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A long-overdue resignation

The U.S. has been setting a heck of a lot of records of late … records for daily new cases of the coronavirus, records for daily deaths as a result of the coronavirus.  For the most part, I lay the blame at the doorstep of Donald Trump who intentionally misled the people of this nation back in the first months of the year, then continued to downplay and lie to us about the pandemic.  But a portion of the blame for the recent spikes must also be shared by Dr. Scott Atlas, a man who was in no way, shape or form qualified for the position he assumed four months ago as Trump’s top pandemic advisor. 

Atlas is a radiologist with no expertise or experience in infectious diseases or epidemiology.  But then, he wasn’t hired for his experience, or lack thereof … he was hired to spout Trump’s lies about the virus and its effects, to attempt to keep people from taking it seriously, from wearing masks and eschewing social venues.  In that light, he did his job admirably, spouting nonsense such as herd immunity, which the scientific community has plainly disavowed.  He urged Michigan residents to ‘rise up’ against restrictions put in place by Governor Whitmer in an effort to slow the spread of the disease.  Trump wrote his script for him, and he played his role well, like a good little minion. 

pandemicYesterday, Scott Atlas resigned from his position as Trump’s senior pandemic advisor.  I guess his work here was done … we now have between 1,200 – 2,200 deaths each day and well over 100,000 new cases daily, so he has accomplished his goal:  to kill us.  Below is his letter of resignation, every word being a lie.


Good riddance to bad rubbish.  The expert I listen to these days is Dr. Anthony Fauci, who’s predictions have, sadly, been spot-on and who obviously cares about the lives of the people in this nation – more than can be said of the ‘man’ sitting in the Oval Office.  Now if only the equally un-qualified U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy would follow suit and turn in his resignation …

New citizenship test

Let me ask you a simple question:  Who does a U.S. Senator represent?

Did you answer “the people of his/her state”?  You would be right, but … if you were an immigrant taking the new test that will soon become standard, developed by Trump and his gang of xenophobic thugs, your answer would be counted wrong.  The new answer is “the citizens of his/her state”.  Think about the subtle difference there … it reeks of Stephen Miller’s Nazi deodorant. 

The test, which was introduced in 1986, was last revised in 2008. In a USCIS statement, acting Director Ken Cuccinelli said …

“Updating, maintaining, and improving a test that is current and relevant is our responsibility as an agency in order to help potential new citizens fully understand the meaning of U.S. citizenship and the values that unite all Americans.”

Uh-huh … he drank the trumpade.  In addition to the changes in the questions and answers, there are now more civics questions … which I find interesting, given that Civics is no longer even taught in schools.  AND … this is a real kicker for most immigrants who are likely underpaid and are not wealthy … the cost of the test has gone from $640 to $1,160 … nearly double!

The changes to the test are expected to go into effect sometime this month or next.  Frankly, I don’t know why anybody would choose, at this point, to become a citizen of this nation.  Hopefully that image will improve over time once we rid ourselves of the cancer in the Oval Office, but I’m no longer certain.  Meanwhile, my friends Maha & Ali, and their son Tholfaqar, who migrated here from Syria five years ago, became citizens last year, and I am so relieved.  Even Trump cannot take that away from them.

One of the few decent republicans …

In my own state, Ohio, we have a Republican governor, Mike DeWine, who is actually a decent guy.  I don’t often agree with him, but … I do know that he tries to do the right thing and he acts in the best interests of the people … mostly.  Since the pandemic started, Governor DeWine has acted responsibly in doing what he felt was needed to slow the virus, to protect the people of this state.  I well remember the Saturday in March when Chris, Natasha and I were having our usual Saturday lunch at TGI Friday’s and it was announced that Governor DeWine had ordered all non-essential businesses to close that very night … until further notice. 

I also remember that three days later, March 17th, DeWine postponed the primaries that were to have taken place the very next day.  I was angry … I cannot vote in a primary because I am an independent, registered to neither party, but still … the primaries were too important to just … cancel.  Today, looking back, I can see that DeWine made the right decision.  There are very few Republican politicos who I actually respect … Mike DeWine is one such.

So, I experienced a moment of white-hot fury last night when I read that a state legislator has filed twelve articles of impeachment against the governor.  WHY?  Because he cares about the lives of the people in his state!  DeWine implemented a mask mandate several months ago, which is still in effect today, and a week or so ago he imposed a 10:00 p.m. curfew whereby all retail businesses, including restaurants and bars, must close by 10:00 p.m. and may not re-open until 5:00 a.m.  Really, the measures are probably too little, considering that the pandemic is surging out of control in our state.

But, Ohio State representative John Becker, along with Republican Representatives Candice Keller, Nino Vitale, and Paul Zeltwanger, claim that …

“Governor DeWine’s mismanagement, malfeasance, misfeasance, abuse of power, and other crimes include, but are not limited to, meddling in the conduct of a presidential primary election, arbitrarily closing and placing curfews on certain businesses, while allowing other businesses to remain open. He weaponized the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to bully and harass businesses and the people; to enforce a statewide mask mandate and other controversial measures of dubious “value,” making Ohio a hostile work environment.”

DeWine responded during his Monday evening pandemic update …

“I’d like for them to go in and talk to some nurses who are frontline nurses who are dealing with people who are dying. I’d like for them to go talk to family members, maybe a family that didn’t believe that this could happen. Now at Christmas, there will be one less person at the table. So, at some point, the foolishness has got to stop.”

Where do these ‘people’ come from?  So … it’s more important to them to be able to hang out in bars getting smashed, than to protect the lives of their own children, their spouses, their senior relatives, and their co-workers?  What asses.  In the last twelve years, I have not tipped my hat nor given a thumbs-up to a republican, but today I give Mike DeWine a two thumbs-up for his efforts to keep us safe, and for having to deal with the nincompoops like Becker & Co.

The GOP is Bat**** Crazy

Jeff is angry and so am I. In fact, any person with a functional brain should be! He is spot-on with this post. Thank you, Jeff, for saying what most of us are thinking.

On The Fence Voters

I’m a little angry today, so please excuse the following post, for it might offend some people. Sorry in advance.

The GOP is the gift that keeps on giving. Since media outlets declared Joe Biden President-elect, I wondered how it would affect my writing in this space. After all, for much of the past two-plus years, the White House’s current occupant provided lots of material – the majority of which was mind-numbingly despicable and shocking.

But then I figured out that even after Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20, 2021, we will have one political party that continues to establish itself as the party of kooks, whack-jobs, science deniers, and conspiracy theorists.

In other words, I’ll have plenty to write about. I suppose I owe them a thank you?

Seriously, though, as Joe Biden said yesterday in his press conference when talking about the current GOP’s obstruction and…

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Trump vs Pandemic — No Winners

I shouldn’t be surprised, I guess, that Donald Trump has not so much as mentioned the pandemic, despite the fact that we are at an all-time high for new cases and deaths.  It shouldn’t come as a shock that he is more interested in perpetuating his own brand of fraud to attempt to stay in power in a dictatorial fashion, rather than focusing on the people in this country dying, in part because of his neglect.  It is only further proof that Trump does not care one whit about any of us … republican or democrat, male or female, Christian or atheist … he doesn’t hate us, he just simply doesn’t care about us.  Eugene Robinson said it best in his column in The Washington Post yesterday …

Amid the worst of the pandemic, our mad king rages only about himself

Eugene-RobinsonOpinion by 

Eugene Robinson


This is becoming like Greek tragedy. The nation is on fire with covid-19, cases and hospitalizations are soaring to unthinkable new highs, and our leader does nothing but rage and moan about his own punishment at the hands of cruel fate.

If it is true that “those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad,” then President Trump is finishing his shambolic term in office as Mad King Donald. Cumulative U.S. covid infections leaped from 10 million to 11 million in just six days, signifying uncontrolled spread. Hospitals are crowded with nearly 70,000 covid-19 patients — more than ever before — and medical systems, especially in the Great Plains and the Mountain West, are wavering under unbearable strain. The morgue in El Paso is so overwhelmed with bodies that inmates at the county jail there are being pressed into service as helpers, pending arrival of the National Guard. Yet Trump spent Monday morning on Twitter, pitifully howling “I won the Election!” about a contest he clearly and decisively lost.

We have reached the point in the pandemic that epidemiologists warned about months ago. They begged Trump to do everything he could to push infection rates as low as possible before autumn arrived and cooler temperatures forced people indoors, where the virus is transmitted much more easily.

Rather than heed the scientists, Trump listened only to the sirens of his own vanity and ambition. He marginalized the experts of his coronavirus task force, declining even to meet with them for the past several months. Instead, he found faux experts whose advice was more to his liking, chief among them Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist — not trained or experienced in fighting epidemics — who on Sunday called on the people of Michigan to “rise up” against a three-week curb on social gatherings announced by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D).

Trump wanted the economy up and running, with everything back to the way it was, in time for the election. His insistent pushing toward this unrealistic goal disastrously turned the adoption of sensible public health measures into a political wedge issue. Republican governors who wanted to remain in Trump’s favor had to accept his framing of the issue: Restrictions were bad, “freedom” was good. Those governors’ constituents are now paying a terrible price.

A responsible president would have used his megaphone to urge all Americans to wear masks and practice social distancing; would have understood and explained how full cooperation with burdensome shutdowns earlier in the year could allow some institutions, including schools, to return to more normal functioning in the fall; and would have valued patience and resolve over instant gratification.

And a president who was compos mentis never would have made the nonsensical claim that the United States had more covid-19 cases than other countries only because we did more testing. Rather, a president grounded in reality would have insisted on a vastly expanded, nationwide testing program as a way to hasten our safe return to offices, stores and restaurants.

The Trump administration did one thing right by pushing hard for rapid development of vaccines. Two drug companies — Pfizer and Moderna — have announced highly encouraging results from formal trials, and the federal government’s commitment to purchase millions of doses means these vaccines, assuming they are proved to be safe, will be available in record time.

But Moncef Slaoui, co-chair of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine effort, said Monday that, under a best-case scenario, roughly 20 million doses of the two vaccines will be available per month, beginning in December. And initially they will go only to high-risk groups. There are 330 million Americans, meaning that most of us may remain vulnerable to covid-19 for some time.

The United States is once again averaging more than 1,000 deaths a day. A smaller percentage of covid-19 sufferers perish now than did back in the spring — doctors and nurses know much more about how to treat severely ill patients — but this remains a deadly disease. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone who works at your local hospital. They’ll tell you.

President-elect Joe Biden has no magic wand to make covid-19 go away. But he does understand that no attempt to return to normal life can succeed unless we first get the virus under control, and that controlling covid requires following the advice of public health professionals.

At the moment, however, there is nothing Biden can do. The Mad King, clinging to the fiction that he has not been deposed, will not even allow federal officials to begin sharing data with Biden’s incoming coronavirus team. The theme of his failed reelection campaign should have been “Make America Sick Again.”

A Few Words Found …

You’ll remember yesterday afternoon when I told you I couldn’t find my words … I think I found some of them, but it seems this batch is smaller than I had on Sunday.  At any rate … I shall see what I can make with the words I do have and perhaps by tomorrow the rest will turn up somewhere.

On a personal note …

My granddaughter Natasha, aka Miss Goose, gave me her Christmas list last week and the very first thing on the list was … a donation to Black Lives Matter.  This kid … she’s 25 now … she just makes me so damn proud of her.  I feel tears welling every time I look at that list.  The next item on the list, of course, is a new computer (that I just ordered, but don’t tell her), followed by a couple of shirts and a long list of books.  But how many people do you know who start their wishlist with a donation to anybody, let alone such a worthy cause?  I just had to give some kudos here to a young woman with a heart of pure gold.

Oil.  Alaska.  Wildlife.  Asshole.

It would appear that Donald Trump plans to leave as his ‘legacy’ a 21st century “scorched earth” policy as he leaves the White House, hopefully forever.  Numerous things have come onto my radar that he and his nasty band of cronies are attempting to enact prior to January 20th.  For starters, the “Trump administration”, aka Donald Trump, announced yesterday that they are planning to rush through the sale of leases to oil companies that would achieve Trump’s long-sought goal of allowing oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

The Wildlife Refuge … REFUGE, defined by Merriam-Webster as “a place that provides shelter or protection”.  Animals, some on the brink of extinction, would be murdered in order for oil companies to make more profit!  According to Adam Kolton, executive director of the Alaska Wilderness League …

“This lease sale is one more box the Trump administration is trying to check off for its oil industry allies.  But it is disappointing that this administration until the very end has maintained such low regard for America’s public lands, or the wildlife and Indigenous communities that depend on them.”

Disappointing?  No, it goes well beyond disappointment.  Disappointment is when your favourite restaurant is out of fish ‘n chips … this is infuriating, unconscionable, rage-inducing!

The Arctic refuge is one of the last vast expanses of wilderness in the United States, 19 million acres that for the most part are untouched by people, home instead to wandering herds of caribou, polar bears and migrating waterfowl. It has long been prized, and protected, by environmentalists, but Trump has boasted that opening it to oil development was among the most significant of his efforts to expand domestic fossil fuel production.

We. Don’t. Need. The. Damn. Oil.  Somebody please, turn a few dozen polar bears loose on this moron and let them have him for supper!  Truth is, it isn’t and never was about the U.S. needing that oil – it is and always was about the fossil fuel industry and their profits … men who already sit on billions of dollars of wealth, while some of us struggle to put food on the table.  DAMN you, Donald Trump … just DAMN YOU.

How to make the pandemic even worse … hire Scott Atlas!

In just under a week, the United States went from 10 thousand cases to over 11 thousand, and we are on track to hit 12 thousand within a few days.  Yesterday, we had 162,149 new cases, the day before 146,544.  We lead the world in both coronavirus cases and deaths.

Scott Atlas, who I have mentioned before, is the highly un-qualified senior advisor on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, a position that was once occupied by the very well-qualified Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Whereas Dr. Fauci’s entire career has been dedicated to the study of viruses and immunology, Atlas is a neuroradiologist … nothing to do with communicable diseases. Whereas Dr. Fauci cares about human life, Atlas cares only about licking Trump’s boots.


In the absence of federal guidance, states’ governors are taking the virus seriously and doing what needs to be done to keep the people in their state safe … or as safe as is reasonably possible.  One such governor is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer who, concerned by the recent spike in cases announced Sunday a three-week pause on indoor dining, in-person learning and several other activities.  So, what did Scott Atlas do?  Rather than support the governor in her effort to keep people safe, he tweeted …

“The only way this stops is if people rise up. You get what you accept. #FreedomMatters #StepUp.”

Freedom matters … indeed it does, but somehow, being free once your dead, or lying in a hospital bed hooked up to a multitude of machines, somehow pales in comparison to being alive.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said Monday that Atlas’ call to action represented a “grave concern” and warned that it could provoke violence in the state …

“These public health orders are absolutely necessary to preserve human life.  But once again, here you have members of the Trump administration that are so much more hurtful than they are helpful.”

Atlas, a physician with no expertise in infectious diseases or epidemiology, has won favor in the White House in recent months by advocating against coronavirus restrictions and downplaying the disease’s threat.  He has also publicly attacked Anthony Fauci, accusing the nation’s top infectious disease expert of stoking fears about the pandemic for political purposes ahead of the presidential election earlier this month.  One of Trump’s worst choices, one who did not require Senate confirmation, and one who ought to be stoned in the public square for his hideous disregard of our lives, along with his boss!

Well … puff puff puff … it seems I found enough words to make a post, yes?  And now, I think to soothe my own jangled psyche, I will go find a song for this morning’s music post.

Two Snarky Rants

I have only two snippets tonight, but both are serious.  The first is a threat to the lives of every person in this nation, the second is the single most abominable thing that we have seen in this election cycle to date.

Trump’s advisor doesn’t know … ANYTHING!

Dr. Scott Atlas, the highly UNqualified White House pandemic advisor, proved himself to be an even bigger fool than I first thought.  Atlas did an interview on Saturday with RT (formerly Russia Today), a Russian state-controlled international television network.  He later ‘apologized’, claiming not to have known that RT was a Russian media outlet backed by the Kremlin.  First off, even I know what RT is!  Surely he isn’t that damned stupid, and if he is, then why is he the person advising the Oaf in the Oval on something as critically important as the pandemic???

But what is equally galling is what he said in his interview.  Now, remember that Dr. Atlas is a neuroradiologist, NOT a virologist, an immunologist or a specialist in infectious diseases.  He has zero qualifications to address matters related to the pandemic – ZERO.  And yet, during his 28-minute interview with the Russian media outlet, he uttered such idiocy as …

“It’s tragic. There’s no question about that. But if you wanna know what’s happening right now, I think there’s a gross distortion that has sort of been typical of the reporting on this. And that is that there’s this frenzy of focusing on the number of cases when we see a lot of reasons to be sort of, you know, cautiously optimistic here rather than fearful.

The lockdowns… will go down as an epic failure of public policy by people who refused to accept they were wrong – were wrong, refused to accept they were wrong, didn’t know the data, didn’t care and became a frenzy of stopping COVID-19 cases at all costs.

And those costs are massive. And what’s happening here is that the argument is undeniable. The lockdowns are killing people but they’re not really impactful, the lockdowns.”

Now, while I am not an alarmist and have urged common sense and balance from the very beginning of the pandemic, I am a believer in listening to the experts … and Scott Atlas is NOT an expert in this field!

Contrast that bit of fluff to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s most recent statement …

“We’re in for a whole lot of hurt. It’s not a good situation. All the stars are aligned in the wrong place as you go into the fall and winter season, with people congregating at home indoors. You could not possibly be positioned more poorly.”

Dr. Fauci, who preceded Atlas as the White House pandemic advisor, is in fact an immunologist who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984.  The numbers support Dr. Fauci’s statement and make a mockery of Atlas’ …

The U.S. now has at least 9,474,845 cases, the highest of any nation on earth, and 236,473 deaths as of this writing at approximately 3:00 a.m. on Monday. These statistics are the highest of any nation on the planet.  In the past week, the U.S. has broken records for the number of new cases on at least three days.

Atlas is promoting the idea of ‘herd immunity’, which the scientific community has already said and proven does not exist.  It does not exist.  There is no herd immunity, and even if there were, it would mean sacrificing those of us who are immune-challenged, who are older and with pre-existing health issues.  This is what Mr. Atlas is proposing because … wait for it … because it is what Donald Trump told him he’d like him to say.  Trump figured out early on that he could not dictate to Dr. Fauci, so he hired Mr. Atlas to do his bidding.  He might as well have just had Ivanka be his pandemic advisor, for Scott Atlas is nearly as big a twit as she is.

In the words of Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does”

Last Friday, a Biden campaign bus was travelling from San Antonio to Austin, Texas, when suddenly it was ‘joined’ by a group of approximately 100 vehicles, many of them pickup trucks sporting confederate flags and Trump signs.  The vehicles aggressively surrounded the Biden bus and accompanying vehicles in an attempt to slow it down and run it off the road.  Thankfully, neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris were aboard the bus, but it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference to these assholes.

Videos showed the vehicles lined up along the freeway in wait for the bus, then speeding up and surrounding it as pro-Trump onlookers cheered and laughed. According to people on the bus, the vehicles slowed and appeared to attempt stopping the bus altogether.  What might have happened if they had succeeded in stopping the bus?  Would they have stormed it and started shooting?  There is no doubt in my mind that every damn one of the people in those vehicles was armed to the teeth.

When the bus reached its destination in Austin, a crowd of Trump supporters surrounded the bus and continued the harassment. Fearing the threats would escalate, Democrats canceled the event in Austin as well as another in Pflugerville, Texas, later that day in the interest of public safety.  This, my friends, is the act of dictatorial hooligans and as far as I’m concerned, they should all spend the rest of their days in prison, for they are attempting to murder this nation.

I honestly thought the people of this nation … even the lowliest of them … were better than this, but obviously I was sorely mistaken.

But the group of fools and idiots isn’t even the worst of it!

Worse yet is that these assholes were so proud of what they had done that they posted about their exploits on social media, but did the police actually DO ANYTHING???  No, they did not.  THEY DID NOT GET OFF OF THEIR FAT ASSES TO DO A DAMNED THING.  But wait … you still haven’t heard the worst of it!

The local yokels may have refused to do anything, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation under Director Christopher Wray still, for the moment, takes their oath to the nation seriously and announced that they are investigating.  Which set off the HEAD IDIOT in the White House …

“In my opinion, these patriots did nothing wrong. Instead, the FBI & Justice should be investigating the terrorists, anarchists, and agitators of ANTIFA, who run around burning down our Democrat run cities and hurting our people!

You see the way our people, they — you know they were protecting his bus yesterday. Because they’re nice. So his bus — they had hundreds of cars, Trump, Trump, Trump and the American flag. You see Trump and the American flag. Do you ever notice when you see the other side — I don’t even see much of the other side.”



feral wolf

Folks … anybody with a half-ounce of education, with a smidge of common sense, knows that this is NOT how a president talks.

Joe Biden’s response upon learning of the episode …

“Folks, that’s not who we are.  We are so much better than this. We’re so much better than this. It’s not who we are.”

THAT  … That is how a president speaks.

I was so incensed over Trump’s asinine words that I had to step away, for I was shaking and had three cigarettes lit at one time!  Donald Trump … is the most disgusting, hideous piece of flesh that I have ever in my life encountered, bar none, and why he was ever created is beyond me.  If he doesn’t lose this election by a significant number of votes, then I wash my hands of this nation and its people.  Done.  I’m done with this horseshit.