If You Give A Kid A Gun …

Guns in the hands of so-called ‘adults’ are bad enough, but guns in the hands of children is unconscionable!  It is a recipe for disaster!  The very same crowd that would deny a woman the right to have an abortion, would happily put a gun into her child’s hand!

I imagine most of you have seen the video clip that went viral a couple of days ago about a child in a diaper running around the hallway of an apartment building waving a loaded pistol.  The child pulled the trigger at least twice, but luckily, although the gun was loaded, there was no bullet in the chamber.  He pointed the gun at a woman and her daughter, who immediately went into her apartment and called the police, probably averting a catastrophe.  The child’s father denied owning a gun, but the child led police to the desk where the gun was stashed and the father was promptly arrested.

And this came just a week after a six-year-old child shot his teacher!

So, with those two things fresh in my mind, can you imagine my horror upon reading of a gun trade show being held in Las Vegas this week that will feature a JR-15 .22-caliber long rifle meant for kids?  WTF???  Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to have a lobotomy right away!  According to the trade show’s website …

“The JR-15 is the first in a line of shooting platforms that will assist families in safely passing on the proud American tradition of responsible gun ownership to the next generation of recreational shooting and hunting enthusiasts.”

Every state has laws that prohibit a child from having a gun, yet the gun manufacturers are making guns specifically for children … where’s the sense???  Oh wait … sense, human lives, logic, compassion, and all that take a backseat to the big P … PROFIT!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The good news, if any can come of this, is that even young people are up in arms (no pun intended) over this, and on Tuesday a group of student protesters, including at least one who is the survivor of a school shooting, demonstrated outside the trade show’s venue, the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

One of the students, Ade Osadolor-Hernandez, a member of Students Demand Action, had this to say …

“I really am just afraid to walk at night, to go to class, and obviously with the school violence epidemic and school shootings, I was even scared to participate in class. I was always looking for the nearest exit.”

Isn’t that a damn shame?  We send our children to school to learn history, science, literature, to become well-rounded, knowledgeable, thinking adults, but instead of focusing on the lessons of the teachers and textbooks, they are focused on watching every movement around them and remembering where the hiding places and exits are.

Last weekend at a mall in Columbus, Ohio, 40-50 youths were involved in a fight that caused police to evacuate the mall.  Loaded guns were found on at least two of the youths that we know of.  But perhaps this statement by a patron of the mall identifies the real problem …

“We’re numb to it now, because we hear it so many times. It’s not like it’s something that happens and it’s a huge big deal, because tomorrow we’re probably going to hear it again somewhere else.”

Chew on that one for a while, my friends.

Meanwhile, Clay Jones has an excellent post on the topic of kids ‘n guns … check it out.