GOP MAGAs Push Towards Autocracy Will Harm US Economy and Its Citizens

Our dear friend Gronda gives us a spot-on and chilling analysis of where we are headed if the autocratic-minded Republican Party gains a majority in one or both chambers of Congress next year. The picture she paints is, for me at least, one that nightmares are made of. Thank you, Gronda! Great to have you back!!!

Gronda Morin

While Democratic Party candidates should be focusing on the 2 issues of saving our US democracy from devolving into a Fascist style autocracy and the restoration of women’s access to legal abortions, they should still be in the driver’s seat when faced with having to address economic issues.
All discussion of issues by Dems when confronting GOP MAGAs’ favorite talking points of inflation, immigration, and crime should be tied back to US voters saving our US democracy from devolving into an autocracy. Without a strong democracy, it will be mission impossible to effectively and competently address any of these real problems.
Our voters’ economic wellbeing, our ability to keep rights like that of same sex marriage, and the right of each person to have his/ her vote counted for their intended candidate will be made much worse if GOP MAGAs are able to become the majority party in…

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Hey Democrats — Listen UP!!!

As a left-leaning, liberal-thinking independent voter, I have had serious reservations regarding the ‘blue wave’ that everyone is talking about.  It is a theory that democrats will win big in November simply based on the fact that Trump and his sycophants in Congress are doing such a horrible job that all sensible voters will vote in a democratic candidate … any democratic candidate.  For months, I have said that it wasn’t enough, that the democratic party needs cohesion, that the candidates need a solid, respectable platform.  I have called for the DNC to find and support candidates who are ‘squeaky clean’, who carry no baggage that would give the GOP an opening for mud-slinging and under-handed shenanigans.  Last night I found my sentiments echoed by Anthony Zurcher, a journalist for the BBC.

“One of the ongoing criticisms of Democrats since Barack Obama moved out of the White House is that the party has been defined by what it opposes, instead of what it wants to do.

They’re not Donald Trump. They’re against travel bans, border walls, trade wars, financial and environmental deregulation, corporate tax cuts and repeal of the Obamacare health insurance system.

But what are they for? What are their ideas?”

It’s true.  Think about it … we know exactly what the GOP stands for because they are loud and obnoxious about it.  They will defend to the death their 2nd Amendment rights, they applaud Trump’s vision of a wall along the southern border, they want immigration stopped, they want environmental regulations removed on businesses, especially the fossil fuel industry, and the list goes on.  There is no doubt what they stand for.  But ask the average person what the democrats stand for, and the answer would likely be … the opposite of all of the above.  They know what they are against, but they don’t know what they are for.  Which, of course, is not quite true, but one could be forgiven for thinking it was, given that the democratic party as a whole is not speaking above a whisper these days.

“We’re not going to win if we spend all our time bemoaning that he’s there. He’s there. And we have to offer an alternative.” — Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar

“People ask how come you’re not offering alternatives. And I say we are.” – Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

During a recent “Ideas Conference”, democrats tried to zero in on the party platform …

  • Minimum wage increases
  • Expanding public schooling
  • Ethics, reform and oversight
  • Dismantling the oligarchy
  • Guns, the environment and health care

That’s it … that is what comprises the core values of the democratic party.  Okay, I am on board with all of the above, but there is so much more.  And why are the three arguably most important issues lumped together at the very end???

My concern is that this election will devolve into a mud-fest.  I am also concerned that for democrats, it will become a single-issue election:  gun regulation.  While gun regulation is certainly among the top concerns today, if it is allowed to become the central focus, I’m not sure how well the democrats will fare, for it is also the single most contentious issue on the docket, with far too many being told by the GOP that democrats want to abolish the 2nd Amendment and ‘take all your guns’.

While political ideologies do have a base platform, the day-to-day issues tend to be reactionary.  In this, the era of Trump, they are typically a reaction to whatever horrific thing he has most recently said or done, and there is no dearth of material on which to react.  But this gets us nowhere, it pulls us down to the level of the GOP, and it won’t win elections in November.

The Democratic Party stands for many things:  social & economic equality, social programs, labour unions, affordable college tuition, universal health care, equal opportunity for all, consumer protections, and environmental protections, to name a few.  This, then, is what the candidates need to be focusing on, the message they need to be getting out.  It will help that Trump & Co are making a mockery of our government, and the anger that generates will certainly play a role, but it is not going to be enough to carry the day.  It is absolutely essential to the continuation of this nation as a democratic republic that the demographics of Congress be changed.  The current majority in both the House and the Senate are naught but sycophants, book-lickers, who will bow to Trump’s will and who will fight to keep the madman in office, for he is their job security.

Please, democratic candidates, focus on the issues rather than simply being the “anti-Trump”.  Trump will, I firmly believe, help sink his own boat as well as that of the GOP, so leave him to it, and focus on presenting a united, sensible, humanitarian front. It is easy to argue against every single thing Trump has done or will do between now and November 6th, but there is a bigger goal here, and to achieve it, we must do better than to be the “Party of No”.

A Handful of Idiots …

The upcoming mid-term elections in November are drawing all manners of idiots out of the woodwork.  We the sensible, we the intelligent, we the humanitarians, we who wish sanity in our government, are going to have our work cut out for us in the next nine months!  In a brief visit to one of my ‘go-to’ news aggregators, trying to find something more interesting to write about than Devin Nunes trumped-up memo, I came across the following idiots.  Before reading on, I must insist that you be sure you are sitting down and also have a firm grip on your jaw so that it doesn’t drop to the floor, possibly causing physical damage for which you might be inclined to sue me.

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Cynthia Dunbar is a Virginia republican who will be seeking a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in November.  Dunbar believes that the proper biblical role for government is that it should have no role in providing for those in need, as that is a task that God has assigned to the church. “We have to realize that when we hand that  over to an ungodly government, without a heart, without a soul, that is not how God intended it to be done.”

Where do these people come from?

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Michele Bachman is a former representative to the U.S. House of Representatives from Minnesota. You all remember her, right?  She won the Third Place prize in the 2016 Idiot of the Year contest.  She interviewed with televangelist Jim Bakker earlier this month.  During that interview she told Bakker that she plans to run for the Senate seat vacated by Al Franken, if God tells her to.  But take heart, for it would appear the people in her home state are not that crazy about the idea of her sitting in the Senate, having placed this billboard:

Bachmann-billboardOkay, Michele … you’ve got your answer, now go back to whatever it was you were doing.

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Gloria Copeland isn’t running for any office … at least not yet, though in this circus, anything is possible … but she nonetheless participates in the idiocy.  She is the wife of televangelist Kenneth Copeland, and apparently has her own television program, where she announced earlier this week …

“Listen partners, we don’t have a flu season. And don’t receive it when somebody threatens you with, ‘Everybody is getting the flu.’ We’ve already had our shot, He bore our sicknesses and carried our diseases. That’s what we stand on.”

Just a note to my friends and readers:  the flu is taking a heavy toll this season, and not just on non-Christians.  If I were you, I would ignore Ms. Copeland’s advice.

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I came across these three in under five minutes … it is frightening to imagine how many more are out there.  And what’s even scarier is to imagine how many people believe this b.s. that they promulgate. In a saner time, I might have said that they are such obvious idiots that they don’t stand a chance, but I said that about Trump, and look what happened.  I really do need to get my crystal ball back out of the shop!