Tainted Love Ballots

The recount of votes from the 2020 election being done in Arizona is a joke, albeit not a very funny one. It is a sham, an illegitimate attempt to further undermine our voices, our votes. It is being done by conspiracy theorists and at least one person who participated in the January 6th attack on our Congress in order to install an authoritarian regime. What the hell has this nation become? Clay Jones has done a good editorial + cartoon on the subject … far better than I could have done!



“Some very interesting things are happening in Arizona.” That’s the most honest thing Donald Trump has said in a long time.

Saying his goodbyes at Mar-a-Lago to whoever might actually give a flying shit before he leaves his summer compound for his New Jersey compound (the illegal immigrants he’s hired are probably pretty psyched to watch him waddle out of there), Donald Trump spoke as if a biased, partisan, and fraudulent recount conducted by Qanon fucks and MAGA terrorists would somehow reinsert him into the White House.

President Joe Biden won Arizona. Democrat Mark Kelly also won the United States Senate seat in Arizona, joining his party colleague, Kyrsten Sinema. Republicans won a fight to recount ballots in Maricopa County despite it being six months after the election. Republicans can not overturn the results in Arizona and even if they did, it wouldn’t overturn the results of the national election…

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