Break Open Da Piggy Bank …

Last week, Trump traveled to the United Kingdom for a state visit.  I’ve already written about his bizarre, juvenile behaviour and will leave that topic alone for now, but my jaw dropped yesterday morning when, after assessing our family finances and deciding I better wait until next week to order my insulin, I read what Trump’s little jaunt cost We, the Taxpayers.


Junior strutting in his finery

First, consider who went.  Donald and the sour-faced spouse, Melania – the only two who were actually invited.  Then there was Don, the hunter, Junior; the useless duo of Ivanka & Jared; Eric and his potty-mouth wife, Lara; and the usually-unseen Tiffany … I guess she couldn’t pass up a trip to London on our dime.  So … eight principal characters, all of whom, of course, require round-the-clock Secret Service protection.  Then there were about a dozen of his ‘advisors’, though since he never listens to them and they are mostly witless anyway, it’s unclear why they went along.  Among them was America’s #1 bimbo Kellyanne Conway, resident liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders, white supremacist Stephen Miller, and boot-licker Steve Mnuchin as well as his wife.  And to ice the cake, he also brought along some friends, like Chris Ruddy, CEO of the conservative media organization Newsmax.


Could the women have found any uglier dresses???

First, there were the costs to fly Air Force One from Andrews Air Force Base to London … about $2.5 million for the round trip.  The Trump kids did not fly on Air Force One, but whatever they did fly on cost the taxpayer an undisclosed amount, and their Secret Service protection cost even more.  I’m not sure why we are protecting these useless people, but …

Along with people on Air Force One, the presidential limousine and Marine One helicopter were transported, along with a multitude of supporting vehicles and staff. They’re all designed to keep the president safe and away from protesters.  You know … those protestors that Trump claimed he didn’t see?UK-presidential-limNext, there was the cost of Secret Service protection for all the above-named people … while I have searched and cannot find any credible information about the costs of Secret Service protection, there is no doubt whatsoever that it runs into the millions.  Just a weekend jaunt to Mar-a-Lago runs over $1 million.

Then came the accommodations. Trump and part of his entourage stayed at the Qatari-owned Intercontinental Park Lane Hotel, at a cost of approximately $1.3 million.  Other members of the party stayed elsewhere:

  • London Hilton on Park Lane ($339,000)
  • Cumberland Hotel at Cumberland Place ($92,000)
  • Hyatt Regency Churchill hotel ($37,000)



Trump’s suite at Intercontinental Park Lane

While there are many costs that I can find no information about, there was a crowning end to his trip when he detoured for a visit to his golf course in Doonbeg, Ireland.  This extra jaunt cost the taxpayers $3.6 million more than if he had remained in London!  To add insult to injury, he conducted a bit of business while he was there … not U.S. government business, but rather business concerning his golf course, which is part of Trump Enterprises.  No, no conflict of interest here, folks … move along now … see that snake oil salesman just across the street?

And the UK paid a hefty price for the Trump family visit as well.  Contrary to what Trump claims, tens of thousands of protestors were out in force last Tuesday, ensuring that a strong police presence would be required. While I have not heard a final tally, prior to Trump’s visit the estimate for security by Scotland Yard was £40 million, or $50.7 million! UK-protestors.jpgIt should be noted that in 2012, when President Obama traveled to Spain, Trump had nothing but criticism about the cost of the trip …

“The Obama’s Spain vacation cost taxpayers over $476K. They love to spend money.”

A mere fraction of the cost of the Trump family’s London vacation … ah, but that was President Obama, whose skin wasn’t quite the right colour to suit Trump.

No matter what the final figure for this trip is on either side of the Atlantic, the taxpayers of both the United States and the United Kingdom have been royally ripped off.  What did we gain from this trip?  Nothing.  The Trump boys had a lot of fun pub-hopping over in Ireland, Trump had a blast making up stories, claiming that people loved him and that the Queen never had a better time than with him.  And he embarrassed the heck out of this nation by threatening to force our horrendous health care on the Brits, among other things.  Melania, Ivanka, Jared, Junior, Eric, and Tiffany got to see the sights and be treated like royalty. UK-pub

We, the taxpayers?  We got nothing, not even a lousy T-shirt.

London The Baby Blimp June 2019 UK Trump Protesters Funny Shirt

Lawsuits, Obstruction, and a Blimp

Robert Mueller’s report clearly shows a number of times that Don Trump attempted to obstruct justice, such as telling his White House counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller.  There are at least 10 such instances documented in the report.  And yet, Trump and his minions claim the report exonerates him.  It does not, but setting that aside for the moment, today he is obstructing justice yet again!  He is digging his hole deeper and deeper, and I sincerely hope he falls into it very soon.

First, it was announced yesterday that Trump and his business organization are suing the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Elijah Cummings, in an attempt to block the subpoena the committee issued requesting information from Trump’s accounting firm about his financial records.  Now, this subpoena would not have been necessary if Trump had been forthcoming with his tax returns, as every other president since Reagan has done.  When one refuses to answer a question, it throws up red flags and becomes obvious one has something to hide, and it is glaringly obvious at this point that Donald Trump has a heck of a lot to hide.

Judging by the fact that Trump had been involved in some 5,000 lawsuits prior to becoming president, we should not be surprised by this latest, for suing someone seems to be his modus operandi any time things don’t go his way.  The argument in this one, however, is laughable.

“Instead of working with the President to pass bipartisan legislation that would actually benefit Americans, House Democrats are singularly obsessed with finding something they can use to damage the President politically.”

Trump’s lawyers are also seeking to block his accounting firm, Mazars USA, from providing any information to the committee.  There is small chance that Trump will win this suit, BUT … it is seen as mainly a delaying tactic, likely until he can think of something else.  Trump is wasting our money on efforts to hide his own perfidy.  Plus … he is challenging the U.S. Constitution that calls for a system of checks and balances, as he asks the judicial branch to stop the legislative branch from doing their job overseeing the executive branch.  Playing both ends against the middle, so to speak.

And about those tax returns … the Internal Revenue Service missed the first deadline to turn six years’ worth of tax returns over to the House Ways and Means Committee, and the deadline was pushed back until … today, and as of this writing there is no sign of any tax returns.  More obfuscation.

But wait … there’s more!

Former White House personnel security director Carl Kline received a letter directing him not to show up for questioning by the House Oversight Committee.  The letter came from White House deputy counsel Michael M. Purpura and claims that the subpoena for his testimony “unconstitutionally encroaches on fundamental executive branch interests.”  Kline’s attorney said he will abide by the White House directive.

Mr. Kline’s testimony was requested as the committee is investigating the security clearances that appear to have been handed out willy-nilly on Trump’s orders, even though investigations had shown those individuals to be a security risk.  Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was one of those individuals.

Every single one of the above instances are attempts on the part of Trump to obstruct justice by hook or by crook.  Obstruction of justice, by the way, IS against the law.  Imagine if you are summonsed to appear before a judge for some matter and you don’t show up.  Guess where you’ll be going?  But Trump is getting by with it because … he believes he is a king, not a president of a relatively democratic nation.  More and more, I am coming to believe that impeachment may be the only answer.  I had been of the opinion that we should wait until all these investigations were concluded, however it appears that they may not be concluded for years, as he and his lawyers continue meddling, obfuscating, interfering and obstructing the process of the investigations.

And in other news, I am distressed to read that in less than two months, on June 3rd, Trump will travel to the United Kingdom for a state visit.  The Brits do not want him there, and it is certain that he will only humiliate us in front of our UK friends.  There is no good reason for him to go … it is merely an ego trip.  Last July when he went to the UK amid many protests from the citizenry, it ended up costing the country £18 million, or about $23 million in security.  I have an idea … how about just not having security … let the chips fall where they may.

Trump baby blimp-1Some are predicting even more, larger protests this time … as I said, nobody wants him there.  On the fun side, however, they are getting out the Trump baby blimp and dusting it off to use again.  I read in The Guardian that they may even make a new one … a hot air balloon five times the size of the original!

And on that note, I think I am finished for now … have a great day, my friends!