Music — Covers or Originals?

Our friend David posted yesterday evening about whether a cover can ever be as good as an original.  I’d say an unequivocal YES to that one, for I’ve heard many versions of songs that were more pleasing to me than the originals.  However, music is very much a matter of personal taste, and we don’t all agree.  Take a look at David’s post and see what you think of the selections he provided.  For me, I LOVE the Four Tops, so they get my vote in almost any case.  Thank you, David, for this treat!  Oh … and I do love your Queen and wish her BIG congratulations on her 70th Jubilee!  I am, as I’m sure you guys are, concerned for her health, but she is one kind, compassionate, majestic lady and I wish her the best!

Please leave any comments for David here, as the comments on his blog are not currently working, not through any choice of his, but rather the vagaries of WordPress!