see, and life to enjoy!  Have a great weekend all!