Ukraine and Russia. The Tragedies, Histories, Hubris and Hypocrisies.

I have had an interest in history since I could read words on a page, but in truth I am no more a scholar than anybody else and I often struggle to understand the many ways in which the past has led to the present. Conversely, our friend Roger, well-versed in the history of our world, has an analytical mind that never ceases to amaze me. Today, I share his analysis of the Russian war against Ukraine that I found very enlightening and I think you will, too. I was not surprised to find that he put over 22 hours of work into this excellent post. I do hope you’ll take a few minutes to read and ponder his words, for they have value in understanding what is happening, why it is happening, and the likely outcome. Thank you, Roger!

The World As It Is. Not As It Should Be

UkraineAn Introduction

The 24th February 2023 marks the 1st Anniversary of the War between the nations of Ukraine and The Russian Federation. In military terms this is a continuation of The Russian Federation’s annexation of the Crimea and support of ethnic russian separatists in what was the south-east of Ukraine both commencing in 2014. An anniversary commentary though is not one which lends itself to shortness, not when History weighs in.

The Tragic Tides of History

History is not something that simply happened decades ago, but has cause and effects that stretch back over the centuries. If you cannot accept that don’t read anything further. This is not a post for the blinkered. We are looking at another chapter in the annals of Human Tragedy. One whose pages arguably were already laid out and just waiting for words to be written, in of course red; no not ink.

Each war, …

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Tuesday The 8th November. For Your Children and Their Children.

And from our friend across the big pond, a prescient word of warning …

The World As It Is. Not As It Should Be

US constitution

As I write this, the dawn of a damp, chill 5th November is here. And tonight all over the UK there will be fireworks and piles of burning woods. And pets will have a miserable time, so will folk trying to sleep. Worse our strained Hospital services will have unnecessary injuries through carelessness with use of explosives. And folk who think they are politically sardonic and witty will be making jokes favourable about Guy Fawkes.

And those words somehow seem allegorical to the state of US politics and the forthcoming greatest challenge faced by the US populations, thus far.

Let’s dial back a smidge and talk about Fawkes. He was part of a group of fanatics who were willing to bring down an albeit flawed but nonetheless nascent democracy by a savage act of violence on its parliament and replace that with a theocratic government and quiescent king. Some folk…

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Did Any of Us Notice?

It is with shame and regret that I had not heard of the 100 lives lost in Somalia. Are we becoming inured to such things? Are we, in fact, losing our humanity to technology? Or are humans simply becoming more self-focused, self-centered, and uncaring? Our friend Roger shares some of his thoughts that I think everyone should read. Thank you, Roger!

The World As It Is. Not As It Should Be

Mogadishu Bombing October 2022

Two days ago 100 people died in twin bombings in the capital of Somalia.

No, I did not notice at the time. I only read this by chance when checking the BBC newsfeed for an update on the latest antics of members of our government.

Point of note, excluding everything up ‘newsfeed’ that took up 16 words; the news item took 14 words. Despite the horror of that death and carnage, sitting here is my relatively stable and comfortable piece of the Western World I still end up devoting more words to UK ‘local’ comparatively transitory topics than the violent deaths of one hundred folk in a place, far away. And I might have heard the news about 500 deaths in the same place a few years back, but there’s no memory. There should have been, but we in our own locations flooded by input trivia and matters which…

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Democracy – The Quantum Arrangement

Democracy, it is said, is the ideal form of government to which all nations should aspire. But, is it really so perfect? Or is it perfect only on paper, before humans get their hands on it? Listen to what our friend Roger has to say on the subject …

The World As It Is. Not As It Should Be

One Word. Guaranteed to start a fire

If there is one way to upset some folk who worry about Democracy it is to suggest they are living in one. I did this once on a UK Face Book and received stern lectures, warnings and downright abuse from opponents of the British Government, some of whom seemed to have taken the V for Vendetta film as a documentary and are living the freedom fighter fantasy.

The Nature(s) of Democracy

Democracy takes on similarities to some of the categories encountered in Quantum Physics and Mechanics; they are either a wave or a particle, or they exist until you look at them. Taking the analogy one step further the study of both often end up with something along the lines of  ‘Even if we can’t see it. There has to be This otherwise That wouldn’t happen’ 

The observation that there are multiple forms…

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The Final Evidence of a Cult of Hypocrisy

Our friend Roger looks out across the big pond from his home in Wales and this is what he sees …

The World As It Is. Not As It Should Be

Maybe it’s one of those classic features of old age, maybe it comes from reading volumes of military and political histories or maybe it’s ‘Just Because….’  . Anyway, I can accept Misdirection, Distortion and even Downright Lies as part of the whole box of tricks Humanity indulges in. Sometimes I embrace them as a Means To An End, but other times I condemn them, the latter mostly at the personal level, War and Politics being where Ambiguity is another Dimension.

One other failing which is common is Hypocrisy. With thanks to Wikipedia I give you this quote The word hypocrisy comes from the Greek ὑπόκρισις (hypokrisis), which means “jealous”, “play-acting”, “acting out”, “coward” or “dissembling”  . I can also cite British political philosopher David Runciman, “Other kinds of hypocritical deception include claims to knowledge that one lacks, claims to a consistency that one cannot sustain, claims to a loyalty that…

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A Spectre to be Exorcised (Communal Violence)

Once again, as he does so well, Roger is making us think, ponder, question. I find that our friends across the pond sometimes see our situation more clearly than we can … that old maxim about “can’t see the forest for the trees” I suppose. Roger is a history buff, and has a talent for applying the lessons of history to current day situations. Where is our nation to go from this point? Take a look and see. Anyway, thank you Roger for your thought-provoking words!

The World As It Is. Not As It Should Be


This post has to be long. Histories have to be considered. Social tides and trends examined. That most troublesome of all factors Human Nature faced. It is hoped you find this grim reading, but not sensationalist. This is a precursor for you to discuss in your homes, your blogs, your meeting places. These words are based on histories of communal violence throughout the world. Including the USA. I have tried to be apolitical, most of the time. It is not always possible. Blame has to be laid in places.


The present view that so politically polarised the USA has become, a civil war could take place has moved from blog site discussion onto the mainstream where more sober assessments are. For example:

Brookings in the following assessment of September 2021 concluded there was a sizeable proportion of the USA population who were of this mindset:

Is the US…

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