The Week’s Best Cartoons 3/12

I turn this morning to TokyoSand who, as always, has compiled the best ‘toons of the week.  This week’s cartoons, predictably, are more cringe-worthy than laugh-worthy, but even so, they speak volumes with few or no words and the talent is amazing.  Thank you, TS, for all you do!

Here are some of the best cartoons I saw this week.

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On A Personal Note …

Sometimes there is just so much rambling in my head that I cannot focus on a single topic, and this is one such time.  So, I thought to clear out my head by sharing some of those thoughts with you, my friends.

I would like to start by telling you how very proud I am of my daughter, Chris.  Last Friday, she was informed that she had won the monthly “Employee Incentive Award” of $500.  The person who had nominated her for the award was one of her staff members, interestingly, who had argued with Chris on more than one occasion, but in her nomination praised Chris saying she was always there when her employees needed her, worked harder than anybody else, etc.  But all of that isn’t what made me so proud.  That evening, as Miss Goose and I both congratulated her on the win, she asked if there was anything special we would like to do with the money.  Naturally, I told her it was hers to do with as she pleased, and her response was, “Then, I think I’d like to donate it to help the people of Ukraine.”  I get teary-eyed just recalling her words … I’m so very proud of her.

I keep hearing people say we should stop importing oil and gas from Russia.  I agree that it would be in keeping with the other sanctions we have imposed on Russia and that it would make sense in more ways that one.  BUT … I know what will happen to all those voices who are demanding that President Biden ban Russian oil imports … they will have a 180° turnaround when the see the fuel prices at the pump a month from now.  The cost of a gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel is almost certain to spike to $10 or nearly so, and those same people will be whining and bitching, blaming President Biden.  I want to say to every one of those people, you asked for it, you got it, so shut the #$%& up!!!  People whining has gotten on my nerves so badly that I’m turning into Oscar the Grouch!  They whine about being told to wear a mask, they whine about the increase in food prices, they cry about one thing and another, never stopping to realize just how great they have it compared to the people of Ukraine, Afghanistan, and many other countries too numerous to name.  Being asked to wear a mask and paying $10 for a gallon of fuel pales in comparison to being shot at!  Perhaps … just a thought … they could walk more and drive less, turn the thermostat down by 5°, turn a few lights out, and stay home instead of dining out or going to the cinema?

Even after the IPCC (Interglobal Panel on Climate Change) came out with dire warnings at the end of last month, at least some people are not taking it seriously.  The former guy was talking to a group of rich jerks who had donated to him when he said, in response to the scientific concept that sea levels are rising as a result of our carbon output … “The global warming hoax, it just never ends. There was a big thing about global cooling — what will be next? I say, great, we have more waterfront property.”  Can anybody possibly be more stupid?  But the worst of it is that his supporters will believe him and will fight against those of us who are trying to stall or reverse climate change, just as they fought against things like mask and vaccine mandates that were put in place to fight COVID, which Trump also claimed was a hoax, or nothing to worry about.  We have a large portion of the population that, rather than listen to experts like scientists and doctors, would prefer to listen to clowns like Trump and Carlson.  They are making life riskier for all of us.

Speaking of the former guy … I am calling on editors of the major news outlets to keep both his name and picture out of their publications for a period of one week … 7 days, 168 hours!  Nothing he does is actually news, but his intent is always two-fold:  to rile and divide people and to keep the spotlight on himself.  Publications like The Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, Reuters and others are guilty of adding to the divisiveness in this country by keeping the former guy front and center in the news, reporting on his every irrelevant word or action.  They are giving those of us with some sense an ulcer, and causing glee among the unwashed masses.  Let them try, just for one week, to report actual news and not mention the former guy … let’s see what happens.

The ridiculous ‘trucker convoy’ reached the Washington, D.C. area yesterday.  I find it ironic that they can create havoc by blocking major highways, making people late for work, doctor’s appointments, meetings, classes and more, and yet they are applauded by too many people.  Compare their actions to those of  football player Colin Kaepernick who in 2016 took a knee during the national anthem to bring attention to racial injustice that was on the rise all across the nation, and he was booed, scorned, ultimately lost his job, and still today is a pariah in some circles.  Tell me again that the ‘United’ States is not a racist country … and I will call you a liar.  This nation is every bit as racist today as it was in 1964.  I once thought we had made progress, but we haven’t … not really.

Those in this country who would support the monster Vladimir Putin, who is now killing civilians including children in Ukraine should be made to either shut up or go live under Putin’s autocracy in Russia.  Putin is a murderer and evil oozes from his every pore.  There is not one single reason for people in the U.S. to be praising Putin.  Those who think their rights are so violated here in the U.S. and that Putin is anything less than a cruel madman don’t deserve to live in the U.S. … banish them to Russia and then let them complain about their ‘rights’ … see how long it takes them to find their way to the gulag.

See, I told you I had a lot of things running loose in my mind!  Perhaps now I can focus on something … anything!  Thanks for letting me vent!

Borschting For Freedom

I was planning to write about the ludicrous “trucker convoy” that is expected to arrive sometime today in Washington, D.C., but then Clay Jones did it for me and did it better than I could have, ’cause he can draw in addition to writing! Seriously, though, the truckers are protesting mask/vaccine mandates, most of which have already ended, so … as Clara Peller used to say, “Where’s the beef?”


The Freedom Truckers hauling bullshit and snowflakes have picked a really bad time to pretend their freedom is under attack. It’s kinda like protesting the War on Christmas in July. There are not a lot of takers.

First, all the mandates they’re protesting against are being lifted. Second, it’s really hard to gain pity for being forced to wear a face mask in a Dunkin’ Donuts when there are Ukrainian grandmas facing down Soviet tanks.

These truckers, organized by white nationalists, want to whine and complain but they don’t have anything to complain about. In the 1953 classic, “The Wild One,” outlaw biker Johnny Strabler, played by Marlon Brando, is asked by Mildred, just some girl in the movie I think, what he’s rebelling against. Johnny’s reply is, “What’ve you got?” If Mildred had replied something about having to wear a face mask at Denny’s, Johnny might’ve just rolled out…

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